The Mighty Jones: An in studio video

The Mighty Jones is a group made up of myself, Singer Joanna Erdos, guitarist/bassist Damien Paris and guitarist/bassist Jeremy Gibson. A while back I posted some demo’s we made for download.

We recently did a little video of us recording at Wreckroom records Studios.

The song “The spell” is one of the newer joints we’ve been working on and hope to release in the near future. Figured I’d throw it up here cause , you know, you motherfuckers should hear it, right?

Wreckroom records is the brainchild of actor Adrian Grenier. It’s basically a studio in his crib where he let’s all his friends record. So far he’s recorded all sorts of acts…to peep those, check out the website for more performance videos like the one above:

12 thoughts on “The Mighty Jones: An in studio video

  1. I hope this project will get a proper release. Because I would immediatly buy an EP or Album of songs like this. That’s just an incredible combination of talents. Thank you for sharing this!

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