1 thought on “Trending topics vol. 77

  1. for your Answers for Questions: this Norm MacDonald stand-up was on my recommended list on Netflix, and i watched it, and just thought it was the worst thing ever. if you have a chance and are interested in experiencing something mind-blowingly awful, you should watch it, and tell me if you thought it was as bad as i did. there are good reviews of it all over the internet, which blows my mind. he bombed like 5 minutes in, and then it stretched on for the whole hour. it also has 4 stars on netflix, and is rated 7/10 on imdb. so i remember reading that you were into standup so i thought youd be the one to ask, am i alone in thinking it was a huge failure? and were the crowd/fans just braindead? check it out if you’re interested its called Norm MacDonald: Me Doing Standup

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