Answers for questions vol. 59

Hello everyone. Welcome to another addition of blah blah blah. I’ve been on the road the last 5 days (and I still am on the road) so, my apologies if some of these answers are not as detailed as you may like. Or perhaps you’re thrilled I’m not just blabbering on about totally pointless topics? Really, this could go either way.
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Okay, let’s go…

What is your opinion of the current state of hip pop these days? I personally stick to most of the pre drake stuff myself.

This is one of baiting questions. 3 years ago, I woulda been all over it , complaining about how hip hop is all but dead and that I only listen to old shit. But, you know what? There’s a ton of good new music being made right now. Sure, there’s also a ton of terrible music as well but there’s been a upswing in talent the last few years. Yes, drake is menopause to beats but he’s not even rapping at this point. He’s a pop artist.
As far as era’s of hip hop, what’s going on now is actually one of the better times in the music over the last decade. In hip hop years that’s like 2 decades. So, I’m actually okay with where hip hop is right now. Granted, it could all go to shit at any moment but, at this moment, it’s doing fine.

Here’s another. Does any of your family know you have this blog? Would you care if they are reading your most personal stories about drugs, sex, shitting all day, past hookups, your love of porn etc.?? Would you give a shit knowing that your mom, sis/bro, grandparents read this?

A few people in my family know and a few of those who know actually read it. My mom knows it exists but she doesn’t use the internet well enough to find it. Besides, there’s no way she’s gonna figure out that I spelled fat “Phat”. The people that do perhaps read it are my nieces and nephews , who are all between the ages of 18-32. So, in reality, they’re kinda my target demographic. I’m sure they don’t love reading detailed descriptions of me getting head (not that I’ve done that but, you know, I’m fairly open on here) but they should be old enough to read what I write without having an issue with it. After all, I’m sure they’ve all gotten/given head at this point so it’s not exactly like I’m uncovering huge secrets over here.
As for my sisters and brothers, I really don’t know. I don’t tell them about it and they’re not really tuned into the internet like that so, I’d guess they’ve missed it as well…which is fine with me cause they’re a little bit older and might not appreciate some of the things I’ve written. But, then again, they know me so none of this would be that shocking to them.
My grandparents have all been dead for 30 plus years so I like to think they read my blog in heaven and wonder “What is an internet?”and “Am I a dry guy?”.

for another AfQ:
how accurate is the “Analysis and Targets” section? where the hell did that guy get all of this information?

Some random dude wrote that I guess. He does a decent enough job. Reading that makes me wanna write a “Making of PFAC” post that really goes into detail about how each song was made and what we were thinking during the process. I think I’mma do that…stay tuned.

How do you feel about rapper’s that talk about pussy and having sex so much? I liked Danny Brown’s “XXX” a lot, but there’s almost two sides to him: the dope lyricist talking random stuff and the other side where he just seems like a dude who’s trying to overcompensate to prove that he isn’t gay or something(like “I Will”). Do you think a rapper that insist upon penning something about sex and actually putting it to a song is just trying too hard?

I think that, when done well, it can be awesome…or at least funny.Sex rhymes don’t have THAT much replay value but there is certainly a place for them. Danny Brown is a funny dude so it doesn’t bother me. Guy like him and Necro are kinda zoned in on sex rhymes, where as another rapper might just sound lame trying it. No one needs to hear a dude like Prodigy tell us about his sexual conquests.
Oh and If you’re wondering, this is the best/funniest rap sex song ever (even if he doesn’t realize it)

Do you still go to shows? Hiphop or otherwise?

Not unless I know the person performing. I’ve never been a big show guy. I’m impatient and hate standing for that long. To be honest, I feel like most of the music I like is better in earphones. I’d much rather go to a stand up comedy performance or just a movie.

ok first, are you going to be anything this halloween? secondly, did you watch last nights Beavis and Butthead premier? It was fantastic

LATE PASS. This is more my fault but I answer these questions in the order I receive them (unless they’re particularly shitty/boring and I skip over those as long as possible).
I went to a wedding for halloween and was a different rendition of my “creep” costume I showed off here. Instead, this time, I added tons of jewelry, a better more eastern euro moustache and a nicer suit. It went over very well. I’d post a picture but, for some fucking reason, it’s the only wedding even in the history of weddings that hasn’t had a million pictures posted on facebook yet. Oh well.

As for Beavis and Butthead, I did indeed watch it and other new episodes. I’m very happy they’re back. It’s weird to say but there’s a certain depth to Beavis’s character nowadays that I fucking love. He’s not just Butthead’s follower. He’s his own man. It’s excellent.

I know you’re looking for non-music questions but I gotta ask. On “Only Sequences Change” that uilleann pipes sample at the 2:40 mark is tight. Are you a big fan of the uilleann pipes/trad music or was that just a bizarre sample? Also, whose playing was that?

I’m not a fan of uilleann pipes in the sense that I listen to it on my own time but I’m a fan of sampling weird sounds that aren’t typical. To be honest, the majority of the music I’ve sampled over the years is shit I wouldn’t actually listen to on my own time. It’s just cool to blend these kind of outlier instruments with more traditional hip hop stuff like bass, guitars and keys.
I have no clue where I sampled that from though. I’m guessing a dollar bin record of irish music.

Song of the day 11/11/11

The Rhythm By Kwame
At one point, Kwame become a living punchline for most rappers. Understandably so , as he was the man who attempted to popularize polka dots in hip hop. While his later work was pretty garbage, people often overlook his debut album “The Boy Genius” which is actually pretty good. He was like a second rate Special Ed in that he was young and charismatic beyond his years (though Ed was light years better at rapping).
This song is one of those smooth , upbeat joints that no one in their right mind would dream of making nowadays. Kinda Kwame’s forte on this album, actually. Remember when rappers were kinda happy? Fucking weird, right?

Ask Dr. Tony Vol. 8

Hello everyone. I’m back with some terrible advice. Something I’ve forgotten to do in these recent posts is stress that I’m not a licensed anything. There is no medical background to any of this advice so , if you take it and your life ends up in squalor, don’t come looking to sue my ass. You’re the moron taking advice from a hip hop producers blog. That said, i think I’m usually on point and fair so, take that for what it is as well.
Also, I’m running low on questions! Send me new ones. If you got problems of a romantic nature, need a mans perspective on some girly issue you got going on, or need me to tell you to shit or get off the pot, let’s do this…
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And, on with the program…

I am currently having this crazy internal struggle as to whether I should let this girl know I have feelings for her. Here are the problems I have with this;

A) She’s my best friend and I really don’t want to ruin that if theirs no chance of us being in a relationship.

B) She has made it known that she does not want to be involved in a relationship of any sort at the time. ( I have an inside source that has confirmed this )

C) She’s 19 and I’m 24, yeah I know.

The other thing is that she may very well know how I feel already ( told a friend of hers in a drunken rant ) and is just trying to ignore it so we can keep on the same page as we are right now. I may also be completely over analyzing everything.

Basically, What would you do (sans marc summers)? Logic tells me that I should wait until shes a bit older and has a more mature head on her shoulders. But I also know logic plays no roll in these things.

It’s pretty clear that all signs point to leaving it alone. From what I gather, there has been nothing she’s done that would make you think what you two have is anything more than a friendship. I think your instincts are right in thinking she’s aware of it (they usually are) and ignoring it.
It sucks but sometimes you just gotta take the loss in these kind of situations. Not every girl is gonna like every guy that likes her. In fact, they usually prefer the guy that doesn’t like them. Especially young girls.
So, feel free to give it some time. Maybe she’ll come around but , the reality is , she might not and probably won’t. Unless you get rich and famous…then you can piss in her eyes and she’ll thank you.
The more pressing question here is why is your “best friend” a 19 year old girl? That sounds fucking terrible.

there’s this girl in my class who is soooooo hot but she is 20 (i’m 25)… and yeah.. she is actually retarded. still, i just wanna fuck her but i don’t think we could even be friends… and i have to see her everyday till one of us is done with the college.

i don’t really give a fuck about it, as i know i don’t like her and she is 5 years younger than me, have nothing to share with her, etc… but i’m scared that one of these days i will be drunk and it will just happen… should i keep avoiding it or just go for it???

thx Mr Dr Love!!!

This depends on a few things.
1)Does she “like” you. meaning, if you fucked her would she want more out of it.
2)How well do you handle slightly awkward situations?

If she has a legit crush on you, you fuck her and then don’t date her, it’ll be a bad scene for a little bit. but, eventually , all parties will move on. Its not like she’s gonna sit there stewing over that drunken mistake she made in her freshman year for the entirety of college. She’ll get older, wiser, fuck tons of other dudes and forget you ever dogged her out in the first place. Sure, you won’t be friends but, like you said, that’s not really an option anyway.
My advice would be to not be afraid to do it but , once the deed is done, be respectful of her feelings, This doesn’t mean date her out of guilt but be straight up with her. For all you know, you could have just landed the worlds greatest booty call. For all you know, she thinks you’re a disgusting pig. You’ll never really know until you do it.
Basically, go for it but don’t be a dick about it afterwards. Honesty in these kind of situations in the great equalizer cause , if you’ve never lied to them, everything is out in the open and harder to misunderstand.

At the moment I’m single and having a tough time meeting girls. It’s kind of hard to admit this, but I met my ex-girlfriend on a dating website. So I was wondering if should take the same route and join one of those stupid sites again to try to find girls. I have the hardest time just meeting girls when I go out and I only have guy friends so the chance of meeting a girl thru my friends or going out is close to non-existant. So my question is what do you recommend I should do to meet girls? I don’t want to meet a girl at a club or a bar because that only means that that girl wants to be out and about and clubbing all the time and that’s not my type of girl. Or should I just stick to randomly trying to meet somebody online? Sorry that this question/commentary makes close to no sense but I just want to know what you would do to try to meet new girls.

There was a time when meeting people on the internet was considered the “dungeons and dragons” of pussy getting. However, I’d say that stigma is long gone at this point. Everyone meets people online nowadays. Whether it be chatting up some girl you met once on facebook , hooking up with strangers from craig’s list or dating people off of So, I’d say have no shame in jumping right back into that. You sound like someone who has very particular interests (IE: you’re not a party guy/very social) so a dating website seems perfect for you. Don’t have any shame in that.
I’m probably older than you but I have a bunch of friends who are on those things and they do well for themselves…and I know a few girls on them as well who are legitimately attractive/cool so it’s not like you’re sifting through pages of psychotic narwhal’s.

I could make this story long as hell but ill keep to to a paragraph. So I met this girl about 4 years ago through one of my guy friends. We hung out a time or two and got drunk one night and hooked up in her dorm room. It was an awkward morning because I honestly had no interest in this girl other than being a friend and was well wayyy to drunk and was thinking with my dick. So she called me the next day and asked if I could come over and talk. When I got there she ranted for like 20 min about how much she liked me and wanted to know how I felt. I felt teriible telling her that I saw her as nothing more than a friend but I didnt want to lead her on anymore than I already had. Well she got pissed and started crying and got way depressed and quit talking to me for a while. Then she text me one day a few months and we started hanging out again as friends and then all the sudden she tells me she still really likes me and asks if I like her. I said I saw her only as a friend still, she responded with, I dont think I can be your friend anymore cause I like you to much and you dont like me back. So i was like ahh ok. I ended up quitting my job a little bit later and bought a VW bus and drove it around the country for a few months and then moved to south dakota and chicago and then phoenix. While i was doing all this moving we kept in touch and she actually came out to see me in south dakota. And pretty much told me the same thing she always has when she was heading back home.. I cant do this anymore i like you to much and its killing me that you dont feel the same. Blah blah blah..So we had been talking for quite a few months recently and bout a month ago she text me and gave this shpeeel about a bunch of girl shit and said she couldnt talk to me anymore…the usual..Well i moved to Portland since that last text convo and just yesterday she text me again asking if we could catch up and what not and then called me. I ignored everything.. She is a cool girl to hang out with and is a good friend and we have quite a few mutual friends and she actually talks to my mom too. Now my question is..should I just not respond to anything and hope she gets over me. Or respond and see what happends?

Damn bro. She’s obsessed. I mean, is there any chance she’s gonna see you and not start telling you she loves you? Probably not. I’ve never been a big proponent of straight up ignoring people you’re friends with but you do have to set the record straight with her once and for all. Because she obviously can’t handle being in the same room with you without becoming a mess, I’d suggest an email. Instead of her constantly giving you the emotional ultimatum , you give her one. Be like “listen, we’re good friends but i feel like as long as you have feelings for me, this cannot work a a friendship”. Obviously, flower that sentence up a little and make it nicer but that’s the gist.After all, what do you really have to lose? If she were to never contact you again, I’m pretty sure life would go on just fine.
To be honest, you guys met through a one night stand and your whole relationship has apparently been based on her chasing you. That doesn’t sound like much of a friendship. It sounds like a a pathetic girl and a dude who’s trying to do the right thing but also doesn’t mind having his ego stroked. Be honest. She’s not a “good friend”. She’s a girl you fucked who like you way more that you like her. Cutting her off will be in both of your best interests. Just try and do it with some sympathy.

Conspiracies maaaaaaaaannnn

I don’t believe in much. I’m not a religious man. I’m not even a spiritual man. I just kinda live under the assumption that things , often of a random nature, happen till we eventually die and become food for the earth. Anything beyond that isn’t for me to figure out.
Part of thinking like that is accepting that the universe is bigger than me. I don’t mean that in a “there’s a higher power” kinda way. I mean literally it’s bigger than me and the tiny little existence I live in. For all I know, we could be living inside a molecule of some dogs dingleberry on a planet a bazillion times bigger than our entire universe. Because i feel this way, I tend to not get caught up in things that I have no control over. I don’t disregard those who do, but it’s not for me.
Put it this way, I’m not about to #Occupy anything, but good for the people who do.

I bring this all up cause I wanna discuss the lunacy behind certain types of conspiracy theorists. People who, against all reason and commons sense, find a way to take something fairly simple and turn it into something that would take 100 Al Qaeda networks to even begin to plan.
Now, some of these conspiracies, I can get behind (in the most uninvolved sense of the word). Like JFK’s shooting. I don’t know shit about it. I’ve never watched a special on it. I honestly don’t give that much of a shit about some president who died before I was born. However, the concept of someone covering up an assassination attempt on a President of the US seems plausible. Did it happen? No fucking clue. But it’s something that COULD have happened.

Or, did man walk on the moon? No Idea. I wasn’t alive. i’d like to think he did. After all, this happened before photoshop and the internet. I suppose it’s possible he didn’t but, again, I don’t really give a shit enough either way to even bother thinking about it.

Then you take something like 9/11. The fucking insanity I’ve heard about what REALLY happened makes me want to fly a plane into a drum circle. First off, as someone who was there and watched it go down, felt the earth shake when the buildings feel and heard the sounds…there’s no discussion. Terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into buildings. That happened. People died in those planes. The plane that crashed in that field in Pennsylvania really crashed and people reported what happened while on the plane. THAT HAPPENED.
You say that to a conspiracy theorist and they’re like “That’s what they TELL you , maaaaaaaan! What about Building #7?!”
Honestly, I don’t know what happened to building #7. But you know what? Neither does the fucking guy who watches youtube clips all day about building #7.
I’m also pretty certain our president, as terrible as he was, didn’t pull some crazy inside job on his own country killing thousands. Pretty sure that didn’t happen, bro.

The funny thing , to me, about people who are proponents to that kind of thinking is that they always bring that “You’re not hearing the real truth…” shit up. And they may be right. It wouldn’t surprise me that the news lies. Of course they do. But the lengths they go to make sense of things is unbearable. It’s just amusing to me that some dude who knows how to use google and watch a documentary , can dub himself an expert on the inner workings of the government. Especially when all they do is smoke weed all day. Being a conspiracy theorist is for people who’ve got way too much time on their hands. Time + boredom + pot + being slightly delusional = The guy who says shit like “Nahhh maaaaaaan, The planes that flew into the towers were droids! They had missiles inside of them but no people, maaaaaaaaan!”

I recently met this dude in Texas. Totally nice guy, very friendly. I genuinely liked him as a person. But he was a pretty hard line conspiracy guy. I’m not really argumentative in general, especially about things I’m utterly uninformed about. So, whenever I meet conspiracy guys, I just kinda nod and say “that’s nuts!” until they stop talking about whatever bullshit they think happened. This dude put me on to something that was so comical to me that I feel like I must share it.
We were driving round Texas and he pointed out all these exhaust trails in the sky left by planes. He claims “they” have been doing that in Texas for decades as a way to slowly poison everyone and keep us unhealthy. The exhaust has metals (or some shit like that) in it that both fuck up the breathing air and , when they finally fall to the ground, they poison the soil below.
When he was telling me this, I was just floored. I mean, our government does some shady shit. It’s no secret that politicians are , by and large, terrible people. But poisoning the people of texas with plane exhaust? Unless that exhaust falls into the #3 value meal at Arby’s, i think that’s a bit heavy handed.
Just the thought that this dude actually believed the government would go to such lengths just to slowly kill people and make them unhealthy is hilarious. Like they’re sitting in a boardroom going “We’re too healthy as a country! ESPECIALLY TEXAS!Let’s fly planes over Texas that emit small doses of poison over the span of 30 years and we’ll…umm…keep the population down…or…umm…you know…just drop poison on people cause…well…we can.” I don’t even know where to go with that cause that makes no fucking sense no matter how you slice it.

The thing is, if some of these theories are true, what are we gonna do about it? Occupy something? If shit is that deep, it goes so far beyond the reach of you or me that even thinking about it for a moment is a waste of time. Even for a stoned hippie dude sitting on his couch watching the history channel…and all that guy has is time.

Listen, life isn’t X-files and it isn’t 24. I don’t doubt there are all sorts of bad things happening behind the curtains of the government at all times. But pick your battles. Think logically and understand that the world isn’t out to “get us”. The world isn’t out to get us cause the world doesn’t give enough of a shit about us. Big difference. After all, we’re all just molecules hanging from a shit bubble on a dogs asshole in space.

What’s the best hair situation for a vagina to have?

I’ve been noticing on twitter this week that there is a #noshavenovember movement going on. While part of this movement is directed at all people and all body parts, I’m seeing it more as a bunch of girls who feel like letting their muff grow out. It’s sorta ladies taking back the night colored patch of hair between their legs. I suppose this is the #occupywallstreet equivalent to pussy shaving.
Now, as a man, this troubles me. I’m not saying girls need to wax their buttholes every other week but some maintenance never hurt anyone. So, I was curious what the consensus was amongst men (who read my blog). How do you like vagina to look?
Ladies, take note…I’m sure you’ve all heard different things from different guys but this is a poll to really give you an idea of the reality of the situation. Now, I dunno what way it’s gonna go (as proven in the last “Dry guy” poll) but I’m pretty sure I know which one won’t be winning…and it pretty much puts a damper on #noshavenovember. Sorry!

Answers For Questions Vol. 58

Man, I skip one week of this shit and it feels like forever. Well, it’s re-up time and I got all sorts of A’s for Q’s up in here. As always, send me more questions! Leave them in the comment section below or send them to my email: Be creative. No “Top five beats ever” or “what inspires you?” kinda bullshit please. anyway, let’s do this…

What do you think about synth based producers, as opposed to sample based? Like which do you think is harder to produce, and sounds hotter? I know people like El-P and odd future can pull it off, but what do you think about the generic radio type producers like drumma boy, who to me, beats sound so alike and kinda hard to ditinguish…

I think both take skill to pull off correctly but it’s way easier to be sampling producer than a not-sampling producer.
As long as you’re sampling , there’s always a chance the beat will be decent.
The thing about making minimal synth type shit is that ,when it’s great, it’s some next level shit but when it’s bad , I can’t think of anything worse.
Dudes like El-P, The Neptunes and Timbaland find a nice pocket for all the shit they make. What seems quite simple is usually way more complicated than you’d ever imagine.
With sampling, anyone can find a good loop. The secret is not stopping there. Make sure the drums are tight and add layers so the beat has some more dynamics than just the same thing over and over for 4 minutes.

have you ever taken home a girl under the guise of being a musician?

Have I ever fucked a groupie? Sure. What red blooded musician hasn’t done that? Granted, I haven’t done it a ton of times but a few here and there back when I was single.
To be honest, like most men, I’m driven by ego. Because of this, I’ve never been crazy about fucking girls who only like me cause of my music. Fucking someone who’s a fan of you creates an unfair balance in the relationship. One person is sort of idolizing the other in a way that’s really not natural, in terms of sexual relationships. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool sometimes but it’s not real. I feel like I’d be way happier with myself fucking a girl who hated/didn’t give a shit about my music cause, in that case, I’m overcoming her prejudices against me and we’re connecting as real people. (however, if I were single, I’d gladly fuck a groupie of my blog cause at least this thing is a decent representation of what I’m really like)
When I was single, I’d go out of my way to not bring my occupation into the conversation cause I really wanted to bag girls in a more pure way. You know, actual charm and attraction. Not some preconceived notion about me based on wordless music I make.

Listening to your own an artist and by the time im done working on somthing I usually never want to see it again.. does that happen to you?

Oh fuck yeah. When I’m making an album, I pretty much only listen to it as a means to hone it from a more outside perspective than me in front of my sampler and computer. I’ll listen to it at the gym, walking around, chilling at home. Just to iron out the quirks. But, once that process is done, I don’t wanna hear that shit for at least 5 months-a year. I very rarely go back to my older shit to see how it holds up cause the process of making it is hard to separate from the final product.

Did you ever think that fat girls might get their feelings hurt by your blog’s header picture? Do you feel at all like a dick for that?

First off, I definitely do not feel like a dick about it. Fuck that shit. It’s funny. But, more importantly, my blogs title is a play on words. What better way to display that than a picture of a literal fat friend…when in reality, I’m your PHAT friend. I will say that I’m bummed about losing the old pic I had up there. I switched backgrounds recently and that shit vanished.
However, if you are a fat girl who reads my blog, don’t feel bad. I’m not dissing you…I don’t even know you. The only person who really could get mad at the header is girl in the actual picture and I’m fairly certain she’s not a big Blockhead fan.

How do you feel about the fact that V Nasty has a fucking kid?

Man…Well, it’s not like I’m surprised that a learning disable whigress of her stature would have a kid at such a young age. The whole thing is telling of much larger problem. That problem being that a decent % of americans are functionally retarded people who have kids cause they have a dick or a pussy that works. There are millions of V-nasty’s in the world. Holding their kids in their arms while they almost get in fist fights on the bus. Playing Gucci Mane and blowing weed smoke in her kids faces while playing playstation. Feeding those kids the worst food imaginable. And, in turn, creating future V-Nasty’s. It’s a cycle but that the way of the world. It’s a vicious cycle of V-nasty’s.
I’ve said it here before but I think the world would be a much better place if people could only have kids
1)after the age of 25
2)after an extensive IQ test determining you’re intelligent/caring/loving/mature enough to raise a child

Imagine that. Not only would there be tons less people to deal with but everyone would have a fighting chance to not be like V-nasty.

What do you think about the Necro and Kool G Rap Godfathers album? You got any personal favorite kinda “outta left field” duos, or personal favorite unions of old school and new school?

I haven’t heard it…but it’s kind of tough one for me. One one hand, I’m an admitted Necro fan. I think he’s awesome and hilarious. Also, Kool G Rap is pretty much my #1 favorite rapper of all time. However, I haven’t really been into a new G Rap song since the 90’s. Also, I love Necro but if it’s just an albums of him doing gun rap with Kool G Rap, I dunno how interesting that will be to me. I like him when he’s on the funnier/ridiculous side of things. I’m sure the beats will be dope though. I’ll peep it when I get a chance.

what would you do if your house was haunted by a very angry ghost?

I’d probably move. Can ghosts follow you or are the sequestered to one place?
I mean the second some paranormal activity shit starts popping off, I’d check out. But, then again (assuming said angry ghost was not actually violent), perhaps it would reach a point where I’d just deal with it.
back in the day, I had a mouse in my house. At first, I was desperately trying to track him down and kill him but then I realized he was just kinda chilling. He’s scurry by every now and then but he was actually pretty cute and wasn’t really bothering anything. So, I eventually just let him be and he became like my tiny roommate. Then he ran up my pant leg while I was playing video games so I hunted him down and threw him out my window. But still, peace to that dude. RIP.

Song of the day 11/4/11

Palace By ASAP Rocky
Well, as I warned in this old post, ASAP Rocky has arrived and is as polarizing as ever. Rumor has it he just signed a deal with 3 million bucks to Sony/RCA. While that’s both highly unbelievable and amazing, it would impressive if he signed a deal for half a mill in this climate. Especially considering he’s had like 8 songs in existence prior to said signing.

Like most things on the internet, people are taking sides and everything is black and white (or BLVCK and white , if you’re team ASAP).
Well, allow me to be the middle man here. I enjoy Rocky’s music. I don’t think he’s reinventing the wheel and I don’t think he’s the super mc that really deserves both the praise and scrutiny he’s been getting. The bottom line, to me, is that he makes music that’s cool to listen to. (For future reference to all my young , passionate readers, you’re allowed to kinda like something sometimes. Not everything is the worst or the best. sometimes it’s just “kinda cool”.)

His new album “LongliveA$AP” dropped earlier this week and it’s got some great songs on it. If you’re looking for lyrical miracles and deep soul shaking lyrics, this is not the album for you. If you’re looking for some music that has a very particular mood to it, conducive to chilling, drinking, smoking and feeling nice, then this will be your shit.

This song, in particular, is a good example of what can happen when Rocky and Producer Clams Casino join forces. Clams has somehow successfully captured the vibe if Enya in rap beats without sounding like he’s putting me to sleep. It’s hard to explain but whatever he’s doing, is pretty fucking dope, in my opinion. It’s like new age rap without the crystals and lame philosophy…just the mood.
Anyway, peep this and then go download the whole album if you like it. To show you all his songs aren’t in such a dream state, here’s an example of something more conventional from his album: