Answers for questions vol. 70

Sup yo. Very happy to be back this week , business as usual. If you got more questions for this blog or “ask dr. Tony”, send them my way: I’ll answer basically anything within reason. Some would say I’m an open book. I might say I’m a book that has some pages stuck together , but mostly, I’m quite readable. Anyway, let’s do it.

Let’s start with a quickfire round:

record for most non-diarrhea shits in one day
What kind of OCD serial killer keeps track of that? That’s like asking me how many pounds of nail clippings have I amassed over my lifetime.

2 rappers you wish would make comebacks in 2012?
assuming you mean successful comebacks and not just make a shitty album:
Willie D
MC Ren

4 beats you wish you had made that came out in 2011?
The dates may be off on these so, don’t nitpick…also, these are just off the top so , obviously, it’s not some official list.
Stapleton: Earl Sweatshirt

Pac Blood: Danny Brown

Cold facts: KA

Snow:Roc Marciano

best tits/woman you’d most want to lay the pipe to from Game of Thrones?
I honestly can’t call it. I’ve watched the show but most of the tits shown are random prostitutes. So, I’ll just say “Random prostitute #5”.

most vaginas you’ve seen in one 24 hour period (in person)?
Two , on a bunch of different occasions. I feel like seeing three is a 24 hour span is some next level shit.

What’s your take on Prince Paul and what (if any) are your favorite songs/projects he’s worked on? Do you think his work is underrated compared to other producers and have you ever had the opportunity to meet or work with him?

I’m a huge prince paul fan. I dunno if he’s underrated though simply because I think he’s pretty widely recognized as one of the best hip hop producers ever. As for my favorite projects he’s done , I’d say his work with De La Soul is my favorite. The gravediggaz are great too. He did a beat for this dude Justin Warfield on a song called “K sera sera” that’s one of my all time favorite beats.

I’ve never worked with or met prince paul but, like I said, I’m a huge fan.

What are some things you are comfortable engaging in alone?:
going to the movies
attending a show/concert
going to a party (you only the know the host)
going to a bar/club
going to a sit down restaurant and or a fancy restaurant
attending a festival

I’m not one of these people who likes doing activities alone. If I’m alone, I’m usually inside working on music or watching TV….and I love being alone for those type of things. Occasionally, when it’s nice out, I’ll go for long walks in the city with my headphones. But all those things you listed? Nah. I’m not that type of guy. When I tour, I’m often alone and end up doing things I normally wouldn’t like eating in a restaurant alone or seeing a movie alone but otherwise, If I’m gonna be alone, I’ll REALLY be alone. In a room.watching sportscenter and playing around on the internet. I am jealous of those types of people who can just go to a bar or party alone and have fun. I hate small talk far too much to ever even try that shit.

I love the remix you did of Cool Calm Pete’s “Lost” have you guys done anything else together that I’m overlooking?
You would make a crack team and I would pay huge to see some sort of weird rainy day hip hop collab between you guys (I made that genre title up, seems fitting)

I actually ran into Pete over the summer. We exchanged numbers and all but I think he’s busy with his career outside of music so I dunno if he’s planning on releasing much stuff anytime soon.

Do you have any weird requirements that must take place in order to sleep, like for example I have to sleep with a fan on and when my girlfriend turns it off when I’m passed out, I instantly notice, wake up, tell her off, and turn it back on.
I’m a terrible sleeper so I’ve tried all sorts of shit. Before my girl moved in, I’d always go to sleep to stand up comedy. But, because he’s got a normal job, I can’t just put on Itunes when I’m tired cause it would wake her up. Nowadays, I put on my Ipod and listen to some random podcast till I pass out and/or take out the earphones and drift off. It’s certainly not fool proof but it seems to do the job most of the time. All i know is that I can’t fall asleep to silence.

does your friend “Jer” have his own twitter or facebook or w/e where he posts his music? His music (at least the stuff I know about like pfac and sir jarlsburg) is fucking hilarious and really brightens up my life to hear such well put together and detailed “character” rap.

Aside from Sir Jarlsberg’s myspace and his twitter, that’s it.!/SirJarlsberg

Knowing you are a basketball fan what do you think of the nets moving to Brooklyn?

On one hand, it’s gonna be cool to have another option to go watch a pro basketball game at. I’m kinda doubting they’re gonna be good anytime soon though cause, no matter where they land, it seems like no one wants to go there. Deron is definitely gonna jump ship the first chance he gets and that just leaves them with a D-league team with a few decent scorers.
The downside of it will be all the fake ass brooklyn people claiming that team as their own. They might as well serve Pabst blue ribbon as the official beer and open up vegan hot dog stands.

What is your opinion on paying for porn? Believe it or not, I have actually done it, although in general I basically never do. That being said, I’m a big proponent of supporting artists by paying for music online. Should porn be treated the same way?

Before the internet, back when people used VHS tapes, my friends and I had a circulating porn swap constantly going. We’d get our hands on a tape, use it thoroughly and pass it on to the next person. Rarely was much money spent on these videos but they had a great shelf life. Once porn got online for free and VCR’s went the way of the dodo bird, things changed. The DVD’s were too expensive considering what you were getting. I mean, paying 30 bucks for something you’re gonna jerk off to like 6 times is kinda insane. At least with music, you might end up listening to it for the rest of your life. Anyway, because of this high priced tag on something that is generally disposable, watching porn online for free made a lot of sense. I mean, it’s what I do now and I can’t imagine doing it any other way.
However, as an artist, I can hear someone describing this exact scenario about why they don’t buy music anymore and it sucks. I think the porn stars should definitely be paid for what they do (that shit is much harder work than what i do, that’s for sure) and ,admittedly, it takes money right out their pockets. In a way, porn and music consumption have become very similar. The only people buying it are avid fans. The casual consumer just opts to stream or download cause they can.

16 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 70

  1. Never really thought of free porn like illegal music downloads. That’s a pretty good point but I’m not about to start ordering DVDs

  2. “They might as well serve Pabst blue ribbon as the official beer and open up vegan hot dog stands.”

    c’mon now, the arena isn’t in williamsburg.
    i live walking distance from it, and im psyched. and im actually even more psyched that they will indeed suck for the first few years = cheap seats!
    I think brooklyn will take good care of that team for many years.

  3. ok so as a hobby i like to make music. a hobby and just something that relieves stress. i have no interest in making money off of it and i have no interest of ever being famous or known. the only thing i would want to try is to play stuff live in front of an audience. i think that would be a cool experience. could one make a living by just doing gigs and never selling their music or merch? small gigs pay much if anything? im sure the cost of gas and hotels would pretty much eat up all the tix money from the gigs huh?

  4. Is it antisemetic to hate Isereali’s but like Jews? Every Isreali guy I have ever known has been a straight up asshole. I love the average NY Jew, but Isreali’s are USUALLY all fucking dicks.

      • Cause you hate jews, maybe?
        Just kidding. As a half jew, I can honestly say Hassidics in brooklyn are fucking creepy an the worst drivers on earth.

  5. What in the hell is Cool Calm Pete up to these days? He released some mixtapes of crate dug samples a while back and that’s about it. Kinda sucks…. Babbletron was and is my shit.

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