Answers for questions vol. 71

In honor of the Giants winning, here’s my little friend the football mouse. As you may know, I’m not a football guy but I do like taking the opportunity to gloat whenever NY beats New england in anything.
Anyway, another week, another batch of questions asked by you, the readers. You got more questions? send them to me: or leave them in the comments below.

I have a question. What do you think of women commentators in men’s professional sports?

I have no problem with is as long as they know what they’re talking about. I’ve seen both sides of this when I’ve watched sports broadcasts but, in general, if you’re working in that business, you’re up on your shit. My homegirl Amy K. Nelson , while not a commentator, is like a baseball encyclopedia. At the same time, there are girls who get hired cause they’re hot but they usually just do sideline reporting anyway.
But, let’s be honest, it’s not like most male commentators aren’t the worst anyway.
Marv Albert>>>>>>>

What is your opinion on the countries you toured/visited (although I don’t believe you’ve ever purposely went to a foreign country to for the lone purpose of visiting, judging from the shit I read in your blog hahaha).

And what kind of stereotypes have you heard from somewhere that actually applies to these countries in your experience. For instance I’m a Canadian and looking at myself from an outsider point of view, I’d probably say Canada is pretty much a cross breed of USA and Asia (I say that because Canada is mostly populated by Asians, and our lifestyle is the exact same as the majority of people in USA).

I’ve been all over western Europe, Poland, Australia and Canada.
The problem with most of these trips is that they have been brief. With the exception of Bialystock, Poland, london, Paris, Melbourne, Montreal and Sidney I haven’t spent a crazy amount of time anywhere. Like a day and a half, tops. So, my opinions of most places (much like my opinion of american cities) has been based on three things:
1)A cursory view of the city
2)The food
3)The people I meet at my show

As you can imagine, this kind of limited exposure might lead to sweeping generalizations…but that’s also the tag line of this blog so, you know, fuck it…
Here’s a brief rundown. Keep in mind, these opinions are based on barely nothing…take them with a huge grain of salt.
Berlin: Weird but cool.
Frankfurt: It sucked and it’s full of assholes.
Toronto: Like a boring new york. Nice people. lots of hot girls. I’d sooner move there than almost any city in america.
Vancouver: Same shit as most north west US cities. Hippies and weed. Still, it was fun. Full of junkies.
Glasgow, scotland: People are crazy there. They party hard.
Wolverhampton, England: Like the Iowa of england
Brighton, England: Very pretty and mellow. Tons of hot girls.
Bristol, England: Gloomy but lots of fun
Innsbruck, Austria: People were insane. It’s a austrian ski town and I’ve never seen more drunk people in one place in my life.
Amsterdam: Kinda cool. Very touristy. Weird food. I don’t smoke wee dor fuck hookers so, you know, whatever.
Brussels, Belgium: Super old looking city. Very “Cute”. Seems like the people were zombies though.
Milan, Italy: If jersey shore had old buildings, no beach and prettier girls.
Geneve, Switzerland: Sketchy. Bland food. Everyone looks like they snowboard.
Bern,Switzerland: Very old looking city, otherwise I forgot all about it
Lyon, France: Great food, dipshit people.
Brisbane, Australia: Hot as fuck when i was there. The lamest of the places I went to in AU but still pretty nice.

And the cities I actually spent time in:
Bialystock, Poland: Nicest people ever. Shitty food. They were very confused by me ordering a “vodka and soda” but I respect that. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!
London: I feel pretty comfortable there. I also feel like a dumb american jock when I’ve been there as most people I met were super polite and kinda frail looking. Questionable food. Mediocre looking girls considering how important a city it is. It’s like a much cooler boston.
Paris: Amazing city. Ruuuuuuuude people. Hottest girls ever.
Melbourne: One of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to, Loved the people. They sell sushi on the street like NYC does hot dogs…and it’s pretty good. Everyone was cool there and they love taking care of their guests
Montreal: Like Paris but with less attitude and more wild drunk people. again, HOTTEST GIRLS EVER.
Sidney, AU: Very cool place. More L.A. than NY so I wasn’t feeling it as much as Melbourne but it’s a beautiful city nonetheless.
I’m probably forgetting a few but , hey, my mind isn’t a steel trap, bro.

Over the course of the last 5 years or so I have been free styling in the house/in the car ect. It wasn’t until the past year where I became somewhat serious about hip-hop and actually thought of pursuing my passion for it. Adding to that, it wasn’t until the past week that I started getting together with one of my friends and tried to record some songs (mostly elongated free style raps to your ‘lost beats’). I want to do this much more legitimately though.. get myself to the point of performing or to have songs finished. I really love hip-hop and I’m not asking how to be on the radio or Billboard. I just need some help in finding a direction to move in so I can gain some sense of completion with this and actually know for myself if I can make it in the world you make it in (or a very similar one). Do you have any recommendations/ advice on steps I can take to get myself from where I am to where I want to be? It also a makes things a little harder when there is hardly a hip-hop scene around here (Scranton, Pa).

I get a variation of this question like this once every few weeks. Sadly, there is no sure shot formula to being successful in music. It takes luck and timing as much talent. Not to mention, the music industry is in shambles and no ones making money off this shit. Because of that, unless you’re doing it as a labor of love, I’d say don’t do it at all.
So, if you’re still into it, just make music. Be original. Use the internet to spread the word. Facebook, soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube…all those things can help. But, again, this shit ain’t easy to crack into and you’ve gotta have something a little different. There are millions of rappers out there and 98% of them are terrible. My advice? Don’t be them.

Does your gf watch you make beats? DO you get shy to do them around her?

HAHAHAHA!!! No. She goes to work and I make beats during the day. I’ve always been more the type who likes to work in privacy. It’s not about being shy as much as maintaining focus. I’m easily distracted so I pretty much need an empty room and silence to get anything done. Like, I literally can’t have the TV on while I write this blog. Also, I’m very lucky to have a girlfriend who’s not a super fan of my music. I mean, she likes it and all but she doesn’t REALLY give a shit. It’s nice to keep those two things separate cause the last thing I would ever wanna do is talk shop with my girl about making beats.

What up Block??!? I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Knicks? How do you feel about Melo so far? Do you like the team chemistry? Do you think this team can make the playoffs? If so, how far can they go? What needs to happen, if anything, for them to be legitimate contenders? I’m hoping for a fucking tirade here…go nuggets!

They suck. Melo is a cancer and Dantoni needs to be fired.
I’m convinced that no team with either of those guys on it will ever win a championship. The fact that the entire city of NY has Jeremy Lin’s dick in their mouth right now cause we just beat the bum ass nets is pathetic.
That trade for melo ruined the team…had we not done that and gotten tyson chandler, we’d be playoff locks. But now? We still might make on account of the weak division but we’ll get toasted in the first round again. They play no defense, have no fluidity on offense and the point guard situation is laughable. Fucking baron davis…Like that dudes gonna come back and do anything. Ughh…
So, to wrap it up, what they need to do is get an elite point guard, trade melo for some high end role players with good B-ball IQ’s and focus on becoming a rugged defensive minded team like they were in the 90’s.

Is Mad Men worth watching Blockhead? I tried watching it when the first season of Breaking Bad was airing but that shit seemed so boring to me. Is it one of those shows you have to watch a shit load of to understand and love like 6 feet under?

I watched the first few seasons of Mad Men and lost interest. It’s definitely a really well made show but I was honestly just got ADD about it and stopped caring. “Breaking bad” however, is one of the greatest TV shows ever made. I didn’t find the first season boring at all…but it does take focus. Trust me, if i can do it, you can. It’s very subtle and extremely tense…but that’s what makes it great. I can’t recommend it enough.

Do you ever rap along with songs you know the words to/know really well? Maybe just the best lines in the song? (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t do this at least a little.)

Umm…yeah. I know tons of lyrics from tons of songs. I can’t say I’m rapping out loud much nowadays but I know the words.
What a weird little question.

18 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 71

  1. What I know: You don’t really go out of your way to listen to DJ Shadow’s music.
    What I’d like to know: How do you react to the critical backlash against the instrumental hip/hop, layered/ sample esthetic? Shadow’s “The Less You Know the Better” was sort of panned and not a lot of people are talking about it. Does this show up on your radar as you get closer to releasing your next album? Did you ever peep Shadow’s newest one? I know you guys make really different sounds, but you would show up in the same bin at record store (if they existed), so I think it’s a fair question. (Also, Shadow has turned into a bit of a grump about the music scene and you’ve kept your head a little more. Kudos on that, yo.)

    • At least Shadow’s been touring a lot. I know loads of people who never looked into his music but saw him live and loved it. I was at a gig he did in london, and a whole group of people I was talking to were there cuz they’d seen him at a festival, but basically had no idea what he was about. Having a good live show like he does seems pretty powerful.

  2. To fully appreciate the greatness of your beats I like to jam your music using my Sony MDR7506 headphones when I can so I was wondering…..what headphones do you use when you are making beats? Are they different from the headphones you use when you are not at home?

  3. i noticed how poland’s the single EU country outside of western europe that you frequently refer to on this blog… plus you’ve sampled an interlude from a polish rap album in one of your songs. makes me kinda curious where does that connection come from?

  4. Hey Block I love the blog. Are you the type of artist who can write a book? I ask because I think you have a great gift of gab. And also what other art medium do you excell at that no one else knows or sees.

  5. You’re right about the Knicks. I put Melo in the same category as Iverson. Great player… who never wins. Bit too selfish with the ball. They should try to trade and pick up Nash, he might be good for one more season. Put him back with Amare, who knows. Too bad, i’d like to see the Knicks do something for once. As a Canadian, i have no real hope with the Raptors so watching the NBA is a very neutral experience lately. Like the Clippers, big fan of Chris Paul and love his game. Derrick Rose is fun to watch. Hope the Lakers and Miami lose, thats about what i have to cheer for these days.

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