Answers for questions vol. 65

Well, the end of the year is upon up. Pretty exciting , huh? Let’s all hope those mayans were wrong cause , you know, I wanna see who’s gonna win the NBA title this year, as opposed to having our planet go up in flames (or whatever they said would happen).
In case that doesn’t happen, I need more questions from you. Send them to my email: or leave them below in the comments. Keep it interesting.
Anyway, happy new year and all that crap. See you on the other side, brooooo!!!!

what thing created to make life easier has become the most annoying invention? And what “if you can dream it, we can make it” invention would you pull into existence?
For what it’s worth, i say bluetooth to the first, and ………………. fuck, i got nothin for the second. But people using bluetooth annoy the fuck outta me.

I’ve never used bluetooth in my life and it’s certainly responsible for me thinking people are crazy , walking down the street talking to themselves. But, I dunno, it doesn’t really effect me enough to get under my skin like that. I’m more against inventions that have made it possible for people to bask in their laziness. Things like snuggies. In reality, there’s nothing wrong with a snuggie but it’s the message that snuggie is putting forth that bothers me. It’s like “hey, what say you just stop giving fuck and , instead of wearing cloths like a human, throw on this towel with arms?”. There are plenty more examples but , in general, inventions that “make life easier” but pertain to aspects of life that were already easy (like wearing clothing), can go fuck themselves.
As for an invention I could create…shit, if I knew I woulda invented it. If I could invent something that enabled people to pull the dicks out of their ears and realize how bad some of the music they listen to is (Particularly , my next door neighbor), that would be awesome.

what is your opinion on graffiti? eyesore? awesome? completely indifferent?
Mostly indifferent. I think there is some really awesome graf out there but, to be honest, I burned out on my appreciation for any fine art at a young age. I was raised around it and pretty much stopped even trying to care about it by the time I was in my teens. This isn’t to say I dislike art (that would be crazy), but I’m simply not moved by it the same way I see others are.
Graffiti is slightly different, as it pertains to hip hop culture and all, but my relationship with it has never been a close one cause
1)I was never talented enough to do it
2)I relate it more to high school beefs and gangs than I do actual art
3)The shit is all but gone in NYC nowadays and has been for a long time.
So, basically, Graf is cool, but I’m also not exactly buying books about it or going on trips to admire it. If I see it, that’s fine. If I don’t. That’s fine too.

if you were to open your iTunes and sort all of your songs by the number of plays, what are the top 5 songs that you have played the most?
Depends. I dont’ listen to the ITUNES on my computer much anymore cause I just play my Ipod…So the list would be slanted toward shit I was listening to a long time ago.
For instance, here’s my top five most played songs on my Itunes:
1) A song for you: Donny Hathaway
2)Lalena: Donovan
3)Let your conscience be your guide: Marvin Gaye
4)Reasons: Earth wind and fire
5)I believe to my soul: Ray Charles

But , it’s those five songs cause I had them at the beginning of a playlist I’d play to help me fall asleep…I also haven’t listened to any of those songs in over a year.
However, if I go to my “newest shit” playlist (where I put any new music I like)
The list is this:
1)That Woman: Mystikal

2)Stapleton: Earl

3)L.O.L. (Original version): Danny Brown

4)Pissy Transmissions: Open Mike Eagle

5)A prayer for Michael Vick & T.I.: Jay Electronica

Hey Blockhead! Are you on a Mac or PC?

MAC 4 LYFE!!!!

Did you travel that much outside of New York before you started touring? Is there any cities you really enjoy to visit?

Not a whole lot, I had been to L.A. and San Fran, Miami and boston before I started touring heavy. I also drove cross country and back when I was in my early 20’s. I certainly hadn’t left the country though.
As for cities I enjoy visiting, San fran is easily my favorite. I have family and friends there and I’ve always felt a connection to it when I go. I like going to L.A. too cause I have tons of friends there and the food is good, though, I’d by lying if I said I feel any personal connection to the city itself. The fact I don’t drive kinda limits me there.
Really, in order for me to enjoy a city, I have to know people. If I went to some bumblefuck hole in the wall town where i had friends, it could be just as fun as most major cities to me.

Would you rather run 100yrds through silverback occupied jungle, or swim 100yrds through shark inhabited waters, why?

I would definitely run through the jungle. Granted, I’d probably be mauled but at least I’d have a chance. I’m not exactly a great swimmer. In fact, I doubt I could swim 100 yards period. Let alone being chased by some fucking sharks.

Hot dogs: Nathan’s or Sabrett’s? Boiled or fried?
Fried hot dogs? What part of the game is that? Boiled all the way. Though a grilled hot dog would beat them both.

Hypothetical personal dream team lp. Who’s rhyming? Who’s producing? Anyone else involved?
Assuming that I’m not involved…this is a tough question cause the music fan in me who still thinks about all my hero’s growing up would tell me to work with them. The problem with that is that all those dudes are washed up now and I can’t say I’d ever wanna listen to them at this point. Honestly, If I could produce a compilation album with my 10-15 favorite current rappers handpicked, that would be it. Mystikal would be on it. That I know. MF Doom too. The rest, I’d have to really think about.
If me making the beats isn’t allowed, I’d like to get dudes like Jake one, Alchemist, The Neptunes, and Just blaze to make the tracks.

It’s getting chilly. Hoodies: pull over or zip up?
I prefer zip ups but I can either way. Wearing a pull over is a commitment though. Like, once you get inside, now you’re stuck in this warm ass hoodie.

What’s up with Despot?
He’s working on an album with Ratatat. He sent me three new songs a little while ago and they’re fucking awesome. I’m very excited to hear the rest. He’d be on my Dream compilation album for sure.

You have to fuck one of the girls in your top banner of this site. Which one and why?
First off, i’d need to see some ID. But assuming they’re all of legal age (I doubt they are), it’s still a tough call. I mean, they’re kinda blurry. But, going from what I can see…it’s either the blonde in the blue shirt (3rd from the left) or the girl holding hands with the fattie all the way to the right. Probably the blonde though. Either way, I feel like a creep for even answering the question.

9 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 65

  1. Was your cross country road trip just a big thing with friends? What states did you pass through? any memories or thoughts about the trip?

    You’re locked in an empty room with nothing but a CD player. Would you rather have to listen to the newest Lady Gaga album, the newest Lil Wayne album, AND Bieber’s latest album back-to-back-to-back, or Music by Cavelight four times cover to cover? (You can’t leave the room until one of these things happens)

      • I don’t understand the HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA before the no. My question actually wasn’t meant to be sarcastic at all, i’m not really sure if you took it that way. Don’t tell me that you, a musician, out of all people, don’t recognize the boss’s talent as a songwriter. I was always under the assumption that musicians had the widest range and appreciation of musical talent.

      • Outside of the album Nebraska,I truly don’t give a fuck about The Boss. He’s not terrible or anything but he’s so not even close to my radar as far as great song writers. To be fair,I’ve never been a folk/rock music kinda guy and ,when I am, it’s never been Bruce Springsteen that I’m listening too.
        I honestly assumed you were kidding cause of how that questions was phrased. It was too earnest. My bad.

      • I’m not making the argument that he is really, I guess it’s just because I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen lately. I find that the older I get, the more I appreciate the boss. I never liked him when I was younger; I thought he was corny, probably from hearing Born in the USA co-opted by every pseudo patriotic event or seeing him parodied on SNL by Adam Sandler when I was a kid.
        I guess it didn’t help any that I grew up in Jersey, where we are taught from an early age by the rest of the country – New York and Philadelphia in particular – to hate ourselves. There was none of the fanatical pride in New Jersey that exists now when I was growing up, even though i’m only 28, this is a phenomenon that has only sprung up in the last couple of years. Thank you Jersey Shore! But when I actually listened to one of his albums I realized that he’s an amazing songwriter and that there was tons of great songs I had never heard by the E-street band. Nebraska is a good album, Darkness on the Edge of Town is another.

        I also find that the older I get, the less tolerance I have for hip-hop. There’s thousands of rappers out there spitting endless notebooks full of lyrics and very
        few of them are saying anything at all…that resonates with me at least. And this is coming from someone who has spent time in prison, that’s saying a lot. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s one of the main reasons why i’ve come to loathe the majority of hip-hop; countless hours being forced to watch BET in the rec room was a kind of cruel and unusual punishment aside from everything else.

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