Answers for questions vol. 59

Hello everyone. Welcome to another addition of blah blah blah. I’ve been on the road the last 5 days (and I still am on the road) so, my apologies if some of these answers are not as detailed as you may like. Or perhaps you’re thrilled I’m not just blabbering on about totally pointless topics? Really, this could go either way.
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Okay, let’s go…

What is your opinion of the current state of hip pop these days? I personally stick to most of the pre drake stuff myself.

This is one of baiting questions. 3 years ago, I woulda been all over it , complaining about how hip hop is all but dead and that I only listen to old shit. But, you know what? There’s a ton of good new music being made right now. Sure, there’s also a ton of terrible music as well but there’s been a upswing in talent the last few years. Yes, drake is menopause to beats but he’s not even rapping at this point. He’s a pop artist.
As far as era’s of hip hop, what’s going on now is actually one of the better times in the music over the last decade. In hip hop years that’s like 2 decades. So, I’m actually okay with where hip hop is right now. Granted, it could all go to shit at any moment but, at this moment, it’s doing fine.

Here’s another. Does any of your family know you have this blog? Would you care if they are reading your most personal stories about drugs, sex, shitting all day, past hookups, your love of porn etc.?? Would you give a shit knowing that your mom, sis/bro, grandparents read this?

A few people in my family know and a few of those who know actually read it. My mom knows it exists but she doesn’t use the internet well enough to find it. Besides, there’s no way she’s gonna figure out that I spelled fat “Phat”. The people that do perhaps read it are my nieces and nephews , who are all between the ages of 18-32. So, in reality, they’re kinda my target demographic. I’m sure they don’t love reading detailed descriptions of me getting head (not that I’ve done that but, you know, I’m fairly open on here) but they should be old enough to read what I write without having an issue with it. After all, I’m sure they’ve all gotten/given head at this point so it’s not exactly like I’m uncovering huge secrets over here.
As for my sisters and brothers, I really don’t know. I don’t tell them about it and they’re not really tuned into the internet like that so, I’d guess they’ve missed it as well…which is fine with me cause they’re a little bit older and might not appreciate some of the things I’ve written. But, then again, they know me so none of this would be that shocking to them.
My grandparents have all been dead for 30 plus years so I like to think they read my blog in heaven and wonder “What is an internet?”and “Am I a dry guy?”.

for another AfQ:
how accurate is the “Analysis and Targets” section? where the hell did that guy get all of this information?

Some random dude wrote that I guess. He does a decent enough job. Reading that makes me wanna write a “Making of PFAC” post that really goes into detail about how each song was made and what we were thinking during the process. I think I’mma do that…stay tuned.

How do you feel about rapper’s that talk about pussy and having sex so much? I liked Danny Brown’s “XXX” a lot, but there’s almost two sides to him: the dope lyricist talking random stuff and the other side where he just seems like a dude who’s trying to overcompensate to prove that he isn’t gay or something(like “I Will”). Do you think a rapper that insist upon penning something about sex and actually putting it to a song is just trying too hard?

I think that, when done well, it can be awesome…or at least funny.Sex rhymes don’t have THAT much replay value but there is certainly a place for them. Danny Brown is a funny dude so it doesn’t bother me. Guy like him and Necro are kinda zoned in on sex rhymes, where as another rapper might just sound lame trying it. No one needs to hear a dude like Prodigy tell us about his sexual conquests.
Oh and If you’re wondering, this is the best/funniest rap sex song ever (even if he doesn’t realize it)

Do you still go to shows? Hiphop or otherwise?

Not unless I know the person performing. I’ve never been a big show guy. I’m impatient and hate standing for that long. To be honest, I feel like most of the music I like is better in earphones. I’d much rather go to a stand up comedy performance or just a movie.

ok first, are you going to be anything this halloween? secondly, did you watch last nights Beavis and Butthead premier? It was fantastic

LATE PASS. This is more my fault but I answer these questions in the order I receive them (unless they’re particularly shitty/boring and I skip over those as long as possible).
I went to a wedding for halloween and was a different rendition of my “creep” costume I showed off here. Instead, this time, I added tons of jewelry, a better more eastern euro moustache and a nicer suit. It went over very well. I’d post a picture but, for some fucking reason, it’s the only wedding even in the history of weddings that hasn’t had a million pictures posted on facebook yet. Oh well.

As for Beavis and Butthead, I did indeed watch it and other new episodes. I’m very happy they’re back. It’s weird to say but there’s a certain depth to Beavis’s character nowadays that I fucking love. He’s not just Butthead’s follower. He’s his own man. It’s excellent.

I know you’re looking for non-music questions but I gotta ask. On “Only Sequences Change” that uilleann pipes sample at the 2:40 mark is tight. Are you a big fan of the uilleann pipes/trad music or was that just a bizarre sample? Also, whose playing was that?

I’m not a fan of uilleann pipes in the sense that I listen to it on my own time but I’m a fan of sampling weird sounds that aren’t typical. To be honest, the majority of the music I’ve sampled over the years is shit I wouldn’t actually listen to on my own time. It’s just cool to blend these kind of outlier instruments with more traditional hip hop stuff like bass, guitars and keys.
I have no clue where I sampled that from though. I’m guessing a dollar bin record of irish music.

12 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 59

  1. Ahhh hell yeah. On pins and needles for the PFAC write up! Dug that shit up a while back after you talked about the back in day joint. It’s waaay funnier now. I actually bought it when it dropped. My 15 year old self didn’t know what half the ish actually was Haha. “i am a pussssyy”

  2. Agreed hip-hop is not doing too bad right now. All the corporate shit being pushed gets worse and worse but we did have a del the funky homosapien album drop this year which is always a good year. Devin the Dude is out there kicking ass, Dessa is still fucking hot, and Aesop is still alive somewhere… could be a lot worse. (I also went to a Black Star show with Mos Def & Talib Kweli this year and that shit was legit).

  3. Ah, cheap records. I’ve spent the last few days digging through a record shop near me, with two rooms of stuff for 10p. There’s a lot of shit in there, but a lot of good stuff too

  4. Sea Breeze Sticks and shit. When I first got that tape I listened to that song over and over again. Stop, rewind, play. Stop, rewind, play.

    And word up, didn’t Nice and Slow come out BEFORE R. Kelley was caught making a video tape? The obssesive compulsive person who wrote the bit on wikipedia is an embarrassment to the true PFAC fans. His time line is all fucked up.

    Just kidding.

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