Answers for questions vol. 66

2012 is here yall! I’m really excited for the wall of fire/water/brimstone that’s gonna end it all for us but , until then, let’s blog.
I hope you guys had a festive NYE. I did , as it’s two days later and I’m still feeling a little fucked up.
Anyway, send me more questions to or leave them in the comments below. This weeks questions were all very good and not at all typical and boring. Use them as your guide.
Let’s go.

I was recently watching a Patriots game and saw Bill Belicheck slap one of his players’ ass when he got off of the field, which made me appreciate what an honor it would be as a football player to get your ass slapped by one of the best coaches in the league, but it also made me think. You just scored a goal/touchdown/game winning three/knockout/whatever cricket has, who do you want slapping your ass?

I played organized sports when I was younger (little league baseball and high school basketball). Perhaps I blocked it out but I don’t recall the ass slap being a common thing. I mean, I obviously know what you’re referring too but I was never on a team where it happened. However, a few times playing pick up ball, there have been occasions when a teammate who is amped up from a crucial play has let it fly. I’ll tell you, it’s never not awkward cause , 9 out of 10 times, I don’t know that dude THAT well.
So, basically, I’m saying the whole act is weird considering that high fives exist but I understand that people get excited and get lost in a moment. I’m sure Jerry Sandusky can relate (just kidding!). However, if i had to choose, I’d be down to let Dominique Wilkens give me a congratulatory ass slap. Simply because he’s the man and I’m sure his intentions would be pure.

Which Republican nominee do you think would win in a battle royale style brawl? Let’s assume they each get a melee weapon of their choice, but no firearms, bodyguards, and they have to duke it out in the oval office.

It’s too bad Chris Christie didn’t run cause his fat ass would murder all those other dudes. This is a tough one though. Everyone is either frail or way to christian to ever lift a hand. I guess I’d go with Ron Paul cause he’s got crazy eyes. He looks like one of those cult leaders from the 90’s that would dress everyone up in adidas running pants and have them drink cyanide shortly after a blood orgy. That kind of mind power is underrated in a fight.

Do artists make money from Pandora? You obiously have your own channel do get money from them or is the exposure supposed to be enough? On some conspiracy theory shit do you think if the label paid pandora they would highlight the band or group? There are a few acts I hear all the time and they have to be doing something. It makes sense to me if they pay its a win win.

I’m not sure. I certainly have never gotten that fat Pandora check in the mail and I’m definitely all over that bitch. But it’s also money that could be going through my record label, to me.
I was talking to someone this week and they were telling me how much record labels hate sites like Pandora. Well, Major Labels at least. In fact, they’re trying to sue all streaming music websites (and they’re gonna lose).
As for the concept of a label paying pandora to highlight their music, I don’t see why not. That’s how music gets on the radio lots of times. I’m sure a savvy label out there has figured out how to use those kinda sites to their advantage.

First, is marriage just a paper and sort of bullshit? Anything wrong with just living with the girl forever without the legal bullshit?

I have this convo quite often as, I’m at that age where lots of my friends are getting married and I’ve been with my girl for a very long time. Personally, I’m not a fan of the concept of marriage. Pretty much for the same reason you wrote above. It’s paperwork. My girl moved in to my crib over a year ago. As far as I’m concerned, We’re married. The only difference is that the government isn’t involved and we don’t get tax breaks as a couple. But from a strictly relationship angle, what’s the difference? Granted, many people (women) have argued this point with me (usually bringing up words like “tradition” and “security with in relationship”) but that’s how I feel. They act like married men don’t cheat or leave women. Same shit , but with paperwork. The way I see it is I’m gonna act the same whether or not I have a ring on my finger. It’s more of a mindset of “being in a committed relationship” than anything else. IF a girl is insecure in where you stand, and the only way to prove it to her is to marry her, that’s kinda shitty for both of you.
That doesn’t mean I won’t ever get married, I’m just not in a rush to do something I think is a silly tradition in the first place.

any chance there will be little blockheads running around anytime soon? Are you a person that likes kids?

Damn, son. You’re striking deep right now. First marriage, now this.
I’d like to have some kids. In theory, I’d love to. Then I think about the reality of it and it gets a lot less desirable. The truth of it is, if you have kids, you have to be willing to stop being about yourself. Once that kid is born, that is now your focus. Could I do that? Sure. Am I ready and willing? I really don’t know. Kids are a responsibility and insanely expensive. I suppose , it’s one of those things that , when it happens, I’ll just step up ,deal with , and embrace. But, in terms of my life, jesus…I still feel like I’m in my mid-20’s in a lot of ways. The last thing I need to be doing is wiping baby shit off my fingers as I sit down to make a beat. But yeah, I do like kids.

You’re on in Europe as I write this, so I wondered how you rate Europe compared to North America – like the food, for example? Any things about Europe that seem weird to you, as a traveller? Also I’m writing from the UK, so any particular thoughts about the UK? When you’ve been in London have you ever got much of a feel for the place, or is it just like spending a short time in any big city, really?

My experience in europe has been just okay. Partially cause most of it (outside of staying in London for a few weeks and, recently in poland for a week) has been done on tour. Meaning, I was in a place for 2 days at the most. It’s hard to gauge a place
in that short a time , let alone a foreign country. In fact, good food is the only thing I can really put my finger on. Well, that and my initial reaction to the people I meet.
Just using those two things, I can tell you that France is awesome (great food) and Germany is weird (strange people). Granted, this is totally based on my tiny experience in those places and has no basis in reality.
As for looking at them as a traveller, many things were weird to me. Touring in the states, you’re used to gas stations convenience stores while traveling on long drives between shows. I’ve seen all sorts of strange , busted up spots throughout the US. But, there’s something extra fucking weird about the ones I saw in europe. It’s obviously cause I’m not from there but the food they sold, the people inside them and the overall vibe was just uncomfortable. Like a scene from “Hostel” that hasn’t fleshed out yet.
Also, the language barrier is a problem in some places. You know how everyone is like “Oh they speak english everywhere! you’ll be fine!” This is not true at all. In fact, most people I’ve come across in non-major cities could speak like 5 words of english. Not a knock on them, cause I sure as hell don’t speak their language but that’s a hyperbolized fact about being in europe as an american. I spent five minutes in poland miming to a waitress that I’d like a glass of water…did I mention the word “Water” is pronounced “vater” in polish? Yeah…
As for the UK, I spent a decent amount of time in London about 6 years ago. I liked it fine enough and it’s definitely a cool city. I’d blame my experience not being that great more on timing than anything. When I went, I didn’t know anyone. Maybe it’s just me but , no matter how good the city is, if you have no friends there, it’s pretty fucking boring. When I was there, I’d just walk around and go see movies alone cause I literally had nothing else to do. If I went now, I’d know enough people to have a really good time. But, I will say that I do feel like I got a good grasp of the place while there cause I explored it so much on my own. I always compare London to a nicer version of Boston with way more shit to do.

This New Years Movie post you did:

“If you have a girlfriend and she says “Hey, we should see that New Year’s Eve movie!”, instead of immediately physically assaulting her just break up with her. Trust me, you’ll feel way better about yourself. syffal”

brings me to this question:

If your girl one day seriously asked you to watch this movie or lets say, the new twilight or something else thats horrible, how would you seriously handle the situation?

Well, as an adult in a relationship with another adult, I would laugh in her face. And she would laugh back cause she’s well aware that’s not ever gonna happen. That would be like me asking her to go play pick up basketball with me.
If you’re relationship is such that you can’t openly guffaw in the face of a girl sincerely asking you to see some bullshit like either of those movies, then you’re not in a good relationship. I mean, if she even asks, she’s seriously got so much to learn about men and how we relate to anything on this planet that it might just be best to break up with her and let the cruel world teach her a few things. It would be best for both of you.

11 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 66

  1. that ass slap stuff, no matter how u wanna frame it, is weird. Ive got no desire to touch another man’s ass. whats wrong with a pat on the back? I’ve got no problem with homsexuality, but i’d rather some dude not work out his latent feelings by the old ass slap. It’s suspect.

  2. blockhead i have a question so i just moved to a small town, not many places to find a job except burgerking and other fast-food restaurants, so i applied and basically got the job, my question being is there any shame working fastfood? i’m only 19 and i’m not trying to make it a career i just figured minimal responsibility and i could probably show up hungover or drunk most days

    • I sure block’s opinion counts more than mine but make sure you are always doing something to improve yourself. No shame flippin burgers but make sure you are also doing something to better yourself creatively or educational. The hard part is making sure whatever you are doing to improve yourself is time well spent. If you are just flipping burgers without a plan with measurable benchmarks to show progress towards a goal that you will find yourself figuratively flipping burgers the rest of your life my friend.

  3. what way do you get most paid: itunes? Cd/vinyl? Soundcloud/bandcamp? Amazon?

    Ever dabbled in porn on a phone?

    Resampling the sampler. Check ‘crashing your party’ where they sample black sheep’s ‘choice is yours’ which def samples someone else.

    • record for most non-diarrhea shits in one day

      2 rappers you wish would make comebacks in 2012?

      4 beats you wish you had made that came out in 2011?

      best tits/woman you’d most want to lay the pipe to from Game of Thrones?

      most vaginas you’ve seen in one 24 hour period (in person)?

  4. to add on to the question above about musicians getting paid…

    What’s the deal with spotify? Do the artist get paid at all? What is your opinion about this kind of stuff?

  5. what’s up with kendrick lamar? dope enough album for you to check into.

    why the fuck does anyone give a shit about arrested development (tv show)? shit is just not funny. i tried it from the beginning of series and it’s just tired from the start. portia di rossi is pretty hot but that’s not carrying the show.

    • 1) I still haven’t checked him out but I’ve heard good things.

      2)Yeah, I’m gonna 100% disagree. It’s one of the funnest shows ever made. Without question. Perhaps it’s not your type of humor or you don’t get it, but trust, that shit is hilarious.

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