Song of the day 12/29/11

Original Lyrics By Mystikal Feat. Birdman and Lil Wayne

I’ll be honest. Lots of you will not be feeling this song. I mean, judging from past posts, you’ll just read the artists involved , roll your eyes and go bump an alum of lost Sole b-sides. That’s fine. But , what can i say, I fucking love Mystikal. Sure, he’s a convicted rapist but I’m not trying to be the dudes friend (though I would jump at the opportunity to work with him) , I simply think he’s an awesome rapper.
This song features Birdman at his best, meaning , he just does the hook and doesn’t rap. Lil wayne’s verse is almost like it’s not there and the beat by Mannie Fresh is fucking awesome.
So, to end this year, I give you this. A bit of a curveball considering what I usually post up here but give it a chance. It’ll do you good.

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