Answers for questions vol. 78

Yo yo…Hi every one. Back again with some answers for your questions. As always, send me more question to or leave them in the comments.
This week’s questions are fairly straight forward but don’t be afraid to get a little weird with me…Strange questions are always the best.
Anyway, on with the show…

If Justin Bieber (or someone equally as terrible) offered you one mil. to produce a song for him would you take it? Catch is, your name has to appear in the credits. (Not sure if this has been asked before)

Fuck yes. A mill? for ONE song? That would pay for my life for the next 10 years.
Also, assuming they hiring me cause they want the kind of music I make, that means I’d get to make a beat that I approve of. It’s not like I’d be making a pop beat…I don’t even know how to do that. So, basically, they’d pay me to give Biebz the Blockhead sound. That’s not only hilarious to imagine but I’d be curious to see how it would unfold. On top of all that, I’d get to hear a detailed description of what sex with Selena Gomez is like from an 18 year old boy perpective. Which I’m sure is both hilarious and slightly erotic.

Do you ever see a time when you will not listen to rap? I mean I have listened to it for pretty much all of my 33 years, so lets say 20 or so have been listening to rap. Do you think our generation will be in retirement homes playing Ice Cube like the old people of today listen to jazz or whatever the fuck it is old people listen to now?

I’ve thought about that a lot. Both in terms of listening to and making it. The way i see it is , though I’ll definitely expand my taste as I get older, there will always be an interest in rap. I may not keep up with new shit but , I can’t imagine a time, when “Ain’t no half steppin” by big daddy kane comes on and I don’t rap a long just a little bit. The same way your parents will listen to the Beatles and The Doors till they die, I’ll listen to Kool G Rap and Doom. That is, until I get to the point where my hearing sucks and all low bass tones just sound like dog whistles to me.

I’ve been listening to Downtown Science a lot recently (good stuff). Where’d you get the vocals of the guy and the girl, like “in the meantime let’s do some sightseeing. You’ve probably been to Coney Island?” Is that from a play or something?

It’s all from a record I had called something like “A day in Manhattan” (it’s been a while and I don’t have the record near me right now to check for sure). I’m pretty sure it was an old musical from the 60’s

What is the coolest/ creepiest thing a fan has ever done?

I met a dude with a tattoo of my old logo on his arm. That was more cool than creepy cause he did the wise thing and got the cartoon, and not words tatted on him:

There’s also a shirt a big fan of mine made (possibly my biggest fan I’ve ever met).

I dunno how well you can see it but there’s all sorts of amazing shit on that shirt. Aside from pictures of me and my album covers, she threw in a unicorn cumming a rainbow in a cats face. If i could, I’d manufacture that shirt and sell it on tour.
Shout out to Kitty bear , who made the shirt.
As for creepy, the creepiest thing fans do is when they come up to me at shows and stare at me. Then when I say hello they barely respond, only to awkwardly blurt out some weird technical nerd question like “so, does the ASR 10’s Midi capabilities live up to todays standards?” 2 minutes later. Those people scare the shit out of me.

What do you imagine you’ll be doing when you’re 60? I have no fucking clue. In fact, I’d rather not even think about it. Not making beats, that’s for sure.

When do you think will be the next time the Raptors make the playoffs? Will they even be in the league for long? What would you do with the team if the GM?

I could see the Raptors just being like an eastern conference version of the Clippers in the 90’s. Aside from shitty management , no one wants to go there. They will eventually make the playoffs but they’ll be a first round knock out team for the rest of our lives.
If I was the Gm, I’d be frustrated and I’d probably sell the team. The location and market limit that team just as much as the talent on the team.

K I’ve got a random question. I wanna know why hipster seem to love super swag ass rap…like I don’t mean Mac Miller swag, I mean some real slurry g shit.

And I don’t mean wannabe hipsters, I mean hipster who wear old-fashioned chapeu’s, half-run underground art dens, and claimed themselves “the other 1%” during #occupy hahha. but for real, the hippest facefriend I know likes this kinda shit:

I don’t get it…is it good cuz its not, and thats ironic? I think that’s the funny answer, but I think there’s more to it…. Take BSBD for instance, I absolutely love everything they do, and I love their new album, but I just didn’t expect them to link up with a cat like Nacho…but then I realized, its cuz they’re hipster as shits. (not knockin the album…numbnuts is the freshness).

BSBD live pretty close to where I do, so maybe it is an isolated phenomenon, but I don’t get it. Hipster elite used to hate gangster rap the most, now its all they’ll listen to…and I don’t really give a shit about what most hipster do, cuz they’re kinda like the kaleidescope of the social world, but still, why the g’est rap on earf?

First off, I don’t really put BSBD in with that crowd at all. Nacho is dope and they’re really good producers.
As for hipsters and their take on rap, I’ve had this theory for a while and I’ve even said it on this blog a few times to some negative feedback…but let me try again.

I’m convinced that Hipsters can only like one type of rap at once. Because rap isn’t as cool as it once was , this can almost be whittled down to one group or movement at a time.
In the late 90’s/early2000’s , when the hipster movement really became visible, they were down with underground hip hop. If you went to an Aesop show back then, you’d see hipsters.
They quickly abandoned that once indie rock exploded and the only rap they were left liking was hardcore drug selling rap. The Clipse and Dipset (whom I both am a fan of) became the go to rap that any hipster would admit liking. It was almost as if that was a reaction to them feeling like herbs for liking the backpack rap they were bumping 5 months earlier. Something always rubbed me wrong about hipsters liking the drug rap cause there was a slight element of racism in there. It’s hard to express but it was a bunch of white suburban dudes who moved to cities and , very likely , had very little experience with any thing thug or drug related. This is fine and dandy but it was more the whitening perspective they took towards the music. If you read the review of Cam’ron’s “Purple Haze” on Pitchfork, you’d think Cam was like Nas Circa Illmatic. The dude writing the review was drawing all these crazy conclusions and theories behind the music from an album that was basically a really well produced comedy album with raps about drugs and fucking bitches (I love that album, btw).
I always liked to imagine a hipster nerd telling someone like Cam’ron his deeply nerdy version of how her perceives his music and how Cam would react. The jokes would be plentiful.

They (hipsters) were also drawn to crunk rap. Basically anything that they could bug out too that was ignorant. Again,if felt this was a backlash to the liking of the nerd rap years earlier. Hipsters are nothing if not fickle and reactionary.

A little more time passed and rap was uncool again, then Odd Future popped up. All of a sudden, hipsters liked Odd future. It has as much to do with the music itself as the machine behind it. The internet is a motherfucker and things snowball all the time. As much as I like Odd Future, just going to their first show in NYC , I knew it was out of control. It was a room of 30% young kids and 70% old blogger types who were just catching on to it. Since then, that’s transformed to the ASAP Rocky camp and even Riff Raff.
I gotta say, I don’t dislike any of the music that hipsters like. I suppose Kreayshawn is applicable but her time is over and I’m pretty sure she’ll never have another song again….the only exception is that I think RIff Raff is a joke…Like literally. In fact, I wrote something about it a while back:

as well as my take on ASAP Rocky
Anyway, to get back to the initial question…why do hipsters tend to like G’d out shit? It’s cause it’s the farthest thing from they’re real life. It’s like watching Game of thrones for your ears.

15 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 78

  1. the answer to the hipster question is so true it made me realize im a hipster my music taste developed exacty as you descriped it…

  2. Hey man, was tryin to pre-order ur vinyl plus the 7 inch from ninjatune, but their monies are all in euros or pounds or chickens, which comes out to like 35 to 40 us dollars, is that truth, or is there a US affiliate label/distributer i should go through?

  3. I spent over a month designing that shirt and countless hours putting each piece together to get it just the way I wanted, by hand in photoshop..Then cutting them out to get them onto the shirt was painstaking but worth it in the end!

  4. yo blockhead,
    I’ve been using “Kamutao” as my artist name for a while and just discovered that u had this friend called Camu Tao. I check his stuff and it’s pretty cool and was even thinking of changing my name but fuck it, ala ASAP Rocky and Aesop Rock…

    but anyway… I found this clip on youtube of the guy and aesop killing it over your “jet son” beat and… the question! is… what was the whole idea with music by cavelight? were they beats u made for rappers and never used or were u actually planning to start a solo career, difficult to imagine as you’ve been always saying u dont like instrumental hip-hop. I’m just curious

    • You give serious consideration to changing that name. ASAP Rocky and Aesop rock are different…you’re name and Camu’s are only different by a K. Also, he passed away and it might seem in bad taste.

      • … and mine is just one word but you’re right, I fucking hate it.
        I regret that I asked though, now I feel really bad

      • It’s a good thing you did ask. Cause , if you were to come out with that name, you’d hear it a lot more then.
        Also, I’ll answer the question part of your post in an upcoming installment of “answers for questions”.

  5. The reviewer of the Cam’ron album was Tom Breihan. That’s funny that you mentioned the racist undertones of hipster rap tastes, because during those years around when Purple Haze came out, Pitchfork put out a whole bunch of reviews that struck me as vaguely racist. Almost without fail, they were always written by Breihan, which is why I still remember his name. He writes, or wrote, a ton of hip hop reviews for Pitchfork, maybe other publications. Ever met him? I was always curious to know what he was like.

    • I definitely never met him but I think that was an era when pitchfork was at it’s all time most nerdy and obnoxious. They abandoned underground rap and only gave props to shit they would have dissed a year earlier.

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