Answers for Questions vol. 67

Hello everyone. This week gets nice and personal. Groupies, a stalker, drunk girls…What fun.
Send me more questions like these to:
or leave them in the comments below. If you’ve sent a question and are wondering why I haven’t answered it yet, I will answer them in the order they are received. I almost never discard questions but, when I do, it’s cause they’ve been asked already or they’re fucking idiotic like “Do you like this tv show i like?”.
Anyway, let’s go…

Describe a groupie experience of yours. Not necessarily the sexual angle of it, but the general events leading up to the sexual encounter (type of flirtation, he she or you initiated the events, whether it was insanely awkward, etc.). As I recall, you’ve mentioned that you have indeed hooked up with at least one groupie, but ignore this question if I’m mistaken.

Okay. I haven’t had a ton of these…in fact, I’ve blown more or these then I have executed. It’s just a weird vibe in general when someone wants to bone you cause they think you’re famous. Anyway, I was doing this weekly DJ gig in NY a looooong time ago. This is actually the DJ gig where I would eventually meet my current girlfriend, so that’s something. Anyway, I was playing and there was this girl there. She was cute and dancing way more than anyone should have been, considering the music I was playing. A mutual friend of ours came up to me and was like “Yo, my homegirl is feelins you…”. I took another look and her and was like “hmm…word. I’m into that.”. So, she kept dancing (very close to the dj booth) and eventually said hello. We small talked for a little. She was a decent amount of years younger than me and we didn’t have a whole lot to say. Eventually, she said the groupie call to arms “What are you doing later?”. I said “Not much. I’m here till at least 3 and then…I dunno.” I don’t remember THAT clearly but I think she gave me some coy answer that pretty much solidified that she was gonna wait for me. And she did. We took a cab to my crib and that was that. I’d tell you all about the rest but, alas, I’m a gentleman, and a gentleman doesn’t tell (unless asked in person, in which case I will tell anyone anything).

As a bonus, lemme tell you about the one that got away (for better or for worse). I was in the midwest on tour. I had seen this insanely hot girl at a show the night before. She was all flirty but hooking up on tour isn’t easy unless you’re one of those dudes who fucks girls on top of sketchy public toilets. The next night on the tour, we’re playing like 6 hours away from where we had the previous night…and this girl shows up again. I can’t stress how hot she was. Like, groupies are never this hot. Anyway, it was another situation of nowhere to go, cause we were traveling on a tour bus. No hotel room or anything. She made out with me at the merch booth then started talking shit. I was honestly kinda shocked…She said something like “I wanna ride you reverse cowgirl so you can see my finger my ass”. Umm…alright. While I certainly appreciated the enthusiasm, I kinda wanted to say “Finger your asshole, huh? That’s cool, but , really, it’s not necessary! Your vagina will be more than enough”. The funny thing about it was that she was with some dude. He was her ride and obviously so deep in the friendzone he was ready to kill himself. I had to go handle so business and told her to wait but when I got back , she had bounced. Oh well…such is life. So shout out to the insanely hot midwestern girl who I made out with like 6 years ago. Your place in my spank bank is solidified.

You are David Stern (I’m sorry), and are forced to eliminate 10 teams from the NBA. It is generally understood that you have to eliminate the garbagey “lose money” teams, vs. eliminating, say, The Heat out of spite (unless you have a very good reason for eliminating a blockbuster team). Which 10 teams get the axe?

That would be fucked up…hmm…The cavs, the Bucks, the Bobcats, the Wizards, The kings, the raptors, the Nets (kinda outta spite cause they have money but are so worthless), The pistons, and the Hornets.
My fantasy team would really suffer from this though…

how do you deal with a dude who claims to be a backpacker known “rocking live shows and being a model for hip hop culture and good music”? the backpacker aesthetic is dead, isn’t it? i kind of want to punch him in the face every time i see him, but he’s a friend of a friend.

I’d run the other way. Does this dude live in a time machine? I’m assuming he’s very young cause this sounds like childish overcompensating. I mean, shit, let the dude like what ever he likes but just know that, in about 5 years, he’s gonna look back on how he acted now and feel like a total dickhead.

Have you ever taken advantage of a wasted girl just to get it in? Please explain your thought process of why you have/haven’t done this.

Never. That’s what desperate dudes do. It’s not rape, but it’s rape-ish.
I’ve been shit faced with another shit faced girl and we’ve hooked up but it was completely good to go. I think that dudes who prey on really drunk girls are pretty huge creeps. In fact, I’d say I avoid girls who are THAT drunk. They’re tolerable when you’re right there with them but if you’re sober, what’s worse than a completely wasted girl? They’re annoying and crazy. You might as well slap a stray pitbull.
Also, I’ve never been a real pussy shark. I was a little shy but moreso a mellow single guy who was very relaxed in the type of game I would spit at a girl. There was no urgency. Dudes that bangs wasted girls tend to be overbearing and extremely forward. Guys like that are the reason girls roll in packs to clubs together and the mother hen is always so quick to pull her friend away from any guy talking to her. So, really, dudes who prey on wasted girls make it harder for the rest of us. Fuck those guys.

What ever became of the girl who was stalking you via the internet who was actually batshit insane and had a criminal past? I vaguely recall something like this happening within the past year or so.

This question is referring to this:

So, umm…this is kinda fucked up. It turns out she killed herself about 6 or 7 months ago. Yup. Pretty fucked up. She was obviously an extremely troubled girl and I’m sure the internet (both her having access to it and people trolling her) didn’t help.

Ok so I just finished my finals for this semester, and I get back home and lay in bed tired as shit (all nighters) and I feel a tremendous relief because i know that for the next couple of weeks I’m free and I have no responsibilities. It’s a tremendous feeling from going to a stressful week to being finished with everything. Did you feel that feeling at all the day you quit your day job and went home and realized you work for yourself now doing what you love? No more shitty 9-5? Did that relief come over you… pause… But really though did it???

I mean, yeah…Not having to wake up at a particular time and not having to do something I don’t enjoy doing is great. But, on the other side, not knowing when the next check is gonna come in isn’t exactly relaxing. Having a career as a musician is both incredibly satisfying and terrifying. Really, it could all end at any moment. Especially considering no one buys records anymore. At least, 9 years ago, you could fall back on that.
Honestly, I’m so far removed from school or a real job at this point, the prospect of ever doing either of those things again frightens me. I haven’t studied in almost 20 years (let’s be honest, I’ve never studied for anything, even when I was in school). I haven’t had a job with a time card in 8 years.
Basically, it’s just a matter of riding this out as long as I can cause, without question, this is a great lifestyle for me.

How often do you find yourself searching for your name on the internet, and reading reviews and forum posts about your music? And more important, do you read youtube comments of your songs? If so, what percentage would you say you’ve read so far?

Whenever I drop a new album, I tend to google it a lot to find reviews. It’s a great way to torture yourself. But, in general, I don’t google myself very often. I used to do it a lot more but I reached a point where I realized that whether it be props or hate, it’s just some blank face on the internet. I’m not allowing myself to get mad at one and just overlook the other as they are both equally empty in the overall scheme of things.
I will admit to reading youtube comments though. Partially cause youtube comments are like the lowest common denominator on the entire internet, which is crazy considering how fucked up people on the internet are, and I enjoy that kinda of craziness. But I’ve found youtube comments to be , at their worst, misinformed like “Blockhead is from brooklyn and produced every aesop rock song ever made!”…but , otherwise, my youtube feedback has been highly positive.

I know you don’t do drugs and all, but what is your opinion on DMT and ayahuasca?

I have no clue what they do but I’m sure they’re awful. Anytime a “new” drug happens, I feel a little bit older.
Makes me think of this (NSFW)

23 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 67

  1. DMT and Ayahuasca are not new. DMT is the chemical your brain releases when you’re sleeping that causes you to dream. Every living thing- plants and animals, contain DMT and Ayahuasca is an extremely old brewed drink tribes take to do whatever it is they do it for. It contains quite abit of DMT in it as well as some other psycho active chemicals. Just thought you should know.

  2. Can you make a new segment in your blog that dissects the modern day Jus Allah verses and attempts to make sense of them? That would be dope and pretty original.

    “I am sand and stone, I stand alone
    I’m a candle blown, I have hands and bone
    I’m smart and old, I am dark and cold
    I have a pawn shop apart; I have a heart of gold”


  3. Yo Doc and commentors,

    So I live with my girl and her friend (female) they both have yeast infections, at the same time. Do you think they’re boning the same dude, does that sound far fetched (i’m not boning the friend-honest to god)

    • dude it sounds like a possibility, but the bigger possibility is that maybe it’s time for them to clean the toilet seat with bleach or some shit. girls have the worst luck with UTIs and yeast infections and more than half of the time it is due to hygiene.

      • *with some cleaning products shit
        just felt like i should clarify, that sentence sounded mad weird/gross.

  4. I have taken advantage of the drunken girl, but in all fairness, I was extremely drunk as well so it all evens out, right? Even though on some level, in that dimly burning ember of sobriety at the center of my brain, I knew what I was doing was wrong – especially since the girl was engaged.

    Bremadonna’s request song dedicated to you from beyond the grave:
    Shine on you crazy diamond

    That is so evil, but on some primitive level amusing. And may I just say that we are all menatally ill, those of us outside the institutions only hide it a little better – and maybe not that much better after all.

  5. Here you can see joe rogan talking about dmt

    I’ve tried heavy psychedelics two times in my life, and it’s changed the way I look at life. You guys probably think I’m crazy, but we do have souls, and I’m not afraid death at all. it’s not going to a black image for a million years. I was away from me. I thought, that guy(me) was just random person from a random sperm-cell and the enviroments had created that personality. I was thinking this about myself, but not like it was me thinking, but the inner me. The soul. I was so away from myself as a flesh vehicle and was in the center of everything, I felt everything around me like I was apart of everything. Time didn’t even exist and it’s impossible to explain, but you are the moment, you don’t feel the moment pass by. It’s fucking insane, you’re just knowledge and love. You open doors to other senses and frequencies that I never knew I had. It can’t be explained by words because words are too primitive. It’s hard for me even remembering it. I don’t recommend drugs to people, but once in your lifetime, try it out. You learn so much about yourself and life in general.

    • Sounds like you tripped pretty hard.
      I’ve done shrooms many times. I loved it. I agree that, at points in the trip, you hit pockets of clarity that you’ve never felt before. But i don’t think whatever happens during trips is any tip off to what happens after death. But, hey, I could be wrong…so could you…Cause NO ONE KNOWS THAT.

      • Yeah, I was not of this world. Insane shit. Yeah, I don’t know what happens after death, but I’m pretty convinced it’s not pitch black for a million years, but I don’t know for sure. But I felt that inside of me was pure energy, much wiser than the normal me. I was looking down at myself like being a higher energy, I really felt like it was my soul, or whatever you call it. So i don’t believe it just disappears after my physical body dies, I think when our bodies die, that energy is free. It’s like we are being locked in the state we are, to grow and learn as humans and become free when we die. I don’t know why i believe this but it was like something gave me the feeling that this was the case when I was tripping. I don’t think reality is just stuff you can touch, see, hear and taste. Even scientists believe theres other dimensions, and speculate theres other universes inside every black hole in the center of the galaxy and parallel universes. What if big bang is one of many, and system is much much more complex than we could dream of. There so much crazy shit out in the universe, and scientists guess a lot. Our brains can probably sense those stuff when our subconscious mind is triggered like a radio. Probably why so many meditate and claim to reach nirvana and religious texts talk about awakening and shit. I don’t think its coincident. But we’ll figure it out when we die anyway. Damn, I really do sound like a crazy person, haha.

      • Shrooms always just made me feel like everyone was judging me in every way possible, pretty much just like weed. They say these kind of drugs can trigger schizophrenia if it exists already in your genes. So I’m pretty sure I’m fucking crazy, yo.

  6. What are some things you are comfortable engaging in alone?:
    going to the movies
    attending a show/concert
    going to a party (you only the know the host)
    going to a bar/club
    going to a sit down restaurant and or a fancy restaurant
    attending a festival

  7. Hey Blockhead, love reading your blog but I gotta come to the Nets’ defense here: (admittedly a few days late)

    They’ve only had their hugely rich owner for about 18 months, and he arrived just after the biggest cost-cutting and losing phase in the Nets’ history, thanks to Bruce Ratner. The damage in their (already poor) reputation of 12-70 won’t be overcome overnight, so give Prokhorov some time. I’d prefer they rebuild smartly, rather than dole out money foolishly on mid-level players just because they can, i.e. your Isiah-era Knicks. They’re essentially saving their cap space for a potential Dwight Howard deal, and though it could just as easily backfire, I’d at least wait til that scenario plays out before giving them the axe.

    • I think my worries about the ents is that no one will wanna go there. after this year (which is going to be a complete disaster) Deron will probably opt out and they’ll be left with mediocre as Brook lopez and the hopes that marshon brooks becomes a super star. I dunno dude…I don’t see dwight going anywhere near there.

      • The pessimistic, long-suffering Nets fan in me agrees with you. However, I think the potential for a shift in reputation is there with the Brooklyn move and their mega-rich owner in place (and Jay-Z, lol). As much as everyone assumes “it’s the Nets, he wouldn’t want to go there”, fact is Dwight has maintained (privately) that Brooklyn is his top choice. I won’t be convinced either until it actually happens, but hell if the Clippers can turn their reputation around than the Nets sure can.

        or they could end up like the Mets, a fancy new arena with no players and no fans. I guess we’ll see.

      • I’m rooting for them to turn it around…I just don’t have much faith. It seems like they’re in the running for all the big names but can never lock shit down.

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