Song of the day 1/12/12

Electrolytes By Marq Spekt

Marq Spekt has been around for a while. I first heard of him probably about 6 years ago when LoDeck slipped me a song called “Vegetables”. It was both weird and interesting, therefor grabbing my attention. Since then Spekt has popped up all over the place with Solo albums, Collabo albums, mixtapes and dope guest spots on other dope albums. Most recently, he was part of an awesome album with Cunninlynguists producer Kno called “Machetevision” , which I thoroughly Recommend.
As a bonus, here’s a taste of that:

PS: I’ve gotten a complaint about the uploading site I use for these song of the day’s. Does anyone else have a similar issue with it? Lemme know , cause if it’s a larger problem, I’ll switch up my upload site.

8 thoughts on “Song of the day 1/12/12

  1. Why do you use that weird file hosting site? None of the files save correctly. What’s wrong with mediafire? Sorry I just had to vent. That site never works for me.

    • They work for me. What do you mean “save correctly”?
      Also, i use it cause it enables people to listen to the track before downloading it. It also keeps a download count so I get an idea of what is and isn’t popular.

  2. You have to click the tiny download link right under the black box that plays the song. If you click the big giant green DOWNLOAD button, that’s a link to download some file converter.

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