Things that are wrong with the world vol. 23

The NBA recently announced this years contestants in the Slam Dunk Competition. While many have long given up on this portion of all Star weekend, I think I’ll always have a place in my heart for it. I’ve seen every one since the early 90’s, for better or worse. Last years was a huge success with the arrival of Blake Griffin, while this years contest consists of more lesser known young talent like Derrick Williams, Imani Shumpert, Paul George and…Chase Budinger. And here’s my problem…
It’s no secret that the NBA is always looking for it’s next big thing. Preferably, that thing be white. David stern knows that middle america goes nuts for a nice all american white boy who can ball. We’ve been Waiting for Larry Bird 2.0 for decades but Dirk Nowitzki is as close as it gets and he’s basically a villain from Schindler’s list.
One way the NBA has always tried to big up the white baller is by trying to highlight him in the Dunk Competition. Sure they could just revel in the three point competition but that would be too easy. Instead, they throw one white guy into the dunk competition every few years cause they can. The problem is that the white guys they’re picking are simply not up to par with the other contestants. They could easily pick 4 black dudes who are all better than that one white guy but they like to throw all the secret racists in the US a bone and let them root for the white dude…or laugh at the white dude, depending on your angle.
Now, I’m not saying these guys are terrible dunkers. Not at all. These guys can dunk quite well. But are the showtime dunkers? No fucking way.
The one year a white dude won (Brent Barry in 1996), not only was it one of the worst dunk comps ever, but his whiteness definitely tipped the scales on a year where anyone could have won it. Other then that, the competition has seen people like Chris “The Birdman” anderson (who I love as a player), who had one of the more embarrassing miss-a-thon’s of all time where he spent what felt like 20 minutes trying to complete a dunk that wouldn’t have been that great in the first place. The video for that is above.
Or All Star Tom Chambers, who’s in-game dunk on marc Jackson is one of the best dunks ever

But still, he wasn’t cut out for a competition of creativity and athleticism.
Or how bout Rex Chapman? Of all these guys listed here, Chapman actually had a little swagger to his dunks. But , again, when pitted against some dudes who could REALLY dunk, he was a non-factor.
I suppose I could throw in Rudy Fernandez cause, even though he’s spanish, he’s still a euro guy to me. To be honest, I didn’t even know he could dunk prior to hearing he was in the contest. It was no surprise when he was quickly bounced from the contest in 2009.

My point in all this is to just stop it. I’m sure a time will come when some freakishly athletic white guy will emerge
(kinda like this

but also with the ability to play in the NBA and not just dunk) but until then, let’s just stop pushing the issue. We get it. White men can jump. It’s cool. Let’s just not be silly about it. Let the best dunkers available dunk. Don’t worry . David Stern, I’m sure some insanely athletic white guy is making his way to the NBA right now..and he will dunk super good for you, bro. Until then, you got Jeremy Lin*. Be easy.

I’d just like to add that I know Budinger is a pretty athletic guy who was in dunk competitions in college. I wish him the best. i really do…but he’s not winning this contest. Cause I’m pretty certain he can’t do this

*not a knock on Lin at all. He’s awesome. But, let’s be honest, if he were black and not playing in NY this would be a much smaller story. Still, GO KNICKS AND GO LIN!!!!

Song of the day 2/16/12

No Downtime By KA
A while back, I highlighted a song by Brooklyn rapper KA. He’s a dude that was around on the underground circuit back in the mid 90’s, down with the Natural Elements. His recent reemergence not only surprised me cause I hadn’t thought about him in over a decade but cause he came back a new man. In his Natural Elements days he was a raspy voiced yeller who hadn’t really found his niche yet , both lyrically and stylistically. However, in 2012, the man has found his stride. His new album “Grief Pedigree” just dropped and I suggest all of you out there who are fans of dark NY street shit, check it out. Just a heads up though, this is not your typical boom bap rap album. KA’s approach is one of quiet fury. His voice never raises above a conversational level and the beats are minimal to the point where there is basically no snares on the entire album. Well, that’s not true. There are snares but they’re used more like a metronome than a means to bob your head. This is not an album you will be bumping in the whip before going out to the club. This is the album you wlll be playing in you headphones while walking home from a night out in the dead of winter.
The song I chose is probably the most upbeat track on the album (if that’s possible) but if you wanna hear more, peep these two videos and it’ll give you a better idea of what to expect. I love it. So, you know, maybe you will too.

Reevaluate your value, yo.

Some girl I know recently posted this on their facbeook wall:

I only got love for my team so If u did not know me then, don’t act like u know me now. Can’t do nothing for u Meng! But here’s some advice. Get a life! No time for a fair weather friend either, who only comes around when they need something. That s#%t is played out. No time for the haterz

At first glance, one might assume this was written by a girl in high school or perhaps a recently wronged sorority girl. After all, on a maturity level, it’s basically the female equivalent to someone yelling “I’m a grown ass man!” on a basketball court after they feel someone made a bad call. Sadly, this was written by a 35 year old woman , on facebook…for everyone she knows to read publicly.

So, my question is “What the fuck has happened to adults?” Keep in mind, this is coming from a person who, at age 35, vomited from drinking too much just a week ago (we all make mistakes) But ,whatever…At what point did it become okay for people well into the middle of their lives to act like shitty teenagers?
I’d like to blame Tv , as there is no shortage of reality shows that feature married women with children carrying on like they’re Lindsay Lohan and getting into fights in clubs with other married mothers over gossip. However, I’d say those shows are more of a reflection of what’s going on than the reason it’s happening. I highly doubt 35 year old women like this is taking social cues from “Basketball wives” but it does, in a way, justify their behavior.

When I was around 18 when I had a realization that older people can be idiots too. Prior to that, I had always lived under the assumption that , as we get older, we automatically gain wisdom and all the insecurities of childhood just fade away. That adults, by rule, were wiser and better adjusted than us kids. But , no…If a person is a selfish piece of shit at age 20, there’s a good chance they’ll be a piece of shit when they’re 40. A slightly more seasoned piece of shit, but a piece of shit nonetheless. Unless we actively work on them, our personality flaws don’t just vanish. They get more refined.

A lot of this mindset that people like this carry seems to stem from people thinking they’re more important than they really are, which leads to them having this delusional sense of paranoia. Like “Everyone’s out to get me!” or “If you’re not with me, you’re against me!”. As if they’re the lucky Charms Leprechaun and their haters want their “jewels”. Take that facebook quote above for instance…Here we have a woman who’s reached an age where most people are beginning to really settle down, yet she’s concerned with the love of “her team”. She has “haters”.

The ironic reality is that the real haters are people like me. People who truly don’t give a shit about this person and don’t think about her ever outside of a passing glance at their terrible facebook updates. People who look at her , roll there eyes and move on. On the other side of things, I’d imagine, the idealized haters that she’s imagined in her head are a group of well dressed people who sit in a room plotting on her downfall like she’s in a Tupac song. It involves charts, graphs and lenghty discussions of how they can get the upper hand on this girl, who’s just living the life they wish they had. Cause, lord knows, the secret to happiness is being fabulous and lavish.

I haven’t seen this girl in over 10 years but , judging from her online activity, nothing has changed. Aside from that quote (and others) she frequently posts pics of her self at clubs with 22 year olds sharing bottles.I don’t know what she does for a living but I’m pretty sure she’s still trying to be an actress or something. I knew her briefly after high school and she was some club hopping, status obsessed and overall annoying person who would pop up all over the place just looking for the next big thing. I even hooked up with her once (I’m human and she was kinda hot). She was the worst and pretty much used me so she’d have a bed to crash in cause she didn’t feel like taking the train home that night. If I recall, i was so disgusted by her that morning, I hi-fived her when she left cause the thought of touching her more angered me. She was walking nails on chalkboard (with a fat ass so, you know…I tried to make it work). But, 12 years later, She’s still the same person…just much older and no wiser.

I think what gets me about the whole concept of thinking other people care what you do or say is that, in reality, no one does. Outside of the little bubble we all live in with our friends and family, what we do and say has no consequences with anything of a larger importance.I can guarantee , in the case of facebook girl, whatever that post was about was some insanely petty shit involving a person of equal terribleness. Not to sound so grim but, basically, no one is THAT important. If you walk around evaluating your own importance and social standing all the time, you’re a fucking dickhead. If you do that and you’re almost 20 years removed from high school, your level of dickheaded-ness can only be measured by NASA.

Basically, What I’m asking here is that people be less petty and self important. Both are gross qualities to have. Whether it be holding onto to old grudges that began so long ago you can’t remember why they started, being pissy cause someone forgot to wish you a happy birthday day or thinking that people on facebook are out to ruin your “legacy”, Let it go, bro. Under no circumstances should anything like that be of importance to anyone who doesn’t have to study for the SAT’s in the near future. Just live your life. You know, like that Rihanna song you love to sing while toasting to the downfall of your haters in the club.

Answers for questions vol. 72

Phew…I’m exhausted from watching the grammy’s last night. I feel like my eyes got touched inappropriately. Anyway, this weeks questions are some of the more interesting ones I can recall. If you got more Q’s to be A’d send me them: or leave them in the comments below.
I’m also accepting Ask dr. Tony questions as well, so if you got relationship woes, holler at the manchild.
Okay, let’s do it….

A while back you made a post about people worth following on Twitter. This was a reeaal while back. But anyway, most of them were gold, a lot don’t tweet so much anymore. I was wondering if you could do an updated list or something. Even if it’s not some in depth post and just a short thing in one of your Questions for Answers posts. Thanks!

It’s been a while and I may repeat some but here goes with some heads I’ve been appreciating on twitter lately:
@djmichaeltimex – This dude got jokes. Imagine the guy in your crew who was just the master at snapping on everyone and him twittering. That’s this guy.

@SylisP – Another relatively unknown dude who’s funny as fuck. HE does awesome live tweets of events and terrible tv shows.

@THEKIDMERO – Easily the funniest dude on twitter. It may be a bit of an east coast bias as he is a dominican from the bronx, but I hope that kinda humor would translate globally.

@MarylandMudflap – no clue who he is. But he’s funny.

@bdetrick – If you like funny tweets about basketball and rap, he’s your guy.

@saidpatrick – this is just a buddy of mine who hilarious…in a prickish way I think we can all relate to.

Try this on for size, for the past week and a half (and also seeing some of ‘Game of Thrones’
series..) what do you think of those women/mothers who fucking breast feed their kid(s)
very well past their prime? We’re talking ages 5-6, etc., because I was skimming around
channel surfing and saw this woman with a ton of kids and every single one of them would
ask her for milk…she whipped out her titty and fed them (and not the hot Aesop way either,
obviously and I don’t think she had a friend w/a titty out, too..I doubt she has any friends).
This isn’t all, there’s more…She also kept the placenta and their umbilical cord and all
of the bloody shit attached and had it placed in a plastic ordinary tupperware container
and when they got to a certain age, the father and mother would un-thaw the messy shit
and then put some soil in a pot, then the kid would take their ‘attachments’ and put them
in the pot themselves (some type of strange right of passage shit w/religion, but as to
which, I don’t know and could not give two fucks about) and then put a fucking tree on top
and fill the rest of the pot with more soil….I want to know what the fuck you think about
all of this weird shit. I see it as being psychological damaging to a kid being fed from their
mother’s titty way past their need, and I think upon seeing that on TV years ago that it might
have possibly damaged my brain because that image and story are obviously still stuck
in my head. “Hey kids, let us gather around and have you take your bloody placenta and
umbilical cord and bury it under a tree while you suck on your mommy’s titty!” Seriously?!
I want to hear you go to town on this subject because I haven’t seen anyone ask what
you’ve thought about this and I think it’s really fucked..What’s wrong w/people these days?!

I mean, you said it. It’s all sorts of fucked up. I’d file this under “Things that are wrong in the world”.
All that placenta shit is just some weird hippie bullshit and, while it’s strange, I don’t see the major harm in it. If you’re doing it, I’m assuming your kids lives are already ruined by whatever shitty nature based name you gave them. Trust me, come adolescence, all that shit will be a distant memory and the reality of being named something like “Upstream Rainbow” will hit the kid like a sledgehammer.
The breast feeding thing is a problem though. Granted, it’s super rare but it’s obviously gonna fuck any kid up who does it…not only that, if it’s a male child, his relationship to titty’s is gonna be a disaster. I don’t think any of us remember sucking on tits for food cause we were so young when it happened. But if you were to actually remember that and, then at age 16 be faced with a different rack of breasts, I’d imagine it would be confusing and could only lead to weird behavior.
Really…those moms need help.

Whats your opinion on overpopulation? Seeing as you’re from NYC you must have some thought on this subject. And what do you think of the current ways places like China are dealing with it (China has roaming “Death Vans” which goes around and gives even petty criminals lethal injections. They also only allow one girl per family and forcefully abort the rest, if you’re caught hiding a second female child from the Government then you will be killed, no questions asked.)? The rest of the world still relies on wars and religion far as I know though.

I don’t think what China is doing is a good move…but is that even true? Like currently? I’d think there would be more of a public outcry if that was the case.If so, jesus christ…
Anyway, I think there are way too many people, and worse than that, they’re being made by stupid people who shouldn’t be allowed to have kids in the first place. If I ruled the word (imagine that, yall, imagine that) there would be rules to who can and cannot have a baby. First off, no one under the age of 23 would be allowed to give birth. There would be a “basic life functionality” test that everyone would take at age 22 to determine if you’re mentally capable of raising a child. It wouldn’t be the strictest test on earth but it would certainly weed out some of the dregs of society who keep plopping worthless kid after worthless kid out. I’d also implement a “3 child and done” rule. Meaning if you’re a man or woman who has been responsible for three kids being born, you’re done. Tubes tied, game over. Keep in mind that I come from a huge family (I’m the youngest of 7) and that rule would have meant I would not exist, but still…It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Question: You recently tweeted something along the lines of wishing you were that one guy on every NBA team who’s only purpose is to hit 3′s off the bench (which was hilarious btw). But how serious would you be about that? Say you had to the chance to go back and choose that as a career, literally being that one who’s only purpose is to hit threes off the bench. No chance to become a superstar, no real lime light, no potential, just that one guy. Would you really do it? Consider that you would probably get traded around a lot (those guys always do), which really seems to be the only downside here.

I’d do that in a heartbeat. First off, I’d get paid millions of dollars to play basketball. All i’d do all day was ball out and chill. I’d play as a role player for 10 years or so, have some great moments and retire rich to probably go on to become a sports analyst. Not only that but because I was just that guy shooting threes for 12 minutes a game, I’d have no notoriety. I’d just be a normal dude who happens to be rich and play a sport for a living. It would be ideal.
As far as the trading thing, I’d handle that by not getting married or having kids while in the league. That way, I could have my fun and come my mid 30’s, I’d settle down. Seriously, what would be better than that?


After watching that video, would you accept of tortoise penis
transplant to replace your own loin monster if it meant having as much
sex as you could fathom with whom you wanted, where you wanted?

Hmmm…I don’t think so as I’d imagine the horror on the face of every girls I’d fuck when I pulled that oyster shell out my pants wouldn’t be worth it. What girl would want to put their mouth on that? It looks like a wet kids toy or something.

would you fuck a girl with no butt crack? Just one giant cheek.

I don’t think so. Deformities like that turn me off and I know I’d be thinking about it the whole time and trying not to look at it. I simply couldn’t get past it. Not to mention, how would that one cheek effect how the vagina looks? Part of the butt cheeks is that it plays into the symmetry of the vagina. With one butt cheek, it really doesn’t make me think the vagina would be normal.

I guess I should first ask if you’re a Knick fan at all??!?

If so, I’ve been wondering how you feel about the new Knicks?
Are you happy with the play and the dynamic Melo brings to the team?
I know the team is missing some key components, but the record is not looking as good as even I was expecting.
What moves do you see the team needing to make to become a true contender?
How bad did losing Billups hurt this season, or was Chandler worth it.
How much do you hate Mike D’antoni and that fucking stache.
The players NY gave up are thriving in the west with Denver…buyers remorse or optimism for what will be??!?

Since this question was asked, we are knee deep in things have changed. still, lemme answer…
I am a fan of the knicks. unfortunately , Time warner cable and the MSG network are beefing so i haven’t been able to see a game this year cause they aren’t televised.
I think the trade for Melo was stupid. I never liked it. He’s great but he’s also a guy who doesn’t play well with others. The fact they’ve won 4 in a row without their two biggest stars is telling. Had the team remained the same and added Chandler, I think we’d be like Trailblazers of the east coast. I mea, look at Denver! They’re killing it with half of our team.
I think for them to contend, they would have to trade melo for an elite guard and strengthen the bench with hard nosed defensive minded guys. Lin is awesome but I’m also just sorta waiting for him to get exposed. I think his real test will be how he acts once melo and Amare get back. I guess we’ll see.

F#ck/Marry/Kill Vol. 9

Time once again for everyone favorite hateful game of love, sex and murder. This weeks is all over the place. Lots of cute girls, some terrible music and oprah.
Feel free to submit more ideas…BE ORIGINAL. No lady GaGa, Britney, Female rappers ect…use your inner minds eye and create something original.
Anyway, here’s the jump off:

F/M/K:Mariah Carey/Eva Angelina/Jessica Biel

Marry: Jessica Beil

Easiest answer ever? I’ve heard people complain about how buff she is but fuck that. she’s still one of the hottest actresses to me and doesn’t even seem like that big of an asshole in real life. Sure, she’s marrying Timberlake but, really, so would most white girls between the age of 22-35, so I can’t really blame her. And let’s be honest, DAT AZZZZZZ.

Kill: Mariah Carey

There is a large contingent of men out there who think Mariah is extremely attractive. Nick Cannon, for instance. I’m not one of those men. While I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t bone her before she had her baby, that statement really isn’t saying much. I’ve always not been a fan of Mariah and her stupid face. She looks like if you crossed, jennifer Aniston, a stoned owl and Rosie perez currently. She’s not busted, but she’s not hot either. But beyond that, she’s a crazy person with all sort sof problems that I wouldn’t want to deal with via marriage or sex (Well, maybe sex but whatever…someone’s gotta fall on the sword here). Also, I don’t trust people who have “a side” that they need to be photographed on. Shit is mad shady.

Fuck:Eva Angelina

Listen, if you’re gonna put a porn star in here, what else can I do but fuck her? I mean, I suppose I could kill her but not if Mariah Carey is another option, this one was pretty much set in stone. For those who don’t know who she is, Eva Angelina is a super hot faced porn star who made the mistake of getting stupid breast implants. She was once hot but now looks like a macy’s day parade balloon that will fuck you. Still, there’s simply no way Mariah is surviving this game.

F/M/K:Queen Latifah, Oprah, Tyra Banks

Fuck: Tyra Banks

Yes, she’s one of the worst people breathing on this planet. Speaking to her for 20 seconds would feel like an eternity. But welcome to the male mind!She is, far and away, the most attractive women of this bunch. And, really, that’s all it takes. As terrible as her character is, she’s also pretty fucking stunning looking (or was at one point) so it’s a no brainer. She’s getting the hypothetical business.


This is a tough one cause, in a way, these two are interchangeable. They’re both extremely wealthy lesbians who are probably kinda cool on some level. So, in a coin flip, I’d choose Oprah. I can justify this by saying she’d be super busy and it would leave me to just chill all day in her mansion and do whatever the fuck I want. I don’t doubt I’d get along with Latifah more but Oprah would be gone for like months at a time and the free reign I’d have at the crib would be pretty amazing. And it’s not like I’m fucking either of them so that’s off the table regardless.

Kill: Queen Latifah

As I explained above, I don’t wanna do it..but I gotta. This game isn’t called fuck/marry/let live their life. But know, deep down, I’d feel terrible about the whole thing.

F/M/K (Ginger Edition): Isla Fisher, Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams

Kill: Amy Adams

I have nothing against Amy Adams. She’s very cute. Good actress. But she’s pretty much just a slightly cuter version of pam from the office crossed with a second rate Ilsa Fischer. I would both fuck or marry her under different circumstances but this is tough competition. These other two girls are hard nosed competitors. Well, Hendricks was a hair away from being my Kill (I’ll get to that later) but because Adams is simply a lesser version of Fischer, she’s gotta go.

MArry: Isla Fischer

I legit Love her. Like, I wanna make her a mix tape on cassette and draw doodles on the inside of the cardboard pull out. I wanna hold her hand in front of my friends and miss sporting events cause I’d rather be with her. I wanna listen to her tell me all about her day in great detail as I hang of every syllable. It’s like that with Ilsa Fisher.

Fuck: Christina Hendricks

Seems obvious, right? I mean, she’s the sex pot of all the sex pots. Those tits! That face! But here’s why she almost ended up getting killed…She’s fat now. Yup. sorry, she is. She’s like 5’10” probably a buck 80 and I’m not Robert Crumb. She wasn’t always fat. She was once thick. And thick is the best. But in the last few pics I’ve seen her, she’s crossed that imaginary line into something I’m not sure I want to see naked. Still…her face and tits are enough to propel her into this category but , man, she made it by a hair. A long ginger hair.

F/M/K (Super Mario Edition):Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toadette

MArry: Princess Daisy

She’s the original. She’s the one all the other princesses are held up and compared to. For that, I the wed. Plus, she’s a brunette and I prefer them over blondes in general.


I feel like fucking her would be pedophilia and , also, she’s a fucking living mushroom person. She’s like 3’2” tops and has no nose. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl but I’m chopping this bitch up and putting her in pasta with some truffle oil.

Fuck:Princess Peach

I assume her name comes from what her vagina must taste like.Hi-oooo! I’ll admit, she’s a touch wall eyed and perhaps even learning disabled but she’s hotter than the little mushroom girl so she’ll have to do. I mean, she’s basically a living sex doll in the face so I might as well use her for that.

F/M/K: Dub Step ,Ranchero “Mexican” Music ,Musical “Music”

Fuck:Ranchero “Mexican” music

Of the three, I find this genre the most sexual. Sure, lots of people are gonna say dubstep is sexual but it sounds like a plane crash with drums. Not sexy. At least, with ranchero, I can imagine hot latina girls doing dances I couldn’t do in a billion years. Also, I could fuck it and be done with it…which is also a selling point.

Marry: Musical “music”

Kinda gay, right? But, to me, this kind of music is the most palatable of the three. Truth be told, I think musicals are the fucking worst. Like, seriously, I’d rather watch 8 hours of bridal programming than one 45 minute long musical (if such a thing exists). But, it’s at least melodic and doesn’t all sound identical. Perhaps i could marry the Trey parker and Matt stone type of musical music?

Kill: Dubstep

Everyone tells me there’s good dubstep. I’m sure there is. I hear it’s melodic. Okay. I believe you. But I’ve never heard it so I can only go on what I know. And what I know is that I fucking hate the dubstep I’ve heard. It’s loud obnoxious, and devoid of soul and melody. It makes my heart feel funny, which leads me to believe I’m simply too old for it. it’s one saving grace, the dope drums, isn’t quite enough to let me keep it alive. as I’ve been waiting for it to die in real life, if given the chance, I’d kill it myself.
(side note: If you’re a dubstep enthusiast, please just let this one go. I don’t need to hear your explanation or suggstions of dubstep I might like or your vitriol towards me concerning the subject. It’s fine. you’re 100% allowed to like it. Just let me have my opinion on it.It’s nothing personal. I’m old. This is your music, not mine. It would be like me trying to get my 75 year old mother to embrace gangster rap. Not gonna happen. Let it go. )

Song of the day 2/9/12

Freestyle Ghetto By King Tee Feat. Xzibit, Mc Breeze, and the Alkaholiks
This is one of those songs that pops up on my ipod that I completely forgot about. King Tee may have never been the best rapper but few were more consistent over such a long period of time. In a way, he’s kinda like the west coasts answer to EPMD in that he was a likable dude with good taste in beats who got by on simply making enjoyable music without dropping any lyrical miracles all over the place. To anyone into this kinda thing, I’d suggest checking out his album “At your own risk” and going from there. He’s like like 5 albums and they’re all solid but I’ve always felt that was a good starting point for his music, even though it’s not his first album.

Throwaway files: The return!

A while back I did 13 volumes of beats I made years ago and couldn’t use for one reason or another. In case you missed them and have a spare external hard drive laying around, have at it:

Anyway, I’ve recently been dumping tons of old beats from Floppy disks on to my computer and I realized a good amount of them are not useable. Either they’re too old, to sample heavy or they’ve just been laying around so long I’d rather not put them out at this point in my career. So, because I’m nothing if not a giver, I figure I’d give them away in 5 new volumes here on my blog over the next month or so.
These beats were all made in the last 7 years, some as recent as a few years ago. You may feel free to do whatever you want with them short of releasing them as your own beats or using them for a song. Which basically means you can use them to listen to, freestyle over, or record demos that you only plan on playing for your friends and family. Sounds like a deal? DEAL.
So, here ya go…Volume one of round two of the Throwaway files.