RIP Patrice O’Neal

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may know that I’m not a particularly sentimental guy. Especially when it comes to the deaths of people I don’t know who happen to be famous. However, every now and then, a celebrity will pass on and I’ll be legitimately bummed about it. Patrice O’Neal is one of those people. Easily one of my favorite comedians of our time. You may not be familiar with his work or only know him from seeing him randomly on a terrible VH1 show but, trust, me, the dude was hilarious.
Not only is it sad that he passed in general, but there’s a sense that he was just getting started. He seemed to be finally breaking through in his career and taking it to that next level.
Anyway, this post isn’t about me lamenting the life of a guy I have never met. Nope, it’s about me showing you clips of why I was a huge fan of this man. Just a heads up though, Patrice says some outlandish shit so, obviously, this isn’t for everybody (women, in particular will not be a fan of most of this).
He are some of my favorite Patrice moments (That I could find on the internet):

6 thoughts on “RIP Patrice O’Neal

  1. I never really gave Patrice a chance, cause i’d only see him on roasts, and assumed he was just some crude, blue motherfucker adding nothing new. But lord almighty, dood was on some shit.

    Broke shit down past all PC and bullshit filters, in a crude and blue way of course, but layed out some real shit. Dood understood heterosexual “relationships” in a very broad way.

  2. Agreed man. I’m not usually real big on the sappy shit, but it really does suck when someone young, promising and not a fucking moron, dies. There was just something different about the way he told jokes. Maybe it was the fat man out of breath pacing, but he just always seemed to have really weird timing and placement of jokes(part regular dude cracking on the street, part knowing he was fucking with you). He just his own vibe, it was cool. We need more stand-up on Comedy Central by the way!

  3. Thanks for posting this man. He’s had my attention since Arrested Development and The Office. Just checked out his comedy special “Elephant in the Room” a couple weeks ago…and now this. Anyways thanks for showing love for a talented man, and also for linking to so much material I have yet to see. RIP Patrice.

  4. This sucks. I saw his special again last night and couldn’t sleep cos I was laughing too much. I hope he’s enjoying Harassment Day in the sky. RIP.

  5. Man that is crazy… I literally just watched his stand up “elephant in the room” for the first time two days ago. Yeah he was hilarious… that’s sad. R.I.P

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