Song of the day 1/20/12

My Homie By ScHoolboyQ

I don’t really know much about ScHoolboyQ. I just heard him for the first time this week and I’m kinda on the fence. His album “Habits and contradictions” is getting lots of love on these interwebz so I figured I’d peep it and see what all the noise is about. It’s definitely got some great joints on it but I dunno if I’m sold 100%. I say this cause, at times, he’s kinda typical as a rapper. However, other times i feel like he really hits on something interesting (which is really a lot of what I look for in rappers today, just for them to be interesting) I feel his saving grace is that he’s kind of a weirdo. To me, nothing can beat when a thugged out dude is slightly strange cause it’s like the best of both world. No nerdy pretentiousness but it’s also not all just rhyming “gun” with “run” and “Niggaz” with “triggaz”.

This song in particular is a look at what happens when friends sell you out. To you or I, this could mean some bullshit over a girl or talking shit behind your back. To SchoolboyQ, it means ratting to the cops. While this may seem like territory that has been thoroughly covered in rap songs, there’s something refreshing about how Schoolboy puts it. It’s relatable without being overly dramatic or emo.

I’m curious what you guys think about this guy. Well???

26 thoughts on “Song of the day 1/20/12

  1. (it’s also not all just rhyming “gun” with “run” and “Niggaz” with “triggaz”.)
    Yeah, but he did go the rhyme bitch with snitch route

  2. It’s good. I like this kinda throwback gangsta shit. This isn’t as good as Freddie Gibbs, but this guy has an alright flow, the beat is good/laid back. Can’t complain.

  3. with one listen, i like the beat, but struggled to get through the 35 ‘yo, yo, yo yo yo’s’ at the intro… like his voice in general, though i realized about half way thru the track my attention had drifted elsewhere

  4. just got put on to this dude from Big Ghost (funniest blog out there, no offense). I think your description is on point. i like him, even though he can become very typical at times. it helps to have alchemist on his side.
    @Erik gangsta gibbs is the shit!

  5. Seriously? This dude is turrrible. I particularly like the rhyme that went something along the lines of “cherrios on my grandmama’s flo”, brilliant. We rhymes kind of like the spoken word version of mobb deep, but way worse.

    • Not that you have to like this guy but you do tend to have some strong reactions to certain kinds of rap that I feel don’t really deserve the hate. From past things you’ve disliked, i get the feeling you’re not a big fan of hood rap in general (excluding the classic old school shit). No one’s reinventing the wheel. Sometimes music is just “pretty good” while lacking depth or artistry, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  6. Actually I do like my fair share of hood rap. I just think we have different tastes. Mobb deep has probably the most songs on my ipod. I also have tons of sean price and jadakiss. Its true I don’t like many of the newer hood rhymers aside from action bronson, and I donteven know if he is that hood.

  7. I don’t get it either. I guess it’s heartfelt and all that but shit, people say run that exact same script in defense of Lil’ B. I just want to hear skills on a mic. This cat has great taste in beats.

    For the record, I like Curren$y.

  8. I have a question for your questions series (and im still waiting on the one about female commentators)

    Who is your favorite NBA commentator, now or all time. Color or play by play guy. Maybe you could care less, but anyways, for me it would Huby Brown & Mark Jackson. I swear a good commentator makes my game watching all the more enjoyable, especially when i say something about the game then they say the exact same thing on t.v. and i look like a basketball genius to whoever is watching the game with me, but yeah i digress.

    To me Huby brown you can tell he knows his stuff, he doesn’t get annoying or overy arrogant about anything, he just knows his shit. And Mark Jackson because i always agree with pretty much everything he says. But yeah, couple commentator questions for you. Maybe it is a total moot point because you watch ball with beats pumping and no volume on the t.v. but if you have a preference, who would it be?

  9. Meh, it’s alright. Generic

    At least TRY to do something a LITTLE different. Tell me a fuckin story or something, channel your inner Slick Rick. He didn’t even do that. You used to sling oxys? Tell me how you used to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale to go doctor shopping. Tell me how your man used to work up fake MRI’s on photoshop for you to use, or maybe you had a crooked pharmacist selling thousand count sealed bottles of 80’s straight out of the shipments he was getting from the pharmaceutical company. I don’t even care if it’s true or not, but at least make it interesting instead of a weak imitation of A Week Ago off of Hardnock Life.

    With “hood rap” it’s all in the details. You know who does it great? Beanie Sigel. I think that’s my problem, i’m forced to unfavorably compare everything to late 90’s-early 00’s Rocafella and State Property.

    • I would argue that, while details are important, hood rap being successful has a lot to do with the attitude and personality of the person rapping. I feel like, while this guy is obviously no Rakim on the mic, he’s got a personality. He’s a little weird. If you didn’t notice that at all listening to it then I gotta think your listen was a cursory one.

      Also, it’s not fair to compare any rap today to the stuff we listened to when we were younger. It was a different time. My favorite rap is from 89-93 but if I were to be like “He’s okay but he’s not big daddy kane” I’d sound like an asshole.

      Though, I will agree that Beanie Sigel was incredible at hood rap.

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