Song of the day 12/2/11

Wake up By Danny Brown and Black Milk
This is a little delayed but I’ve been slacking on listening to new music. Finally got my hands on the “Black and Brown” Ep, which is an album produced entirely by Black Milk with Danny brown Rapping on it. A real Detroit celebration.
Anyway, The Ep is great. I know a few people were thrown off by the experimental production on Danny Brown’s album “XXX” earlier this year , so this album is for those people. It’s Brown rapping over melodic, more traditional boom bap tracks. So, if that’s more your steeze and you were thrown off by “XXX”, this will be your savior. I personally like them both a lot so, to me, it’s just more Danny Brown for me to enjoy.
This dude has had some year, man…

5 thoughts on “Song of the day 12/2/11

  1. First off, this album has such a good cover. Whoever did that has a nice touch, and probably put more thought into the finished thing than Black Milk.

    Tthis feels kinda phoned in on Black Milk’s part, which is shown in the difference in mastering between “black and brown” and the rest of the album, and the way Danny just doesn’t seem perfectly enmeshed in the beats.

    LOL is the one thing that really keeps me coming back.

    I also flipped the same sample as “zap” back in high school (uriah heep on 45, word!) to better effect, if i do indulge myself here anonymously.

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