Song of the day 11/11/11

The Rhythm By Kwame
At one point, Kwame become a living punchline for most rappers. Understandably so , as he was the man who attempted to popularize polka dots in hip hop. While his later work was pretty garbage, people often overlook his debut album “The Boy Genius” which is actually pretty good. He was like a second rate Special Ed in that he was young and charismatic beyond his years (though Ed was light years better at rapping).
This song is one of those smooth , upbeat joints that no one in their right mind would dream of making nowadays. Kinda Kwame’s forte on this album, actually. Remember when rappers were kinda happy? Fucking weird, right?

5 thoughts on “Song of the day 11/11/11

  1. this happy shit reminds me…please tell me i’m not hallucinating and that Young MCs Stone Cold Ryhmin is also a forgotten masterpiece. sure, he rolls his Rs in almost every song for no real reason, but…but…

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