Answers for questions Vol. 56

Hi there. Another day, another dollar…or another allergy attack. This shit is relentless. Anyway, as always, I need more questions. Send me them at or leave them in the comments below. Remember, we’re on volume 56 here. There’s a god chance , if you’re asking a “How’d you get started in music?” type question, it’s been answered. Weird is appreciated.
Anyway, on with the show…

how did you and your girl meet? did she know who you were before ya’ll started dating? is it better to date someone who doesn’t know you’re Blockhead or does it make a difference?

I met my girl out when I was djing and through myspace…kind of.
She used to sometimes come out to this weekly Dj gig I did with a roommate of hers. Her roommate was actually more of a fan than she was. We got to meet each other that way. nothing serious, just a little flirting. She had a boyfriend at the time anyway and I was very much in single more. Then I dj’d this halloween party that she was at and we spoke even more. After that, we started writing each other on Myspace (this was back when people still used myspace). By then, she was freshly out of a relationship so this went on for a while. It was a real gentlemanly courtship (something I’ve never done before). We went on little dates for a while and everything. Seriously…that’s some shit I NEVER did prior to her. And the rest is history…It’s been almost 4 years now.
To answer the other questions- She did know who I was but, contrary to what she may say, I’m pretty sure she just thought my music was okay. She heard it mostly when listening to her roommate have sex to it. Ha!
As for if it’s better to know my music or not…I don’t think I could date a groupie. Not a groupie in the sense of someone who fucks cause I’m me, but someone who is a huge fan of my music. Simply because it would fuck up the balance of equality on the relationship. That’s a weird kind of admiration for a person to have for their boyfriend. Ideally, you want someone who likes the music and is supportive but, outside of that, doesn’t really give a fuck.

I was banging the Good new(ish) rappers: A compilation mix in the car today and meant to email you saying thanks and asking for another one, but what actually reminded me to send the email was hearing the Mac Miller DJ Premier song. I am very torn over this song. On the one hand, its fucking awful. He raps like he looks; a mediocre white kid from nowhere interesting. On the other hand, however, he has a song over Premier, and his next album is ‘hosted by’ Jazzy Jeff, who are two of my favorites. I don’t know what to make of it. Am I just a hater and this is the direction of hip hop? Are producers hard for cash and will sell to whoever comes along?

There are two ways to look at this. On one hand, it’s kinda cool to see a young kid try and keep the old school style alive. Getting those two veterans on his album is nice homage to the stye of rap he’s kinda/sorta trying to emulate.
On the other hand, it’s depressing cause he’s a very bad rapper. Not to mention, the beat Primo gave him is one of the better beats I’ve heard from him in years (which doesn’t surprise me cause, say what you will about Mac Miller, that kid has impeccable taste in beats).
But, to answer your question, No, not all producers are hard for cash. But , most producers do do this shit for a living and are not gonna turn down a big pay day. I’m sure Mac Miller can pay a pretty good amount for a beat and I bet Primo had that shit just laying around. I also doubt Primo REALLY gives a fuck at this point. He’s a living legend, responsible for some of the greatest hip hop ever made. At this point, working with MAc miller is probably the most “relevant” thing he’s done in years, considering Miller’s following. So, to summarize, it’s a bummer but I understand why it happened.

would you rather have a set of perfectly formed teeth made out of baby corn kernels, or everytime you sneezed, you had your pockets filled with pennies?

At this very moment, I’m a sneezy , allergy laden mess. I’ll have these sneezing attacks where I just go nuts with rapid fire sneezes for like 45 seconds. The idea of each one of those causing pennies to fill up my pockets is daunting…but it’s still better than baby corn teeth. And beside, I could put those pennies in rolls and make some money. Win-win.

what do you really think of cats?

do you like watching COPS?

There was a time when I did when it first came out but I can’t say I have in a long time. It’s a great show but it’s one of those kinda things that , if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. It’s also slightly depressing after a while. I can only look at retarded drug addicts for so long before I lose faith in humanity.

if you absolutely had to eat a shoe, what brand/color would you choose. (side note: i wish Arby’s made a shoe, i’d eat the shit outta that)

Probably a very thin soled boat shoe. I’d boil that shit up, get the fabric nice and moist, add salt and go to town.

how much blood would you have to pee before you told someone?

If I peed any blood I’d be at the doctor that day.

let’s say you had to touch Kris Kristopherson, where would you touch him?

His beard, obviously.

‘Occupy Wall Street’: opinion?

Man, I’ve gotten this question from like 5 different people. I’ve really wanted to avoid it though cause , to be honest , it’s pretty fucking polarizing and I’m pretty indifferent. For one thing, I’m not a fan of protests. I think, most of the time , they’re a waste of time and the people involved are fucking annoying. I have friends who are into that shit and I’d rather eat a boiled shoe (boat shoe) then discuss anything political with them. Not cause I disagree, but cause they’re annoying and I don’t care enough to listen.
That said, I do agree with the anger from this protest. It’s totally justified and this is the kinda thing that might eventually begin a dialogue that could change things for the better. However, I wouldn’t go down there if you paid me.
So, basically, it’s one of those “do you” situations. My mom called me last week trying to get me to go with her down there and I laughed her off the phone. I just don’t do that shit. I’m not a “protest” guy. The same way I’m not a “beach” guy and I’m not a “pet” guy. But I do sincerely wish all the people there the best of luck.

9 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 56

  1. I literally just “LOL’d” at my desk

    “I have friends who are into that shit and I’d rather eat a boiled shoe (boat shoe) then discuss anything political with them.”

    Nice cohesion from one answer to the next.

  2. Hey Block.

    What do you think about the Necro and Kool G Rap Godfathers album? You got any personal favorite kinda “outta left field” duos, or personal favorite unions of old school and new school? If you could hear 2 cats rap together on one album (or one song) that never had before, who would you pick?

  3. Another COPS gem: I aint your papi!!

    Anyways, Block whats your stance on birthdays. At what age did you stop giving a fuck? And whats the deal with those people that feel the need to celebrate and forcing their friends to celebrate their birthdays for like the entire week?

  4. Here’s another. Does any of your family know you have this blog? Would you care if they are reading your most personal stories about drugs, sex, shitting all day, past hookups, your love of porn etc.?? Would you give a shit knowing that your mom, sis/bro, grandparents read this?

    • i’m 80% sure that he’s said in one of his earlier posts that his nephews have checked out his blog before which prolly means the rest of his fam has at least heard about it.

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