Trending Topics vol. 67

This week, Tim and I discuss some NAB debacles, Miley Cyrus and give respect to the gawd Steve Guttenberg. I believe this is the second week in a row (or two out of the last 3) that I’m putting up a Miley Cyrus pic, and I apologize for that but I have my reasons.
1)She’s the only girl in the top ten who’s not Michelle Obama and Kourtney Kardashian
2)I reference this pic in my mini rant
3)Her tits are fake, right?
I swear…I don’t want to have to do this…But I do.

2 thoughts on “Trending Topics vol. 67

  1. Now that Miley has Tits, the creepers aren’t gonna just come out about their baby lust. They’re gonna be crushed and move on to balder(not a word) pastures. Suri Cruise maybe??!?

  2. this isn’t related but, maybe two months ago, i commented on here telling you i was pretty sure i heard two of your songs on the show Top Gear, but i wasn’t 100% because one of them was redone with instruments and one of them could have just been the original sample that you used. well yesterday i was watching it and heard Good Block Bad Block from downtown science. so yeah, basically my point is, you should be getting paid a lot of money for that. unless ninja tune just gave them permission to use the songs, which wouldnt make sense. Top Gear’s budget is very, veerrrrrryyyyyy high.

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