Answers for questions vol. 61

(I hate hate cats but even I am not immune to this fucking picture. Goddamnit)
Sup yo.
So I’m in this awesome cycle of when I get drunk, the next day I wake up with allergies, which then turn into a full fledged cold. Needless to say, my nose looks like I’ve been blowing lines of coke off of sandpaper for the last 5 days. You know what the definition of “not swag” is? Blowing your nose with an already soaking wet tissue you’ve been using and that tissue going in your mouth. Not dope.
Cool story, bro…
Anyway, send me more questions (Ask Dr. Tony questions as well) to or leave’em in the comments below. I can always use more.
This weeks questions are somewhat somber…i dunno why. Cheer up people! Ask me weird funny questions. It helps all of us.
And on with the show…

So I was recently bumping that Saigon album and this question re-popped in my head. Why is the rap community so certain about crack cocaine being invented/intended to destroy black/latinos? I do understand that due to its low quality and value, it is likely going to end up as a drug for the poor, it happens like that in other countries, with similar drugs. But theres a large number of rappers that talk about crack as it was a real government program. Thoughts? Was my question useless?

This can be filed under conspiracy theories. Meaning, sure, it could be true, but I really have no fucking idea. Does it seem kinda far fetched that the government would create a drug to keep poor minorities down? Yeah, kinda. But, you know, The Tuskegee airmen thing was real so you can never really totally say it’s not true.
The thing about crack is that it’s just an extension of free based cocaine. People were smoking coke well before crack ever existed. Not only that, but wealthy people free based like a motherfucker. It’s what people who were rich enough to do tons of coke did when they’re addiction needed something stronger.
There are few things less founded than rapper supported conspiracy theories. I’m not writing it off, but some of these dudes definitely sit around smoking 5 blunts in a row while hypothesizing on everything from where crack came from to why some asian girls suddenly have asses. In both cases, their theories rarely have any more validity than me explaining how a plane engine works.

These next few are all related:
You said: “This was before any of us had really realized what we were a part of. Before making music had any pressure involved, back when it was just us having fun doing something that we loved.”
When did it change for you?

It changed when it started being the way I make a living. It got much more crucial. It also changed with notoriety. The bigger name you are, the more scrutinized you become. Both artistically and for things like samples. When you’re doing it for free , for the love of just doing it, none of that is in your head. You don’t sit around thinking “I dunno if I can use this sample cause I want to one day maybe get it in a commercial”, You just make music. That’s often why a lot of peoples best work is their first album cause it’s unsullied by all the bullshit that comes along with being a professional musician.

Was it when it became a full time job?

I quit my last job in late 2003/early 2004.

Do you consider your work was better back then?
You recently tweeted apologizing (maybe jokingly) about labor days’ drums… in case you were serious, do you think that even though it might have been technically flawed your stuff was better then?
Definitely not. I know many of my fans will disagree but I’ve gotten so much better since I began. As any artist should. Listening to “Float” and “Labor Days”, i was getting by. I had an idea but it was actualized. I couldn’t make drums for shit. My song structures were pretty simple and based on assumptions of how songs were supposed to sound, as opposed to having a grasp on the right way to make music for myself.
The one thing I’ve always had was a good ear for melody and that hasn’t changed but , in every other respect, I’ve improved greatly.

how many people are associated with your career (i.e.
booking agent, manager, blah blah)?

You pretty much named them. I got a manager , who i’ve had since I started doing Solo stuff and a booking agent. That’s more than enough.
On a side note, I can’t stress how nice it is to have a good manager. People complain about it being expensive but fuck that shit. Because of him, I don’t have t deal with ANYTHING. I don’t talk to record label people. I don’t deal with annoying internet rappers who wanna buy beats for $50. His job is to be the asshole and it’s enabled me to keep a low profile in situations where a bridge may have been burned. Feels good, man.

Have you ever met Kool Keith? I have always been a Keith fan and he seems pretty funny and it would be interesting to chill with him.

Nope. But I applaud how completely random the question is.

Regarding like hip hop beef and stuff like that, do you know any rappers or emcees that are prone to getting into fights or who are known for checking people? Have you ever seen any rappers fight? I figure since you’ve been around this is something you may have been around or know about?

There have been little scraps here and there over the years but nothing too serious. Underground rap beef is similar to high school graffiti beef. it’s always a lot more posturing than anything else. Most of the dudes who do underground rap aren’t really about that.
I’ve never seen an actual fight between two rappers. Which is too bad cause I’d probably enjoy watching that.
On a larger level, I’ve heard stories of more known rappers who take no shit like Fat joe, Showbiz, Freddie Foxxx, maino, Kieth Murray. Those guys apparently do not fuck around . That’s the thing though, there are real hood dudes who do dirt and dudes who just rap. It’s rare those two qualities are in one person. Deep down, most rappers are nerds on some level. A typical Thorough thug doesn’t have time for writing raps and recording ad libs.

Hey Blockhead,

I wanna start by saying thanks for throwing up that ICP documentary a while back. That shit was fascinating/hilarious. I knew what ICP fans were like and that they gathered, but I still wasn’t ready to see that madness. My friend and I have great inside jokes because of that shit.

Anyway, after watching it, my friend and I checked out the actual event page just to laugh a little more at the thing. To our surprise, there were a lot of artists on the line-up, and a fair amount of artists I wouldn’t mind seeing (E-40, Georgia Clinton and Parliament, Ice Cube). I’d still require a roofied Fago to end up at that little slice of armageddon, but it got me thinking… What if you were asked to preform there?

Hypothetically, for whatever reason, the upper echelon juggalo big-bodies start bumping your music and promoted it to their fans (maybe playing it as a time filler before they perform on stage and lots of other examples I can’t think of right now). This ultimately culminates in a lot of juggalos being like, “Yeah I fucking fuck with motherfucking Blockhead! WHOOP WHOOP! He should perform here.”

Then, they ask you. What do you say? They got mounds of money and they’ll probably hook you up, but you would have to actively go there and perform/hang out for a little. Would you accept your new fan base. If so, how would you feel about them? Phatfriend is getting “whoops” all up in the comments. Outsiders start attaching the juggalo stigma to your music before they give it a chance (bad way to judge music, but it happens). What do you do, man?

This is a tough one. Cause, to be honest, if i got offered insanely good money to play an hour long set anywhere, I’d probably take it (within reason). Thing is, there is no fucking way I’d be willing to stay on the Juggalo festival campsite before or after I was done. I’d need to be carted out of there as soon as I finished. I don’t even stick around hippie electronica festivals when I do them so I’d be eager to bounce the fuck out of what I imagine to be hell on earth. So, it would have to pay EXTREMELY well (Like 5 digits) and I’d need to be out as quick as possible.
The fucked up thing about a lot of these respected acts they get is that they get booed like they were Tila Tequila. Unless you have face paint and say Whoop Whoop all the time, the Juggalo’s are hard eggs to crack.

As for the hypothetical new fan base, well, shit…it’s not like i don’t already have a few terrible fans (NO OFFENSE YO!) , what’s a few more? If they support the music and help me pay my bills while not asking me to change into a clown make up wearing mongoloid, Why not? That said, there is no way in a bazillion years I’ll ever be the kind of music Juggalo’s flock to. Judging from the template that they go for, I’m pretty much in the clear on that one.

How do you consider urself……..a rich,poor?Or just an average person,considering your income.

I’m good for now. As a musician, it’s all relative and everything could change for better or worse at any moment. so, you know, I just kinda roll with it.
I own my apartment so that’s huge cause my living costs are very low for NYC. Not to mention , I live with my girl so those already low bills are cut in half.
However, I don’t make a ton of money on a year to year basis and it fluctuates like crazy. I certainly make less than I’d guess most people assume I do. But I also don’t spend tons of money. I’m a naturally frugal person in that I pretty much only spend money on food, drink and my bills. And not cause I do that on purpose, I just don’t tend to really need much else.

i remember when I was younger, I’d see underground rap dudes on the street and assume that, just cause they got 12” record out, they were set. Holy shit was I wrong. Whenever I think about that Andre 3000’s second verse from Elevators pops in my head.

That’s some truthful shit right there.

11 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 61

    • I know that song inside and out. The album is great but I’ve always been more of an “Aquemini” guy. I’m way more familiar with that album than any other Outkast album.

      • That’s awesome, some other dudes I know involved in indie hip hop etc.. act like they’re too good for some Kast. I think ATLiens/Aquemini are both timeless classics.

  1. I think what most rappers are referring to is the CIA helping Nicaraguan rebels with their cocaine shipments and purposely directing that traffic to crack cocaine dealers (like Rick Ross, who is still in prison). Read Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance for more info on the whole deal, or check youtube for an interview with him or something. Of course it is continually paved over with government excuses for their malfeasance, but it’s pretty well documented that it was a bunch of shady shit.

    And with the Drug War being specifically targeted to fuck with minorities (Nixon: “The problem is really the blacks.” – recorded by his Chief of Staff, HR Haldemann), it’s not really that surprising other crap was going on too.

    • YEah, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m speaking of rappers who say base generalizations like “Crack was invented to destroy the hood”. It may be an extension of the points you made but it’s pretty off the mark in reality.

  2. Question for next time…..if you were to open your iTunes and sort all of your songs by the number of plays, what are the top 5 songs that you have played the most?

  3. WOOP WOOOP! that Juggalo question was hilarious. you’ve played Electric Daisy or was it another hippy electronic fest? Electric Daisy and Lightning in a Bottle always sound like fun, but ravers. i hate them, they were almost too much for me at yr ATX show. haha

  4. Would you rather run 100yrds through silverback occupied jungle, or swim 100yrds through shark inhabited waters, why?

    Hot dogs: Nathan’s or Sabrett’s? Boiled or fried?

    Hypothetical personal dream team lp. Who’s rhyming? Who’s producing? Anyone else involved?

    It’s getting chilly. Hoodies: pull over or zip up?

    What’s up with Despot?

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