Hey! It’s me talking about me!

If you’ve ever wondered what a unshaven and tired me might say in an interview about my music, today is your day. Thanks to Mike Abb for putting this together.

I really got to look into teeth whitening and about 2 weeks worth of sleep.

21 thoughts on “Hey! It’s me talking about me!

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you sound a lot more nerdy than I expected, you seem so hardcore NY-bred that I expected a little more mobster, kind of hood talk to be in there. I’m stereotyping and I don’t mean it the way it probably reads. I guess it just goes to show you how text on the web can really change how people perceive each other. Awesome interview though. They didn’t seem to ask you(or publish) the same stupid questions, “Who are you dating?” “Why are you so cool?” “Why is this album so much better or what makes it stand out?” questions. Glad they did the live stuff in between, I’ve always wondered what one of your shows was like…

    But yo, do you have any tips on getting better with Ableton? I’ve used it since like 2008, but mostly as a DAW for recording live instruments. I haven’t been able to understand that Session View layout because I’m so used to every other recording software ONLY having the Arrangement View. I’m quite sure you have like a good tutorial website or something.

    • Yeah, I’m not a thugged out dude. I talk very normal. People from Manhattan rarely have that “italian guy” accent. That’s the outer borroughs. I don’t think I sound nerdy though, bro.
      As for abelton, I’m the wrong guy to ask. I know about 4% of what it does and I used it for that. There are fairly simple things about it that I’m clueless of. I just fuck with samples on it and use the effects.

      • I’m not saying thugged out, but there’s just kind of a way of talking that people from the city are in tune with. It has like a style and a bit of smoothness to it(not saying yours was the antithesis or something). I see in the way you write, I just didn’t hear it here. I’m saying there’s a certain way people from the streets talk(I’m a black dude that lives in the suburbs now, but has grown up in the South and in the city), there’s just a difference. I don’t really now what the hell I’m saying… Think nothing of it.

      • Oh and just to be clear, I’m born and raised in the Philly area, I just have moved around a lot. I’m not from the South originally.

      • Nah, I get you. To be honest, I could talk a lot more affected but I’m old and not trying to portray something I’m not. I still use words like “Dope” and “ill” in everyday conversations. That’s about as far as it goes.

      • But I would never say he sounds wiggeriffic in his blog or anything(I’d be straight up if that’s how he talked). Just a real smooth white dude is what I expected. Maybe when there’s vag or no camera, he’s the smoothest dude on the Block! Like I said, just an observation.

  2. At the end of this video it shows your logo which is pretty cool and resembles a “blockhead”. Ive never seen it before, did you design it yourself?

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