Throwaway files 2.0 vol. 3

Here’s another installment of the beats that got away. These are all older tracks I made between 2001-2010 that, for some reason of another, were never used and now are just past the point of something I’d wanna put out. So, instead of letting them collect dust , I’mma give them to you for free.
When I’m gone…speak of me fondly.

Also, there are TONS more of these on the blog so, if you like, just enter “throwaway files” into the search function and download your dick off. They’re all free

5 thoughts on “Throwaway files 2.0 vol. 3

  1. Yo blockhead! You kept me up all night! What a fool i was! I coulda had candy apples and stuff, but NO! I had to listen to all your goddam throwaway files!!! JK. I got 3 hours of sleep. But either way, thanks for all the dope music for… FREE!!! btw i actually DO purchase your album releases. So thanks for not being greedy and charging us $100 for 20 album installment of this series. You da MAN, man! Lookin foreward to the new album!!! Also, i gotta say, Your site is more addictive than crack laced with H!!! Only MUCH safer (seriously kids, don’t try it just to compare the 2. Stick with the Block! Nay-no to the crack)

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