Answers for questions Vol. 77

What it do, yall? (simply typing that sentence felt awkward). I’m back from a lovely weekend in S.F.. Thanks to all those of you who came to the show. I had a good time.
I’m always a little jet lagged when ever i came back from the west coast so I dunno how lucid these answers are gonna be…so, you know, my bad if I’m rambling.
Anyway, send me more questions! Interesting questions! Funny questions! Non-typical boring grandma questions!
send them to or leave the in the comments below. Okaaaaay?!?!

The Music Scene was simply awesome when you dropped it, when can we expect your next instalment? Also the video for ‘The Music Scene’ is mind-blowing, who is the artist that did it and did you have any input into his creation?
Finally, Spotify has all of your albums up there but no Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, why is that and can you do something about that?

I swear I didn’t write this question. Scouts honor.
The new album “Interludes after Midnight” drops April 30th. So, keep an eye out for that.
As for the Music Scene video, it was done by Anthony F. Schepperd

I had no input at all and that’s fine with me, cause that video is amazing. Basically, my record label was like “We’re gonna have some guy make an animated video, ok?” I was like ” sure”. I forgot about it and 6 months later that video showed up in my inbox. I was floored.

As for “Uncle tony’s coloring book” not being on spotify, that cause it was a limited release album. We only pressed 5000 copies of it and it’s digital release was limited as well. This mostly had to do with the insane samples on that album.

Do you follow college basketball at all? Any teams you’re interested in?
There are few things I care less about than college sports. I seriously get mad when I’m watching ESPN and the score ticker on the bottom is doing College sports scores. They go forever and WHO FUCKING CARESSSS?!?!?!!? These are fucking college kids. They’re no pro’s. I don’t go to that school. It really baffles me. Unless you’re a scout for the pro’s I see no reason to ever watch an amateur sport.
You will never see me tune a person out quicker then when someone gives me the “I only watch college sports cause it’s not a bunch of millionaires playing for pay checks” argument.
Thats like me saying “I only listen to demo tapes cause I don’t wanna here some millionaire sing songs to me”. Fuck that shit.

If your next album became enormously popular and you started to see photographers following you around every few days, how would you react to them?

I’d probably do what I do when anyone takes my picture. Make a stupid face. Luckily, I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to worry about being chased by paparazzi. They tend to not care much about underground hip hop producers.

Was interested in hearing any thoughts you might have on Charles Bradley. You mentioned that you enjoyed Donny Hathaway a month or two back. Made me think about how your beats have a certain soulfulness to them. Charles Bradley is no Donny Hathaway but he clearly picks up that 60s and 70s soul tradition. Here’s an extended clip of Bradley in Paris on Youtube. Apologizes if you don’t dig it.

Oh, so this is new?
I’d never heard of him prior to you sending me the clip. It sounds cool. There’s a whole school of people making old soul music today. I think it’s all really well done but I’d be lying if I said I really bumped it. I’d rather just listen to the actual old stuff. It’s kinda like when rappers make songs that sound like they were made in 1988. It’s well executed but if I wanted to hear that, I’d just put on Big Daddy Kane. I do appreciate that this is an old dude who obviously been doing it for years though.

How many gigs of music do you have on your computer?
I just looked. Excluding beats I’ve made, 183 gigs. I have no idea if that’s a ton or normal though.

Are you a big Dexter fan? And if you are did you think this season was a load of shit too?
I watch Dexter while whispering how shitty it is under my breath.
The fucked up thing about this last season is that I thought it started really strong and then it flew off the rails. It went from looking like one of the better seasons to being the dumbest season they’ve done thus far. Also, maybe I shouldn’t look at a show like that under too much of a microscope , but how many fucking serial killers can Miami have? According to Dexter, that place has a new one like every 2 months.

What are your opinions on college?

I’m a drop out who always hated school so, my opinion really doesn’t matter. I Think College is great if you want to work in a field that you need to be highly educated for. I think it’s a waste of time if you’re an artist. I think it’s a waste of time and money if you’re just going “To do it” and get a degree in something you can never apply to real life. I have tons of friends who’ve graduated college and over half of them are doing things they probably could have done without that education. At the same time, the people I know getting paid the most with real, adult jobs all went to college. So, yeah…good for them. I remember the feeling of dropping out and thinking “I’ll never have to write another paper again…”. It felt good man.But I got lucky with this music shit and could have easily been a career bartender.

Do you like Video games?
I used to play them a lot more but I haven’t given a shit about the in a while. When I did, I strictly played basketball and baseball games. Occasionally a racing game would slip in there too.
I never could get into games that take long term focus or that had to do with wizards and shit like that. I don’t even like movies about crap like that so, it’s not for me.

Who cleans your apartment? You, the lady? Teamwork? Hire a maid? Etc.

I got a cleaning lady , named Suzie (AKA Sweet sweet suzie) who comes once every two weeks. That’s when you know you’re balling…

I don’t know if you’ve touched on this or not but what’s the least annoying way if you’re an unknown producer to try to get someone (rappers, labels, etc.) to listen to your beats? Just @ing them on twitter? E-mailing the contact info? Are blogs really worth contacting (no offense)? I’ve tried all of the above but usually all I get is a “nice” and nothing else.

This is gonna be deflating but none of that shit works. I’ve never checked a link, a tweet or an email any unknown artist has ever sent me. I simply don’t really care plus, over the years, I’ve learned that most people are terrible at making music. The pushier they are, the worse the music usually is. That said, I’d say, of the avenues you can take, sending the music to blogs is the best idea. But just know which blogs. My blog? Not a good idea. My blog isn’t made to break new artists. The only music I post is my own or people I’m listening to in my spare time. But there are plenty of blogs out there who do seek out new music and are willing to listen. Find those guys, write them a nice email and send them a link to your shit. That’s the only way I can see it working.

What do you think of the group element of rap music? As in, most rappers either got their start in a group, or are currently in a group now, and it seems like its only getting worse with G-Unit, Rocafella Young Money, OFWGKTA, A$AP, and whatever the collective Kendrick Lamar is a part of.

I think the era of groups is kinda over. Sure, they still exist but the “I gotta get mine” way of thinking is way more prominent. Nowadays, there are “Crews” made up of different solo artists who will collaborate but it’s not like there are many Pharcyde’s or Clipse’s popping up much recently. If people are in groups today, I feel like it’s just a stepping stone to going solo. It makes sense though. Hip hop is very me-centric to the point where even producers start to rap , just so they can go solo.

11 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 77

  1. Lets talk packing. I for one, hate packing and like to just throw shit inside.. Are you a light packer? before going on tour, traveling in general, are you a duffel bag guy or full on luggage with your whole closet inside?

  2. You love Dominique. What were your thoughts when he was traded to the Clippers back in the day? This was the trade where I first realized what a bad trade really was. I am now, as I was then; a loyal Clippers fan.

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