Conspiracies maaaaaaaaannnn

I don’t believe in much. I’m not a religious man. I’m not even a spiritual man. I just kinda live under the assumption that things , often of a random nature, happen till we eventually die and become food for the earth. Anything beyond that isn’t for me to figure out.
Part of thinking like that is accepting that the universe is bigger than me. I don’t mean that in a “there’s a higher power” kinda way. I mean literally it’s bigger than me and the tiny little existence I live in. For all I know, we could be living inside a molecule of some dogs dingleberry on a planet a bazillion times bigger than our entire universe. Because i feel this way, I tend to not get caught up in things that I have no control over. I don’t disregard those who do, but it’s not for me.
Put it this way, I’m not about to #Occupy anything, but good for the people who do.

I bring this all up cause I wanna discuss the lunacy behind certain types of conspiracy theorists. People who, against all reason and commons sense, find a way to take something fairly simple and turn it into something that would take 100 Al Qaeda networks to even begin to plan.
Now, some of these conspiracies, I can get behind (in the most uninvolved sense of the word). Like JFK’s shooting. I don’t know shit about it. I’ve never watched a special on it. I honestly don’t give that much of a shit about some president who died before I was born. However, the concept of someone covering up an assassination attempt on a President of the US seems plausible. Did it happen? No fucking clue. But it’s something that COULD have happened.

Or, did man walk on the moon? No Idea. I wasn’t alive. i’d like to think he did. After all, this happened before photoshop and the internet. I suppose it’s possible he didn’t but, again, I don’t really give a shit enough either way to even bother thinking about it.

Then you take something like 9/11. The fucking insanity I’ve heard about what REALLY happened makes me want to fly a plane into a drum circle. First off, as someone who was there and watched it go down, felt the earth shake when the buildings feel and heard the sounds…there’s no discussion. Terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into buildings. That happened. People died in those planes. The plane that crashed in that field in Pennsylvania really crashed and people reported what happened while on the plane. THAT HAPPENED.
You say that to a conspiracy theorist and they’re like “That’s what they TELL you , maaaaaaaan! What about Building #7?!”
Honestly, I don’t know what happened to building #7. But you know what? Neither does the fucking guy who watches youtube clips all day about building #7.
I’m also pretty certain our president, as terrible as he was, didn’t pull some crazy inside job on his own country killing thousands. Pretty sure that didn’t happen, bro.

The funny thing , to me, about people who are proponents to that kind of thinking is that they always bring that “You’re not hearing the real truth…” shit up. And they may be right. It wouldn’t surprise me that the news lies. Of course they do. But the lengths they go to make sense of things is unbearable. It’s just amusing to me that some dude who knows how to use google and watch a documentary , can dub himself an expert on the inner workings of the government. Especially when all they do is smoke weed all day. Being a conspiracy theorist is for people who’ve got way too much time on their hands. Time + boredom + pot + being slightly delusional = The guy who says shit like “Nahhh maaaaaaan, The planes that flew into the towers were droids! They had missiles inside of them but no people, maaaaaaaaan!”

I recently met this dude in Texas. Totally nice guy, very friendly. I genuinely liked him as a person. But he was a pretty hard line conspiracy guy. I’m not really argumentative in general, especially about things I’m utterly uninformed about. So, whenever I meet conspiracy guys, I just kinda nod and say “that’s nuts!” until they stop talking about whatever bullshit they think happened. This dude put me on to something that was so comical to me that I feel like I must share it.
We were driving round Texas and he pointed out all these exhaust trails in the sky left by planes. He claims “they” have been doing that in Texas for decades as a way to slowly poison everyone and keep us unhealthy. The exhaust has metals (or some shit like that) in it that both fuck up the breathing air and , when they finally fall to the ground, they poison the soil below.
When he was telling me this, I was just floored. I mean, our government does some shady shit. It’s no secret that politicians are , by and large, terrible people. But poisoning the people of texas with plane exhaust? Unless that exhaust falls into the #3 value meal at Arby’s, i think that’s a bit heavy handed.
Just the thought that this dude actually believed the government would go to such lengths just to slowly kill people and make them unhealthy is hilarious. Like they’re sitting in a boardroom going “We’re too healthy as a country! ESPECIALLY TEXAS!Let’s fly planes over Texas that emit small doses of poison over the span of 30 years and we’ll…umm…keep the population down…or…umm…you know…just drop poison on people cause…well…we can.” I don’t even know where to go with that cause that makes no fucking sense no matter how you slice it.

The thing is, if some of these theories are true, what are we gonna do about it? Occupy something? If shit is that deep, it goes so far beyond the reach of you or me that even thinking about it for a moment is a waste of time. Even for a stoned hippie dude sitting on his couch watching the history channel…and all that guy has is time.

Listen, life isn’t X-files and it isn’t 24. I don’t doubt there are all sorts of bad things happening behind the curtains of the government at all times. But pick your battles. Think logically and understand that the world isn’t out to “get us”. The world isn’t out to get us cause the world doesn’t give enough of a shit about us. Big difference. After all, we’re all just molecules hanging from a shit bubble on a dogs asshole in space.

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  1. The contrails thing is a conspiracy theory called “Chemtrails”, and yeah, it’s pretty nutty. Like, “Oh my god there’s a rainbow when I spray this hose, it must be the chemicals” nutty.

  2. I totally agree with your view that the universe is fucking big and does not give a shit, and that human crop-dusting shit is funny.
    But that 9/11 shit maaaann… Honestly though, my girlfriend and I fucked around and watch two docs about it I’m not claiming any expertise, and I’m not saying I am positive of any facts; however, they made a lot of the points that indicate some corruption on some level.
    So now, I got a little apprehension saying is was definitely terrorist and everything went down like the news said it did.
    That’s all I’m saying. From one non-conspiracy dude to another.

    • Nah, I feel you. I don’t write off the POSSIBILITY that some shit was up. But when conspiracy theorists act like people are crazy for believing it’s in the wheelhouse of what we were told, i sign out of that conversation.
      But the whole “Don’t believe what they tell you , maaaaaan” can be applied to the people making those documentaries just as easily. Everyone has an agenda.

      • I think the nutjobs who talk about droids and missiles and other bullshit are only making all conspiracy theorists look bad. it’s like there’s no shades of gray when it comes to it. If you think there was a conspiracy at any level, you are supposed to be wearing a tinfoil hat. The alternative to the official version is terrifying though, if the conspiracies are right, being lied to by your own government at this level would fuck you up for life because if they lied about things like that, you and everyone you know is reduced to expendable pawn status for the “greater good”. Who wants to live in that reality? no one. So most people oppose it because while possible it seems far fetched to most. It would require absolute detachment, coldness and malice from the people that are supposed to be looking after you.

  3. My favorite 9/11 conspiracy theory, posited many years ago, states that the planes which flew into the Twin Towers were actually missiles with images of planes holographically projected onto them, and the passengers of the actual planes were secretly flown to an airfield in Ohio where they were executed. What the fuck is the point of that? These people are going to die anyway, why not save yourself the extra step? This is why our national deficit is so high, because we’re paying man hours and hush money to do a job that would have occurred anyway. Someone needs to take a look at the books on the Conspiracy Budget and see where we can cut costs. Unfortunately, every accountant tasked with the job has died mysteriously in a car crash or of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

  4. There’s nothing worse than being dragged into a conversation with a “truther”. Bush almost died eating a pretzel, I seriously doubt he could pull of a 9/11 stunt.

  5. I dunno maaaan, but for anyone even slightly curious to more on this I would check this out
    It’s a good site that entertains those kinds of theories.
    I don’t think that Bush himself planned this grand scheme out I think it maybe alot of cloak and dagger type stuff and he was just the poster boy to blame all these theories on.
    I think we’ve been conditioned long enough to write this type of stuff off though, TV is one HELL of a propaganda tool.
    Texas harbors alot of “nut job” conspiracy theorists. I guess I’m one of them
    It’s the kind of stuff I like reading about, sue me. Oh and I don’t smoke weed, but when I did I did it at the Grassy Knoll maaaaan. Check that site out though when you get some time to waste Block. PACE!

  6. In case you’re curious, this is the man with the answers:

    This exchange just took place on my facebook page.

    SupaNova TheHashtronaut Helix: Cute little post, but yeah… 911 WAS a planned demolition and there IS chemtrails in the sky. =\
    39 minutes ago · Like

    The Real Blockhead: No way maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
    34 minutes ago · Like

    SupaNova TheHashtronaut Helix: It is what is is, wether you choose to believe it (or ridicule those who do)
    33 minutes ago · Like

    The Real Blockhead: Listen, as i stated, I don’t know what happened. Neither do you. Just as the government could be lying to us, the conspiracy theorists could e full of shit. Everyone has an agenda. That’s the point. But one thing I do know that I am allowed to ridicule whoever I please. God bless america.
    28 minutes ago · Like

    SupaNova TheHashtronaut Helix: Well, I do know what happened. But Ok. just get back to making beats, k? k.
    22 minutes ago · Like

    The Real Blockhead: How do you know? you were there? How many youtube clips/documentaries and articles written by people who were also not there have you seen/read? Like the internet is a more viable source for anything. Smoke weed, bro.
    15 minutes ago · Like

    SupaNova TheHashtronaut Helix: See, proving myself to a douchebag like you that won’t believe it anyway would be one of them wastes of time you speak of. Just get back on the beats and your tmz-esque blogs you normally make. This topic aint for you.
    14 minutes ago · Like

    The Real Blockhead: OKAY BRO! Thanks for learning me!!!! But seriously, the point of the blog was pointing out that your average guy (even a man as deeply informed as you) doesn’t really knows what’s going on. You may feel very strongly about some theories but you don’t 100% know. I sure as fuck don’t know. More than likely, We’re both be wrong. WE DON’T KNOW. Believe what you want to believe. Go nuts. No shame in that. But unless you’re someone who works for the government and knows FACTS (which, judging from your profile pics, is highly unlikely) you’re as clueless as I am.
    4 minutes ago · Like

    SupaNova TheHashtronaut Helix: Well, I do know. but Ok. And a good day to you too sir.

    • LMAO!!!
      you mad bro? I hope this guy didn’t ruin conspiracies for you. No one knows anything FOR SURE. The best we can get is quotes and videos from people on the “inside”.
      Excuse me while I harrass a Hashtronaut

      • Nah, don’t do that. I just wanted to put that out there. I found it funny and telling (especially when you look at dudes profile and see he’s a rapper from denver who smokes mad weed).
        Not gonna lie though, I am kinda curious as to how deep his inside scoop is. Like what could he possibly know that makes him so sure? That’s more intriguing to me than the conspiracy itself.

  7. Maybe he’s a Nasa Scientist posing as a rapper from Denver and has this elaborate Catfish-esque technique to leaking out his insider knowledge.

    …and a new conspiracy is born JUST. LIKE . THAT

  8. good post. but in some cases like with MK ultra and the CIA’s covert drug dealing, what starts out as a conspiracy theory can later turn out to be true. So while we should be skeptical of most conspiracy theories we should also be skeptical of our own skepticism. However, the 9/11 deniers and tupac rebirthers do make the more rational cynics look bad.

    • Oh,I could fully believe that the CIA deals drugs on some level…but that’s cause it makes logical sense. In other words, I may be wrong about it but I can rationalize it happening in my head. Most conspiracy theories rely on people doing things for reasons that I feel like no one would ever do them. Which is why I’m skeptical of them and the people who champion such accusations.

  9. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I met a New Yorker a few years ago who tried to tell me all the rich Jewish NY fat cats got together and planned it all to avenge Muslims and taint their religion: “Think about it, all of the Jews who work in and around those buildings either took the day off, or worked from home. They knew not to go to work, because they did it.” LOL I can’t even fathom that, come awwwwn.

  10. I feel the same way about most tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists. Where I went to college, my whole freshman year seemed to be about conspiracies pretty hardcore. After I finished school there was probably about five years where I was at the ambivalent “we really don’t know shit” phase and didn’t want to hear any of it.

    But it’s not that far-fetched to believe that a corrupt government would do extremely heinous things to protect it’s interests, money, power and allies. Not far-fetched at all when you look at things from a historical context. And that’s just logic speaking.

    It’s tough to draw the line between what’s actual truth and what you “know”….but insane crackpots don’t make the theories any more credible, that’s for damn sure.

    • i feel you but there’s a difference between being ambivalent and just submitting to fact that most of us will never really know the truth behind certain things. Whether that truth be straight forward or some elaborate scheme hatched by the 13 jew bankers in the sky.

      • this is true. but historically speaking, there are countless examples of things that were widely accepted as totally beyond our understanding (the rising of the sun, the cause of thunder, the dog in Duck Hunt) that eventually we did get to the bottom of….if there weren’t folks out there continually searching beyond what’s just in front of them, we might still think the world is flat, thunder means the gods are mad at us and taxation without representation is okay. the search for truth, however insane that truth might seem at the time, is innately human.

      • Definitely. I keep waiting for the day when the 50% (or whatever) of americans who believe the bible to be true finally come around to scientific reasoning…and facts.
        But , for the most part, those things you mentioned above were figured out through science (which is constantly improving and expanding(. Figuring out that the earth was round is a much different hill to climb than someone thinking George bush planned 9/11 or that the government is slowly poisoning us for tax purposes.

      • as someone with a background in science, i can honestly say that science is as much a stab in the dark as anything else….including religion, spirituality, politics and conspiracy theories themselves. like you stated earlier, the universe is vast…and many things are possible. what was once magic is now common science, and many things that were once conspiracies are now accepted fact. does that mean one should believe all the crazy shit out there? no. but is it really THAT crazy to think that having a hand in 9/11 is beyond the same government that created Cointelpro and crafted the Tuskegee Experiment? history is the key, my friend. but just as we need people to question the status quo, we need people (like you) to question the questioners. or else we’d all be fucked…

    • That seems like something I could get behind. I don’t doubt that the send in undercover cops to fuck shit up. The #occupy movement has people (of power) pisssssssed off.
      Though, judging from clips I’ve seen from other #occupy movements, it’s not even necessary to bring in people to fuck shit up cause the cops are over reacting anyway.

      Oh, and Hi jon!

      • hey tony, like the blog keep up the good work looks like i did my part to help you with your most recent post! and folks do not forget to do your own research, to form your own feelings and thoughts on any subject or topic that is the matter at hand, although it is hard to say anything is really or own any more i am sure you all know that, and yes you either know or do not know and will soon find out. beliefs are for churches and governments/corporations you as a person either know or….. it can be hard to pin one tail on many donkeys especially when your blind folded, take the blind fold off and it stops being a game. stop shooting fish in the barrel you already have them caught .

      • Cool man. Hope this didn’t rub you the wrong way, I went back and read it again and parts certainly came across more dickish than I intended. As i wrote, I’m as clueless about shit lie this as it gets which is why I’m probably a bigger skeptic than the skeptics themselves.
        Anyway, thanks again for all the help in TX.

  11. While I agree that I don’t think Bush was smart enough to plot 9/11. I do believe that the government knew about it and let it happen. We were dropping into a recession and traditionally going to war is how we have gotten out of massive recessions in the past. Once we went to war the ecomomy started to turn around and Bush’s approval rating went up. Do I have proof? Do I believe it 100%? No. Just think, like you said, it’s possible. I don’t care enough to dive down the rabit hole, cause frankly the people that have the answers aren’t on YouTube.

      • Yeah, after reading about that, I just think if people were able to do something that despicable, anything is possible. But I still don’t take the bizarre 9/11 theories or Alex Jones seriously. Some people may build their whole belief system on that guy, but I just hear comedy.

  12. I bet you didn’t know the fact that you are a member of a secret society sooooo secret that even it’s own members don’t know they are a part of it.

    Think about it.

    And the chemtrail thing i am actually open to, though it sounded like nutty bullshit to me to at first. If it weren’t for the fact that scientists have already been lobbying to start doing this. It’s called geo-engineering apparently. Take with a grain of salt, i don’t necessarily believe this either, but i don’t disbelieve automatically either, although at first i could care less.

    Basically, it’s supposedly an attempt to stop global warming, they spray chemicals in the atmosphere in order to reflect heat from the sun out of the atmosphere, or something to that effect. And i have seen one. Contrails follow behind a plane for like 15 seconds, then vapourize basically and disappear. Chemtrails expand and stay in the sky, like really long clouds.

    From wikipedia;

    The phenomenon of global dimming is widely known, and is not necessarily a geoengineering technique. It occurs in normal conditions, due to aerosols caused by pollution, or caused naturally as a result of volcanoes and major forest fires. However, its deliberate manipulation is a tool of the geoengineer. The majority of recent global dimming has been in the troposphere, except that resulting from volcanos, which affect mainly the stratosphere.

    By intentionally changing the Earth’s albedo, or reflectivity, scientists propose that we could reflect more heat back out into space, or intercept sunlight before it reaches the Earth through a literal shade built in space. A 0.5% albedo increase would roughly halve the effect of CO2 doubling.[4]

    • See, that might make sense to me. Doing that , in order to somehow fight global warming would be explainable. But the other versions I’ve heard just sounds like some Dr. Evil shit.

  13. I do understand that there are people who dont believe in official readings by their government. I think you should always second guess your government and be critical. But conspiracy assholes ONLY think criticly about their government. When they see some poorly edited video on youtube about Bush and the Queen of England being reptiles they believe that shit.
    Or that the US government had some elabourate plan with 9/11.

    Thing is: reality sucks. There is poverty, inequality, 911 happened. So its easy to think that there are some super evil geniuses who control all of this. People cant face reality so they think of some crazy shit to explain it to themselves. Reality sucks because people can be assholes. That is the ony reason.

    In medieval times people blamed all bad things on the devil or witches. This is the same idea. People want tot believe in conspiracies because the truth sucks and is therefore harder to accept.

  14. I had the best conversation with this one guy in a hostel once. We stayed up a long time, me basically listening to him say some weird shit. He was into prophecies, and was telling me about this one passage in the bible. He said the main interpretation of it was about the rise of islam and terrorism, but he thought it was actually instructions on making amphetamines, and a description of their effects. to me the passage didnt particularly mean either, or anything. Later he started talking about how the government is making us less sensitive to violence by controlling movies. he mentioned how hollywood is like HOLYwood, and we worship it. I told him he sounded crazy. he said he knew, and that was the problem. That was pretty entertaining though.
    Whoever mentioned the planes being holograms… that’s just classic.

  15. My only suggestion is to keep in mind that when you’re considering whether a politician could pull off some grand conspiracy, you really should be considering a far greater network of insanely wealthy people. Nobody tries to hide that corporations pay politicians’ ways into office, so when the United States wages war against Afghanistan despite a (supposed) lack of evidence to suggest Bin Laden was absolutely behind the attacks, you have to ask why. You have to ask who benefits, and usually the most effective way to do that is to follow the money. I know as well as you that I don’t know what happened, but when something smells fishy it can be fun to try to spy the fish.

  16. Warning! Epic comment …. make a sandwich first. Seriously.

    Why do conspiracy theorists believe what they do? And I mean all of them.

    After all, the one thing that we all agree on is that 9/11 was the result of some massive and elaborate conspiracy. (That is unless you believe it was all one giant coincidence, a series of accidents!)

    A lot of people don’t realise that the official story of 9/11 is BY DEFINITION a conspiracy theory. It says that 19 religious fundamentalists belonging to Al Qaeda conspired to hijack 4 planes blah blah blah…..

    (I wonder why the mass media never clears up this most basic misunderstanding?)

    And so the question is not “was 9/11 a conspiracy?” but rather “which conspiracy (or conspiracies) produced 9/11?”…..or, “which conspiracy makes the most sense and which conspiracy does all of the evidence point towards?”

    In the absence of a proper independent CRIMINAL inquiry (there has still not been a proper criminal investigation into 9/11) we are left to battle this out among ourselves. (hurray!)

    (I wonder why there has never been a proper criminal investigation?)

    I noticed that throughout your post you define ‘conspiracy theorists’ as idiots. And many of them are! But idiots are everywhere (something we can all agree on I hope). There will always be idiots supporting EVERY side of EVERY argument or belief. There are probably idiots who believe the earth is round, but that doesn’t prove that the earth must therefore be flat.

    For example, some of the more wacky ‘conspiracy theorists’ believe the planes that hit the twin towers were holograms. There is no compelling evidence to support this and plenty to refute this (frankly ridiculous) theory. In fact ALL of the evidence suggests two large jet planes really did hit the twin towers.

    Likewise another group of equally wacky ‘conspiracy theorists’ believe Osama Bin laden masterminded 9/11 despite the fact that the FBI never formally indicted Bin Laden for the events of 9/11 because in the words of Rex Tomb (Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI), “…the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”.

    (Either the FBI are all pot smoking, basement dwelling, paranoid, tin foil hat wearing nutters OR the corporate mass media is being more than a little selective in its reporting!)

    In addition it is a fact that Bin Laden family had many connections to the Bush family. This includes Bin Laden’s brother helping GW Bush set up his first oil company (‘Arbusto’) in Texas.

    The TV news told us within minutes of the first plane hitting the twin towers (before the towers had even come down!) that the events we were witnessing live on TV “…bore all the hallmarks of an Bin Laden/ Al Qaeda attack”. Yet in the days that followed 9/11, while the public was being primed with the idea that Osama Bin Laden was responsible, the entire Bin Laden family were being flown out of the US. They were not detained and questioned, despite Osama being named as suspect number one within minutes of the attack. In fact they were flown out at a time when all US civilian flights were still grounded.

    So there’s 3 big bits of evidence already which tend to refute this conspiracy theory about Bin laden’s involvement. How does the official conspiracy account for these undisputed facts? Answer: It completely ignores them.

    I wonder if there’s any evidence to suggest Bin Laden and his ‘Al Qaeda’ was being used as a ‘bogey man’….. a proxy militant … a ‘comic book villain’ used for propaganda purposes.

    Yes there is!

    According to the UK Guardian (and other newspapers) the CIA admitted at least entertained the idea of making and releasing fake Bin Laden videos depicting him as gay.

    After his alleged capture in which the official narrative changed drastically from day to day Bin Laden was allegedly killed and hastily buried at sea. But presumably, if he was head of the largest ‘terror’ network in the world and America’s most wanted man, it would have made a lot more sense to capture him alive and interrogate him in order to further the so called ‘war on terror’. Capturing him alive would have presumably been easy given the fact that according to the official narrative (after several drastic re-writes) he was alleged to have been found completely unarmed. The fact that he was on kidney dialysis in 2001 and suspiciously killed and dumped at sea in 2011 does rather play into the hands of those who suggest he actually died years ago. YOU try successfully evading the combined US intelligence services as an old man on dialysis hiding out in second/ third world countries for a decade – ain’t easy! 😉

    In addition it is now generally accepted that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA anyway.

    Any more to suggest the whole AQ/ Bin Laden conspiracy theory is a bit ‘wacky’? Actually yes…..

    The threat of ‘terror’ since 9/11 has been used to increase government power and violate the publics’ most basic freedoms and human rights as well as start multiple overseas wars. Yet despite the alleged ‘victory’ of OBL’s capture and murder (complete with dancing in the streets outside the White House) none of these basic freedoms, human rights or wars have been ended or given back to the people, nor has the government surrendered any of its increased powers. In fact the ramping up of a permanent ‘insecurity state’ goes on unabated – despite the fact that (statistically) we are far more at risk of drowning in the bath or dying in a DIY accident than we are at risk of being killed by a terrorist attack.

    In addition the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have killed well over a million already and one might be forgiven for questioning how such wars can ever lead to peace. In fact one might even be tempted to suggest that those who call for wars actually want wars and not peace (just saying!)

    To further confuse matters the west is now formally recognising Al Qaeda as so called ‘freedom fighters’ in Libya. No shit. Such formal recognition allows them to be legally sold weapons by the west, which is exactly what is now happening. Yet back at home we are still being told to surrender our freedoms and rights in order to protect ourselves from this group.

    Seems the official conspiracy theory surrounding AQ and OBL is problematic at best, and actually quite bonkers really. In fact it only makes some sense if you get all you info from the TV, and thus remain totally ignorant of all of these facts (and many others).

    I also noticed that you didn’t mention any of the documented eyewitnesses who where actually around or in the WTC buildings, or the thousands of professionals and experts who question the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 (and other things), as well as the many 9/11 victims’ families (who in many ways kicked started the whole truth movement) and you fail to mention the numerous government / agency/ military/ corporate 9/11 whistleblowers.

    Surely THEY are the people we should be discussing – not the wacko’s just sitting on forums ranting about stuff?

    Here are some examples of who I mean.

    Eyewitnesses (they’re all links)

    some more firemen
    even more firemen
    WTC employees
    more WTC employees
    more office workers
    and at least another 118 further witnesses

    Whistleblowers (feel free to put them into a search engine)

    State Department whistleblower J. Michael Springmann
    WTC Head Janitor Willie Rodriquez
    Deputy Director of Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority, Barry Jennings
    FBI agent Robert Wright, Wall Street Whistleblower Richard Grove
    Former FBI translator whistleblower Sibel Edmunds
    FBI agent whistleblower Coleen Rowley
    Economist William Bergman
    Former White House counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke
    etc etc….

    Did you deliberately choose to disregard these people (if so, why?) or had the mass media failed over 10 years to make you aware of these people’s existence and their evidence? (Again why would the media do that?).

    Or had the media made you feel that these eyewitnesses/ experts and their views were somehow irrelevant and that only proper debate worth having was between the government/ 9/11 Commission vs a bunch of ‘pot smoking, basement dwellers’ talking about holograms and stuff.

    (again, why would the media define the debate in such a ridiculous and biased way?)

    Also you say that nobody really knows what happened to building 7. What you don’t say is that the investigation illegally broke all the codes and regulations in order to NOT look for evidence of controlled demolition/ explosives. In fact the 9/11 Commission did not mention building 7 at all! And for WTC 1 and 2 they we instructed to look only up to the point of ‘collapse initiation’ (the moment when the towers STARTED to come down). They did not investigate the destruction itself. This is like a murder investigation only investigating the buying of a gun but not examining the ballistics or blood splatter at the murder scene and not doing an autopsy on the victim’s body. The 9/11 Commission’s co chairs have now even admitted publicly that they had been “set up to fail”. They even wrote a book about it.

    Why didn’t the 9/11 ‘investigation’ do any proper, you know, investigating? Why didn’t they look at the ‘collapse’ of the buildings? Was it so they didn’t have to explain stuff like this?

    or this?

    Hopefully by now you are starting to think I am a hard core ‘conspiracy theorist’ LOL 😉

    But this is the point I am trying to make.

    All I’ve done is raise some very serious questions about this official conspiracy theory. And yet the media (and therefore the TV watching general public) would probably label my analysis as conspiracy theorising, and label me a conspiracy theorist!

    Do you see how mad that is? Questioning or challenging a conspiracy theory (with facts and critical thinking) and then immediately being labelled a wacky conspiracy theorist is what George Orwell called ‘Double Think’.

    Another indication we are hurtling towards an Orwellian dystopian age is the term ‘truther’ (definition: one who seeks the truth) which today is fast becoming a derogatory term! Variations of this word, such as the deliberately misspelt ‘twoofer’, reinforce the fact the openly pursuing the truth now labels you as mentally retarded and thus socially stigmatised. It plays into the whole ‘tin foil hat wearing’ mythology which demonises anyone who questions authority and official media generated consensus beliefs.

    History shows us over and over and over again how those in power use propaganda to first ridicule and later persecute ANYONE who dares question their ‘official stories’ and their agendas. Surely IF those in power really wanted the truth they would be encouraging people to question the current theories surrounding 9/11. After all this is the scientific method. In science you start with a hypothesis and you question, test it and even attack it. You think outside the box, you use your imagination! (imagination is not the same as fantasy)

    Using the scientific method truth is revealed… truth is what remains when all falsehoods have been identified and eradicated. But in this age of mss media ‘truth’ is more often created through artificially generated consensus (via the media etc). The official conspiracy of 9/11 (an attack by OBL, AQ etc) began to be told to us before the towers had even come down! And it has remained unchanged for 10 years. For a completely ‘surprise attack’ they sure did manage to figure it all out quickly!

    The official conspiracy theory is so simplistic (so detached from the facts) that it does FEEL plausible! But that feeling of plausibility is only because the official conspiracy theory is so simplistic – like a cartoon! It completely falls apart when you start asking questions, looking at the mountains of evidence and thinking critically.

    This is the official conspiracy theory (plus facts) – this is what we are supposed to ‘believe’! It is insulting. Shame on us for falling for this nonsense.

    Maybe it’s time we forgot about defending one conspiracy against another and trying to be ‘right’ (to ‘win’ the argument). Maybe it would be more productive if we focused more on….

    What the experts are saying outside of the mainstream media.

    What the psychological effects of trauma are.

    What the definition of terrorism itself actually is.

    And, finally who REALLY benefits from a fearful, apathetic, hope-less, obedient, demoralised public living in a world of never ending ‘terror’.

  17. Pingback: Conspiracies maaaaaaaaannnn | Phat Friend | Is It A Conspiracy

  18. I know that there are a lot of crazies out there, and i am not saying all or even many conspiracy hypotheses are true.

    I just think that a conspiracy is two or more people planning to do something (morally and/or legally) wrong, and that this happens on a regular basis.

    Most of these conspiracies would never surface.

    Worded in a less dramatic way the question is:
    Are secret plans everywhere?

    To what extent do you think that these proposed conspiracies shape your daily life?

  19. Blockhead… just found your blog, I enjoy your stuff. Then I saw this post. I’m a conspiracy dude and a stoner. One thing I’m not, though, is the kind of person that reads someone elses site and calls it retarded. Like you did about TheVigilantCitizen. You claim to not care and say that you believe everyone is entitled to their opinion… then you call dudes (or their site) retarded.

    Bush ain’t have shit to do with shit, by the way. He’s a puppet too. You think Bush or even Obama make any actual decisions? Fuck outta here with that. It’s all media/entertainment. That’s just the guy we’re shown.

    It’s true, also, that Gaga and the like are Illuminati puppets. Symbols that occur in the world, especially in the entertainment industry, happen far too often to be “random” and far too often to not have some kind of meaning behind them.

    Peep the article on TheVigilantCitizen about Madonna’s SuperBowl show. And open your eyes, yo. Some of this shit is actually going down. Some. Not all. But definitely some.

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