Song of the day 11/4/11

Palace By ASAP Rocky
Well, as I warned in this old post, ASAP Rocky has arrived and is as polarizing as ever. Rumor has it he just signed a deal with 3 million bucks to Sony/RCA. While that’s both highly unbelievable and amazing, it would impressive if he signed a deal for half a mill in this climate. Especially considering he’s had like 8 songs in existence prior to said signing.

Like most things on the internet, people are taking sides and everything is black and white (or BLVCK and white , if you’re team ASAP).
Well, allow me to be the middle man here. I enjoy Rocky’s music. I don’t think he’s reinventing the wheel and I don’t think he’s the super mc that really deserves both the praise and scrutiny he’s been getting. The bottom line, to me, is that he makes music that’s cool to listen to. (For future reference to all my young , passionate readers, you’re allowed to kinda like something sometimes. Not everything is the worst or the best. sometimes it’s just “kinda cool”.)

His new album “LongliveA$AP” dropped earlier this week and it’s got some great songs on it. If you’re looking for lyrical miracles and deep soul shaking lyrics, this is not the album for you. If you’re looking for some music that has a very particular mood to it, conducive to chilling, drinking, smoking and feeling nice, then this will be your shit.

This song, in particular, is a good example of what can happen when Rocky and Producer Clams Casino join forces. Clams has somehow successfully captured the vibe if Enya in rap beats without sounding like he’s putting me to sleep. It’s hard to explain but whatever he’s doing, is pretty fucking dope, in my opinion. It’s like new age rap without the crystals and lame philosophy…just the mood.
Anyway, peep this and then go download the whole album if you like it. To show you all his songs aren’t in such a dream state, here’s an example of something more conventional from his album:

13 thoughts on “Song of the day 11/4/11

  1. Wow….he really bit the hell out of Bone Thugs & Harmony, huh? This is my intro to him, so I don’t know if he does that often, but if he does, that’s lame AF!

    • He definitely didn’t bite Aesop’s name on purpose. I’d be surprised if he heard of him. His crew is called ASAP and his actual name is Rocky. Everyone in the crew has “ASAP” at the end of their name. I think it’s just a funny coincidence.

      • When I first heard of him my very first thought was exactly this. Guy bit Aesop’s name. Good to hear that he didn’t..

        My opinion on the music though is really indifferent. I’m not all about this, but if I hear it at a party I’ll just be happy my friends are listening to rap.

      • Yeah but for anyone who does know about Aesop Rock can’t help but compare the two. Even though it is like comparing a Ford Focus to the Back to the Future DeLorean.

  2. “Palace” and “Trilla” are the two that stand out right now for me. It’s definitely not the content that is so magnetizing about his music though you’re right. I will say he can write a decent hook though. I find myself going back to “Get High” and “Been Around the World” a lot too.

  3. haha, funny timing on this post…I was talking to one of the people at your Houston show who had no idea who you or DJ Cam were, I told him that you produce some of Aesop Rock’s biggest tracks and got all excited, “I love Aesop Rock!” So I come with, “fuck yeah, that’s the man Blockhead right there!”……A few minutes later I come to find out he was talking about ASAP Rocky the whole time……I was still polite but I did throw up in my mouth a little bit.

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