Answers for Questions Vol. 64

Good day to you all. I hope you’re all in the christmas spirit (or whatever holiday you celebrate). I already did my christmas shopping like bawce. Ordering online and having the gift shipped directly to the person you’re getting it for is the best. It’s like “hey, here’s your gift. It may not have arrived on the right day, it wasn’t wrapped and there’s no card , but , well, fuck you and take it!” Ideal christmas spirit for me.

I’d just like to say that this may be my all time favorite batch of questions ever. If you’re the type to submit questions, use this as your template. Send any questions you have to at or leave them in the comments below.
LEt’s do it…

What is worse at the club etiquette from a stranger. 1.loud slobbery drunk guy talking 1 inch from your ear about how much he likes your music…or 2.Drunken Future Business/Show propositions discussed directly after your set.

Wow. That’s a tough call cause they both share the same space. Both are relentless and both will suck the life out of anyone they speak to. But I’mma say the after set Business guy is worse. At least the drunk fan has good intentions. Sure, he will hound you all night. sure, he will drunkly repeat the same sentiment over and over. Sure, he will be oblivious to obvious social cues that might dictate it’s time for this conversation to end, but at least he’s not trying to sell me on something. I fucking HATE go-getter types with an agenda and those after show business talkers are the worst. Usually cause they’re not even fans of the music and their ideas are not even realistic. On some “Hey man, my friend is a dj and owns a warehouse in this small town….” type shit that has nothing to do with me. Man, just thinking about it annoys me.

How many different computers have you watched porn on? I bet less than 5.
In my life? Shit…I have no clue. But I’ve owned about 4 laptops over the last 8 years or so. So, 4 is the safe bet. If you had asked me how many VCR’s I’ve watched porn on, my head might explode.

Yo Block, given the choice, would you rather piss out of your mouth, or shit out of your palm for the rest of your life? Bear in mind that if you pick the latter, your asshole would now be located on your palm (doesn’t matter which hand, you pick).

I think I’d go with piss out my mouth. Primarily because having an open anus on my palm would be both disgusting and smell bad. It would also lead to all sorts of infections. While the mouth pissing would be annoying , all I’d have to do was always come strapped with gum to avoid piss breath. The biggest down side would be handling public urination. Actually, in both cases, I’d imagine the thought of doing it in a public bathroom would be enough to make me a shut in. But, hey, anyone who’s had food/alcohol poisoning will tell you you’re eventually barfing up water anyway, so at least I’ve somewhat experienced pissing out of my mouth.

you’ve said that you don’t like to date girls who are a fan of your music. but when you were younger and still coming up in the music industry, did you ever embellish your musical skills to get in a girls pants? for example, seeing as you predominantly use samples, have you ever told a girl you played some piano line or fronted like you were god’s gift to musicianship and shit?

Never ever. If there’s one thing I always took pride in it was being able to get laid without relying on my music as a crutch. Even if I wasn’t always successful (which definitely happened all the time). If I met a girl , I’d avoid the entire conversation of “What do you do?” just cause I wouldn’t want that play into it , for better or for worse. Shit like sampling vs. playing music definitely never came into play though cause, to be honest, only men are dorky enough to really give a shit about that.

Block what are your thoughts on madlib and the other jazzy cats over at Stones Throw?? The track you posted has a killer beat, but yall both have way different production style, plus all his work with the more mainstream cats like Mos Def and MF DOOM. Wondered how you felt

I like some of the stuff that comes out of Stones Throw. Not all of it is up my alley but when they do hit it on the head, it’s my shit. Obviously “Madvillian” is amazing. To me, Madlib is a guy that makes enjoyable beats out of amazing records. Whenever he pairs up with a good rapper, it’s gonna be a good album.
His style of beat making is very different than mine though. We both use loops but he’s more content just looping some shit up , adding drums and calling it a day. Nothing wrong with that, as that’s pretty much how beats were made in the golden era, but I’m more of a layer-er.
I’m glad he’s getting more mainstream love cause, for one, it’s a good look for sampling to stay relevant, and he’s been doing this shit for years , his own way. It’s nice to see someone just doing their own thing and having success in it.
Btw, I’m very much looking forward to the Homeboy Sandman record they’re gonna b putting out. That should fantastic.

What’s up Block? I know you’re a Walking Dead fan and ever since I found out that you were I have been meaning to ask you a question I have been asking a few friends. Which I stopped asking because A) Some of my friends were beginning to think I am a necrophiliac for asking and B) Because apparently you’re not supposed to ask Russian men these sorts of questions, randomly asked some dude at a bar and he almost killed my friend and I for offending him. So here’s the question finally; Is fucking a Zombie considered Necrophilia? The Zombie is neither dead nor alive… Yes dude, let your brain compose itself cuz it might be blown cuz of the complexity of the question. Get back at me. And don’t be like that Russian dude who at the end of the argument said that in Russia we don’t fuck dead people.. I RATHER FUCK GOAT, said the dude… Animals weren’t even an option.

I’d say fucking zombies fall into that grey area. On one hand, they’re not alive or dead, but on the other zombie’s don’t exist. So, you know, it could either way.
The reality of it is, in order to fuck one, you’d have to tie it down so it wouldn’t kill you. Basically, you’d have to rape it. Do you really wanna be that guy? What kind of low life rapes the undead? also, I can’t imagine they have much natural lubrication going down there so you’d have to bring your own. Otherwise, I’d imagine it’s like fucking a pile of dirt that wants to eat you.
A more frightening concept would be a zombie trying to fuck you. Chilling.

My girl loves listening to Aesop, el-p, and yourself, but hates it when I’m on twitter or your blog. I’m names like groupie and homo. Does your girl ever get enragged with your blog or twitter, or is it just something she accepts now?

I’m not clear as to why your girl hates twitter or my blog. Is it cause she’s offended by them or cause she thinks twitter and blogs are stupid in general? I mean, that’s understandable but I hope you don’t let your girl dictate what you read on the internet. Man up, bro. And if you’re his girl reading this, chill the fuck out.
Anyway, my girl is oblivious to twitter. And even if she wasn’t, I’d imagine she’d just roll her eyes at most of the shit I write on there. She occasionally reads my blog and I’d say she’s 50/50% on it. She likes some of it and , other times, thinks I’m an idiot. I’d say that opinion goes further than just me girl though. Funny side note about this blog: Most of my friends don’t read it. At least, as far as I know.

Hey Block, was there ever a time when you would say nigga in normal conversations? Back when I was in high school it was pretty acceptable for white dudes to say it. I used to have black friends that would call me nigga so I felt like it wasn’t that big of a deal so I used to say it too. Then my white friends started calling me nigga and that’s when I decided it was corny and stopped saying it all together.

I can 100% say that I’ve never said that word in a conversation without it being jokey or quoting someone else saying it. I’ve said it plenty of times under those circumstances, as it’s one of those words that so ridiculous, it garners a lot of jokes. You will never hear me say something like “Oh, what’s up nigga?” with a straight face , as if me saying that word is at all natural to me. I think it’s also an age thing though cause I grew up when any version of that word (be it the “Nigga” version or the hard R version) was simply not used by white people. I feel like things are different now cause lots of people grew up listening to rap and saying it since they were kids without even considering why it might be an issue for some people.
I know plenty of white dudes who do use it but it’s never been a comfortable word for me to say to anyone. honestly, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue for me cause in order to say it correctly (the non-KKK way), you gotta use a certain inflection. “nigga”, when said within proximity of other words without that inflection sounds bizarre and way more racial charged. For instance “Hey, would me mind passing me that teapot, my nigga?” It just doesn’t work.

9 thoughts on “Answers for Questions Vol. 64

  1. in response to the fucking a zombie question….I highly suggest all read Zombies and Shit by Carlton Mellick III….Battle Royale meets Zombies…awesome book…but a character does something like this….you’d have to read…pretty grotesque….also, there was an independent movie made years ago called Shatter Dead….there is a scene in that movie that is along these lines….zombie boyfriend can’t get hard, gun used instead…you can figure out the rest

  2. On fucking zombies, you have to take into consideration that people that are into fucking dead people, are into rigor mortis, something that just doesnt happen with zombies…

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