Throwaway files: The return!

A while back I did 13 volumes of beats I made years ago and couldn’t use for one reason or another. In case you missed them and have a spare external hard drive laying around, have at it:

Anyway, I’ve recently been dumping tons of old beats from Floppy disks on to my computer and I realized a good amount of them are not useable. Either they’re too old, to sample heavy or they’ve just been laying around so long I’d rather not put them out at this point in my career. So, because I’m nothing if not a giver, I figure I’d give them away in 5 new volumes here on my blog over the next month or so.
These beats were all made in the last 7 years, some as recent as a few years ago. You may feel free to do whatever you want with them short of releasing them as your own beats or using them for a song. Which basically means you can use them to listen to, freestyle over, or record demos that you only plan on playing for your friends and family. Sounds like a deal? DEAL.
So, here ya go…Volume one of round two of the Throwaway files.

15 thoughts on “Throwaway files: The return!

  1. Block, would you mind if I used these for time-travelling purposes, namely by using them to tunnel through the fourth dimension, giving you posthumous credit in the year 8327?

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