A beat that didn’t make the cut

Normally, I’d be doing my song of the day today but I’m in poland and don’t feel like sifting through my i-tunes to find something that might work. Instead, I give you a treat.
As you may know, I’ve finished my new album and I’m awaiting word on when it will be released. Most definitely in 2012 , but I’m not 100% when. Anyway, any time you make an album, there’s always a few things that get left on the cutting room floor. This “song” (I put it in quotes cause it’s really just a loosely sequenced beat) was initially gonna be a part of another song but it just didn’t mesh well with either that song or the rest of the album. To be honest, it was a little too silly.
So, instead of just letting it collect dust, I figure I’d just give it away here cause, hey, why the fuck not? If you don’t like it, that’s cool cause it was free…and what kind of asshole gets mad at free things? A cheap asshole…that’s who.
So, here it is. Short and sweet…
Mad as hell By Blockhead

10 thoughts on “A beat that didn’t make the cut

  1. Cool song, bro. I initially just watched the video and thought there was no song and that
    this was some kind of shitty joke, but then I saw the link to the song. I now feel like a fucking idiot.

  2. Not to be a douche, but… would you mind putting the song on a filesharing service that DOESN’T try to install browser helpers/change my home page/generally be a fucking nuisance?

    I appreciate the whole free song thing, but I’d rather not fill my computer with shit for a few minutes more of Blockhead gold.

  3. I’m on a mac too and I clicked on the big green download button – nothing bad happened other than an deceptive offer to download a virus infested PC lobotomy. It was easy to cancel and wait for the tiny underlined real download link when it finally showed up. Don’t know what those paranoid PC pussies are complaining about.

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