Song(s) of the day 3/2/12

Plastic World
Wanna be a star
By Kool Keith

In the mid 90’s, independent hip hop records started building some real steam. While most artists who had been making music in the late 80’s and early 90’s shied away from putting out random 12” inch records on unknown , homemade labels, one man who embraced this was Kool Keith.
By this time in his career, Keith had 3 Ultramagnetic albums and DR. Octagon under his belt and had solidified his place in hip hop as the weirdest dude out there who still managed to get love from the streets. With his explosion of indy material in the mid 90’s, he really got to take his persona in a different direction.
I’m not 100% on this but I think around that time Keith moved out west for a bit. These two songs are certainly about him being in L.A. and loving it. But beyond that move, his 12”s on “Funky ass” records were the beginning of a prolific recording run the likes we’ve only seen from MF Doom a few years later. Keith was putting out MAD albums. This lead to a little over saturation but his work ethic was admirable, as was his ability to use different pseudonyms to tip toe around label politics (allowing him to release so many different albums at the same time on so many different labels).

These two songs were always some of my favorites from early on in the Kool Keith Renaissance. Because I like them both and don’t wanna have to choose just one, I’mma give you a 2 for 1. Not to mention…the artwork on those Funky ass records 12 inches were pretty much the best thing ever.

7 thoughts on “Song(s) of the day 3/2/12

  1. When he re-issued sex-style, there was a second disk with a low res video for plastic world. Its actually pretty damn funny, but I’ve unfortunately never found a higher-quality version of it:

  2. Thanks man. I made the beat on Wanna Be A Star AND helped Keith and Tim Dog cut the photo out of Black Tail Magazine for the Funky Ass logo. 3 hours at a computer at Kinkos and a pair of scissors was all we needed.

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