My Buddy Falty DL interviews me

Falty DL is an instrumental producer who makes all sorts of music. House, garage, jungle…you name it and he touches on it. He’s a good dude and I’ve known him for years. A while back , he came to my crib and we did the worlds longest interview…Basically, we jut shot the shit for an hour talking about music , listened to some tracks and recorded it. He’s the trimmed down version of that interview (that still manages to be insanely long). It was fun to do, so I hope you all enjoy it…

Oh, and while I got you here, just wanna remind people who live in Burlington, Montreal and Buffalo, I’ll be in your neck of the woods later this week to do a show:
2/23 Burlington VT – Club Metronome
2/24 – Montreal (Canada) – Le Belmont
2/25 – Buffalo, NY – Soundlab

10 thoughts on “My Buddy Falty DL interviews me

  1. Gag-rage sounds like music I don’t really want to hear. Actually it sounds like something that could lead to sex-related deahts “Porn star dies in gagrage accident”…

  2. I went and checked out Emancipator a week ago (i mention cause u toured with him) fully expecting a room of head-nodders and instead witnessed an upsetting array of glowsticked 18 yr olds and weird gypsy people with illiminated hulahoops. I enjoy watching instramental artists creating in real time the sounds i dig on cd, thats why i wanna see them live. Instead i spent the time trying to figure out if these were the fans of his music, or the fans of the promoter throwing the “party”. Regardless, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Was this the same type of audience u saw while touring with him, what i guess u call “hippie burners

    • Nah. It’s not my thing. I’ve done stuff that’s had moment of housey vibes but nothing straight up house music. I honestly can barely differentiate between genre’s outside of hip hop.

  3. 9 Studio Albums? Really? I can think of 4; cavelight, downtown sci, coloring, music scene.
    What am I missing? Cause I need to illegally download that shit!

    Also is Sweatshirt Back? He put up a website:
    You have any insight on this? He’s about the only Hip-Hop artist I have been to tolerate in years.
    Except Sir Jarlsberg, I had no idea that was a parody of the Dougie song; my girl had to point that out to me. He is awesome. Eagle w/a 40oz, Classic!

    • Yeah, I dunno where they pulled that number from. Maybe they counted tour cd’s? Not exactly official studio albums though. they probably just looked at my discog page.

      As for earl, yes, he is free. I dunno what his plans are but I’m looking forward to hearing what he come sup with.

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