Throwaway files the return! Vol. 2

Here’s another installment of free music. I know you guys like free things. In case you don’t know what these tracks are, let me briefly explain. These are all beats i made between 2004-2010 that , for some reason or another, never go used. Don’t ask why, just accept that their time has passed and now they belong to you. You may freestyle to them, dance to them, cry to them, yell at them or just listen to them. whatever you want…just don’t put them on your album cause you will get sued. Not by me…but by the people I sampled. Trust me, you want no part of that.
Anyway, enjoy!

If you like stuff like this, enter the terms “Throwaway files” into the search option on this page. There are over 13 more volumes of shit like this download from this site. Go nuts.

5 thoughts on “Throwaway files the return! Vol. 2

  1. Uh oh, I’ve used these RARE instrumentals on many tracks :X for mixtapes, which aren’t technically albums. I post the songs on the web and hand out free CD’s so I think I should be fine. Nice beats none the less, and I always remember to mention BLOCKHEAD, swag.

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