Upcoming tour dates! Starting tomorrow (11/2/11)

Hey all, Tomorrow I’ll be embarking on a brief tour with Dj Cam that goes a little down south and little out west…you should totally come out to these shows if you live in areas close to where I’m playing…
Anyway, here’s the run down of gigs:

11/2 Houston Fox Hollow
11/3 New Orleans Hookah
11/4 Austin Emos East *
11/5 Dallas Club Dada %
11/6 New York Glasslands #
Tix for NY
11/10 Seattle Chop Suey
11/11 Portland The Refuge
11/12 San Francisco Yoshis
11/13 Eureka CA Red Fox Tavern

*w/ Shpongletron
% w/ Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz

Come on out! Good times for all!

PS: I’m afraid the Chicago date on the flyer got cancelled because the venue we were gonna play at got shut down. That’s some old bullshit but , alas, life goes on.

21 thoughts on “Upcoming tour dates! Starting tomorrow (11/2/11)

  1. so whats the story here – you just spinning, or are you pounding shit out on a sampler? either way i assume we get treated to joints off the new record?
    also, if i make it out to the NY show, being on a sunday and all, can i get the grown-ass-man guarantee that shit will start on time so i can get up for work the next morning?

    • I’m performing, which means I’m using a laptop and a trigger pad. My live show is kinda like taking all my albums, throwing them in a blender and adding random old soul, 80’s music and hip hop to it. So, you’ll hear my songs but in a way they’ve never been presented before. I might throw in a track from the new album. Gotta see how it goes.
      as for the NY show, I’d like to hope it’ll start on time but that’s really not under my control. I think it should be okay though.

    • I’m not sure on their camera policy but, to be honest, I’m not to concerned with having footage shot. At this point, there enough video footage of me playing out there to last a life time.

  2. Are you or Laurent playing anywhere after the show in Austin? There’s a lot going on tonight and I’m not sticking around for Shpongletron.

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