Song of the day 2/16/12

No Downtime By KA
A while back, I highlighted a song by Brooklyn rapper KA. He’s a dude that was around on the underground circuit back in the mid 90’s, down with the Natural Elements. His recent reemergence not only surprised me cause I hadn’t thought about him in over a decade but cause he came back a new man. In his Natural Elements days he was a raspy voiced yeller who hadn’t really found his niche yet , both lyrically and stylistically. However, in 2012, the man has found his stride. His new album “Grief Pedigree” just dropped and I suggest all of you out there who are fans of dark NY street shit, check it out. Just a heads up though, this is not your typical boom bap rap album. KA’s approach is one of quiet fury. His voice never raises above a conversational level and the beats are minimal to the point where there is basically no snares on the entire album. Well, that’s not true. There are snares but they’re used more like a metronome than a means to bob your head. This is not an album you will be bumping in the whip before going out to the club. This is the album you wlll be playing in you headphones while walking home from a night out in the dead of winter.
The song I chose is probably the most upbeat track on the album (if that’s possible) but if you wanna hear more, peep these two videos and it’ll give you a better idea of what to expect. I love it. So, you know, maybe you will too.

7 thoughts on “Song of the day 2/16/12

  1. Man, I’ve been waiting on this album for a minute. Iron Works was a great album as well. His flow is almost completely opposite of everything out right now. I heard he’s been out on the streets in NY selling CD’s and hanging out with fans since last week.

  2. I first heard of Ka when you posted his Cold Facts joint several months ago, so thanks for letting us know cats like him are still bringing that raw feel. Been paying attention ever since. Definitely perfect winter night music. Definitely gonna have to get Grief Pedigree.

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