Holiday Poll

The holidays are officially upon us. Turkey themed nonsense is everywhere and you can smell the Christmas crap brewing. If you’re like me, you don’t give a fuck about any of this shit. I’m to the point where, if it wasn’t completely socially unacceptable, I’d tell my unborn kid as soon as possible that Santa is bullshit. He/she could still get the gifts but why lie to my kid?
Anyway, In honor of these exciting holidays (and by request from a phat friend reader for some school project) I figured I’d get your take on the holidays through the magic of a poll.
If these polls have taught me anything, not every is like me. Some of you wipe your asses standing up, after jerking off dry to porn with hairy vaginas. So, I wondered what’s consensus for our feelings about the holidays.

Anyway, enjoy your turkey or whatever it is you’ll end up eating. I’m taking the day off tomorrow to honor dead indians and pilgrim racists. I should hope you all do the same.

14 thoughts on “Holiday Poll

  1. What happened to the post about those douche bags from good charrolette rapping? I didn’t finish reading it… you deleting material or what?!

  2. when i was five i wrote my first letter to Santa and my mother laughed and said “Santa’s not real!” so i asked my dad and he told me that Santa was “created by greedy white (or maybe he said rich?) people to take other people’s money away.” true story.

  3. I don’t really see why enjoying christmas and believing in santa (or just telling your kids he exist) is presented as something inseparable.

      • well totally! and I really just don’t get the concept. I mean isn’t it better getting a present from someone you love than some dude that gives presents to every fucking kid on the planet. and why wouldn’t you want your kids to know that the fucking expensive presents you buy them are from you?

  4. hahaha!!

    for me it´s kinda weird cause i live really far away from since 2008 and christmas now means going back to my hometown with my family and friends, wich is pretty awesome. so yeah, luv that christmas shit somehow, and yeah i will be pretty much always pretty drunk and/or high

  5. I said i stay drunk for most of december, but i also enjoy time with my family, so mine is actually a combination of the answers given.

  6. i also appreciate the ‘i think of when dad left’ option lol hope that’s not being too much of a dick. i found it funny though.

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