Song of the day 3/23/12

Oldie (Just’s earls verse edit) By Earl

Ever since his release from samoan summer camp, people have been tweeting and emailing me, asking what I think of Earl being a free man again. There’s not much to say about it…he’s here now. That’s awesome and I hope he makes a lot of music.

From the time Earl left to now, it’s no secret that Odd Future has blown up to the point of Tyler being on Punk’d. All the while, a large portion of us who were peeping them when they started have all been patiently waiting for the return of Earl Sweatshirt. After all, it was him who put most of the first wave of fans onto their music at all. Sure, Tyler’s video for “French” was before “Earl”, but let’s be honest, no one REALLY gave a shit about “French”. As an old rap head, hearing Earl for the first time was an experience. He was pretty much a rap savant. At 16 , he was better than most rappers could be in a million years. Unfortunately, all he left us with , prior to being shipped off to samoa, was one ep and a bunch of loose verses.

Now that he’s back, it’s time for some new shit. The first taste is his verse on “Oldie” off the newest Odd Future mixtape. Buried in a posse cut towards the end of the 10 minute song, Earl comes out with guns blazing and assures us all that he didn’t lose his edge while serving his time. A good person was kind enough to edit the song to just Earl’s verse cause, come on, when it really comes down to it, that’s why we’re all here , right?

7 thoughts on “Song of the day 3/23/12

  1. i’ve been tryin to figure it out, but i just don’t see why so many people ride this dude’s dick. is it all the rape lines? it’s the rape lines isn’t it?
    seriously though, not feelin it.
    back to danny brown…

    • I think it’s cause he’s an insanely skilled writer and his flow is ridiculous. If all you’re hearing is “rape rape rape” you’re not listening closely.

      • or at all. he literally does not say or imply rape even once in this verse…like most of his other verses. haters gonna hate.

    • I’d love to but I don’t see it happening. I have no connections to him and , judging from the attitude of most OF kids, they’re not fucking with someone as old as me.

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