What’s the best hair situation for a vagina to have?

I’ve been noticing on twitter this week that there is a #noshavenovember movement going on. While part of this movement is directed at all people and all body parts, I’m seeing it more as a bunch of girls who feel like letting their muff grow out. It’s sorta ladies taking back the night colored patch of hair between their legs. I suppose this is the #occupywallstreet equivalent to pussy shaving.
Now, as a man, this troubles me. I’m not saying girls need to wax their buttholes every other week but some maintenance never hurt anyone. So, I was curious what the consensus was amongst men (who read my blog). How do you like vagina to look?
Ladies, take note…I’m sure you’ve all heard different things from different guys but this is a poll to really give you an idea of the reality of the situation. Now, I dunno what way it’s gonna go (as proven in the last “Dry guy” poll) but I’m pretty sure I know which one won’t be winning…and it pretty much puts a damper on #noshavenovember. Sorry!

11 thoughts on “What’s the best hair situation for a vagina to have?

  1. you don’t have a ‘not quite trimmed into a nice landing strip shape but not a wild gorilla salad either’ option here. You need one.

    • Yeah but that could be filed under the “trimmed bush” one cause it’s not super hairy naturally so it doesn’t matter. That’s more a certain, unicorn-like type of girl that doesn’t even exist enough to really even bother bringing into the discussion.

  2. Shaved pussy. My last girlfriend always shaved, and over the course of 2 years, I got used to it. The whole “girls taking over no shave november with their vaginas” thing kinda irks me. The whole reason NSN started was for prostate cancer awareness, and instead of building on that, women feel a need to be vindictive bitches and protest that. Unless I’m looking at it from the wrong angle, but seriously women. You don’t see me cutting off my balls in protest of breast cancer awareness. Doesn’t make much sense.

  3. Tired of that no-hair bullshit. Especially if you’ve ever changed a diaper of a little girl. Becomes unsexy. Gimme some hair. #Dadrock

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