Sir Jarlsberg will Change you life part 2

Before you do anything, if you’re not familiar with Sir Jerlsberg, read this and download the music:

It’s a description of Sir Jarlsberg as well as folder of the songs he had done up to that point. Granted, this isn’t for everyone but I think it’s the fucking best.

But, that’s not why I wrote this post…it’s cause yesterday, Sir Jarlsberg finally dropped his long awaited first video “Teach thee how to curtsy” (feat. Lord Richard and Kelly Waters). I’m sad to say I don’t have the MP3 of this song but that just means you’ll have to watch this video over and over again…

16 thoughts on “Sir Jarlsberg will Change you life part 2

  1. Without a hint of facetiousness, that is one of the greatest videos ever made. From concept to completion, I do not know how he convinced someone to back this financially. And I don’t think I can appreciate the song without accompanying video. This is a lightning strike moment for him.

  2. I’ve been promoting this on Youtube really hard. Trying to make it go viral, a few others have been helping me achieve this as well. I think we’re pulling in a few thousand views, gonna have to wait until Youtube posts the statistics to see.

    His music really deserves to be known, as it’s pretty original and it’s funny as fuck. I can easily see this becoming something much bigger than it currently is if we push it to the right crowd.

      • I think it will, all that needs to happen is for it to be featured on the main page or a niche group on youtube and it will take off.

        For that to happen we mainly just need likes/views/favorites. While that’s happening though we really need comments or else the system that determines what is featured on what page will be less likely to pick it up.

        If this sopa blackout bullshit wasn’t so popular right now 4Chan would be all over this. Bad timing I guess lol.

    • Just listened to the myspace tunes. Stunned is probably the best way to describe the effect. Hilarious, unconventional….either you love it or hate it. So far loving it.

      Did Blockhead produce any of the beats for The Gnome?

  3. i learned my manners/ from my nana/ who’s curtsey was bananas……………oooooh shit and sir jarls’ dance @ 1:45-1:47

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