Poll: Milk Versus Dark Chocolate. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.

Continuing in a long line of questions that need to answered, I bring you the final frontier. Milk Vs. Dark Chocolate.
It’s no secret that many of these polls I have done have been revelations in worlds I didn’t know existed…from dry guys to standing wipers to people who actually enjoy the holidays…I’ve been wrong all over the place. I wouldn’t be shocked if this topic followed suit.
Now, I am firmly on the milk side of this debate. My reasoning? Milk chocolate taste better in every possible way. Pretty simple, really. I often find the Dark chocolate people have this snobbish air about them. Like they’re tasting something I’m not. As if, only a child could enjoy milk chocolate cause dark chocolate is so rich and intellectual. First off, you can all suck my milk chocolate dick. Secondly, as a person who loves food and doesn’t consider myself to have a particularly unadventurous pallet, I can say that dark chocolate is bitter. Sorry, it is. And if I’m eating dessert, I want sweet. That sweet being creamy, is a bonus. However, i’m also not a coffee drinker, so take that with a grain of bitter ass salt.
Milk Chocolate is often said to be “too sweet”. But it’s not like we’re eating it for dinner. it’s dessert. It’s a candy bar. It’s M&M’s. I will admit that dark chocolate is more useful outside of desserts and candy. It can actually be used in actual dinner courses…but this isn’t about it’s usefulness. This is about, if I give you two chocolate bars. One is milk and the other is dark…Which do you choose?

18 thoughts on “Poll: Milk Versus Dark Chocolate. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.

  1. Block,
    Some people are super sensitive to the bitter taste, others less so. Your aversion to coffee and dark chocolate probably means you are a bitter “super taster” or at least on that spectrum. What that means is: it’s not that you “don’t get” dark chocolate, you get it too much. If red wine is too bitter for you as well, than that would be the clincher. I picked dark chocolate because I’m like an old-ass man. No taste. Like being tone deaf or color blind. Whatever that is for food, that’s what I have. So bring on the bitter, the vinegar, and the mustard.

  2. white with the occasional milk chocolate if I feel like I need to break up the monotony. I didn’t read any of this, I assume we are talking about porn.

  3. Dark chocolate contains no lactose, so it’s the the only choice for lac intolerants and vegans. I personally enjoy milk chocolate in a Twix or m&m’s, but I’ll take the motherfucking dark chocolate if it’s just a straight up chocolate bar.

    • word. I like milk chocolate but only if it’s got some nuts or something in it. On the other hand, I had some dark chocolate from Switzerland once and it tasted like fucking dirt.

  4. Milk chocolate is where it’s at. It’s more well-rounded. You don’t even have to think about bitterness scales or any of that nonsense. It’s sweet and delicious. End of story. And I do believe that if aliens who had absolutely no knowledge or opinion of chocolate came to this earth and you gave them samples of milk and dark chocolate and asked them to pick their favorite, they’d pick milk 9 out of 10. And, the 1 out of 10 aliens who picked dark chocolate would be either insecure, or a woman (or both).

  5. not to get all nerdy with it, but you really need to define where the dark/milk line lies for this debate. plus some ‘dark’ choc does have a bit of milk in it.

    I usually look at anything above maybe 60-65% cacao as dark, which is my preference. That said, anything over 80% tastes super bitter, and has this shitty chalky texture to it.

  6. Too bad you simpletons can’t understand the complexities of dark chocolate’s flavor…if only you had a more refined palate

    • I’ve had some pretty complex palates tell me my balls taste exquisite. Chocolate of all types are over rated…unless you have a vagina. Give me some fucking beef jerky fags.

  7. Dark chocolate is for women. White chocolate i can handle every so often in very small doses, but the enjoyment to sickness factor ratio is too high. Milk chocolate hands down. I bet 95% who voted for dark chocolate are female. I’m not trying to start shit, but that’s honestly the only people i know who like dark chocolate.

  8. Im sorry i had to come back this is bothering more than it should. It;s like when i was young and stoned trying to eat my moms unsweetened baking chocolate that shit is fucking bitter and gross. I;ve tried many times to like dark chocolate and it is a mystery how anyone could actually enjoy that shit, it is mind boggling to me how many people have chosen dark chocolate in this poll.

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