Free song from Illogic and Me

As you may know, I’ve been working on an album with Ohio MC Illogic called “Capture the Sun”. We’ve got about 30 songs recorded and plan on releasing a few free ep’s , as well as the official full length.
Because Illogic is in the christmas spirit, he decided to give away one of the songs on Bandcamp. This one, in particular, will not be available anywhere else so, you know, EXCLUSIVE SHIT BRO!
Download it here


8 thoughts on “Free song from Illogic and Me

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  2. this track is dope and all, and i’ve been excited for this collaboration for a while, but isn’t this the same beat that was used to remix Despot’s ‘Look Alive’?

    • Yup. I was gonna write something about that but I figured that remix went under the radar enough that it didn’t matter.
      It’s part of the reason why we decided to give this one away.

  3. damn, my Nigel….. you are doing a collab w/ Illogic and releasing a new Blockhead LP in 2012? That’s what’s really real Uncle Tony.

  4. this is for the Dr. Tony series. me and this girl never met and i already know she likes me from a different source, how should i go about having sex with her no strings attached?

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