Song of the day 12/22/11

Words from the Genius By The Genius
I remember the fist time I saw the album “words from the Genius” at a record store. Every tuesday, I would go to this spot Disc-o-rama by my crib (I eventually worked there for a few year in my late teens). Tuesdays were the day new release dropped and my nerdness ran deep, so I was always checking on what had come out. Well, while browsing the Cassette section , I noticed an album on Cold Chillin’ records by an artist named “The Genius”. Being a huge Juice Crew fan (Cold chillin put out many of the most classic Juice crew albums) , I quickly picked it up to read the cover and inspect this mystery album. I had never heard of this artist and, to be honest, it kinda came out of nowhere. From the looks of the cover, it was on some smooth guy rap shit. I mean, for christ’s sake, he was in his pajama’s writing with a feathered plume. It certainly wasn’t selling me very well. However, the song titles led me to believe he might not just be a second rate Big Daddy Kane. Being the completist I was back then, I bought it on the strength of if being on Cold Chillin’ and took it home. To this day, there are very few Cold Chillin’ record I never owned…Sorry MC Shan, but your albums were kinda wack.
Anyway, I put this album on and was pleasantly surprised. Great production, a good rapper (not yet of GZA caliber but still very good). I felt good about my blind purchase.
The next week, I’m watching Video Music Box (The best video show ever in the history of the universe) and this song “Come Do me” Comes on. It was the Genius’ first single from the album I just bought…and it was terrible.

It was a typical new jack swingish pop song that every rapper who claimed to fuck women made back in that era. I was bummed but relieved that I hadn’t seen that video first, or else I may not have bought the album. I guess the album got a soft release of something cause ,typically, the video comes out before the album but, apparently, Cold Chillin’ didn’t give a fuck about The genius. Anyway, 2 years later, the Genius would emerge as the GZA from WU Tang and the rest would be history. But this album was one of many I copped off sheer curiosity back in the day that ended up paying off. If I did that now, I’m pretty sure I’d end up pretty mad at everyone involved. So, shout out to an era when blind purchases would actually pay off. RIP to that era as well.

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 12/22/11

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the “blind purchase theory”. The PFAC album was kinda a blind purchase. I had no idea what it was but u guys were signed to def jux so I figure how bad could it be. And it was well worth it.

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