Song of the day 10/20/11

Time to Build (Marsalis remix) By Dark Sun Riders
Like Most white kids my age who were listening to hip hop in the late 80’s early 90’s, X-Clan was a confusing group. They were as pro-black as it got and, seemingly, were not very fond of us whites (Or “polar bears” as they referred to us in their songs). The problem was that they made such awesome music, it was just one of those “Grin and take it” kinda situations. Personally, it never really bothered me that much cause, you know, we kinda had it coming. By “we” , I mean white people. We were due to get shit on and who better to do that then the fantastic Brother J.

Enter the Dark Sun Riders. This was Brother J’s solo album after X-Clan stopped making records. While the production that made X-Clan was certainly missed, J still had it as a rapper. Shit, I bet he’s still dope now even.
To this day, I can’t say there’s really any rapper like him. You certainly won’t hear many people say “oh, that guy sounds like Brother J” cause no one does.
So, here’s a dope Dark Sun Riders song for you to enjoy. Even you white motherfuckers.

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