Aesop interviews me.

If you like in depth interviews, you are in luck. Here’s a professional level discussion between aesop and I about all things ranging from politics to our creative process.
Just kidding. Here’s Aesop and I having a talk about sports (which he hates) and video games while I was hanging with him the past weekend.

16 thoughts on “Aesop interviews me.

  1. I notice that this hard-hitting journalistic expose suspiciously danced around the controversial “dry guy” issue…that’s why I get my information from alternative news sources like pitchfork and

  2. That would be ill if Aesop Started doing daytoday type videos with his homies. They are much more funny than The Taylor Gang.

  3. big fan since the controls ive listend to your albums countless times, just came across you website, and it makes me happy to download some unlreased material and your post of other artists that you listen to is great.. thanks for the tunes, and looking forward to you next album.

  4. I could watch hours of just your thoughts on basketball questions posed by Aes. This is gold.

    Excellent choice mentioning Nique and Kemp, I loved watching those guys too. I feel like Blake Griffen would be the next to carry that torch but for me the hype machine surrounding him is so crazy it’s off-putting.

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