Move over Grindtime! Sir Jarlsberg came to battle

As you know, I’ve been big upping my man Sir Jarlsberg pretty hard around these parts. This newest video has him in a rap battle. This actually happened. He really did this. It’s so fucking good. Being there live was extra amazing cause most of the crowd had no idea what the fuck was going on. I almost feel bad for the other dude in the battle cause what can you really say to a guy dressed up like that who’s rapping about you being “an ogre’s chauffeur”?

If you’re clueless to who the man is, do a search on this blog and you will be greatly rewarded with all sorts of videos, free music downloads and a deeper explanation of what’s going on.

While I got you here, might as well spread some more video love…
Here’s my boy Fat Jew and his partner Johnny Sollis in the new pilot for their show “Bottle PoppAZ” , which is about two club promoters in Scottsdale, Arizona

Also, in case you missed this one from a while back, here was another one he (and Johnny Sollis) did that was a hilarious take off on the “Laguna beach”/”The city” type shows

And, finally, I still love Tenacious D. I know people out there feel like Jack Black is the least funny person alive but fuck those people. When in his pocket, he’s still got it…and never is he more in his pocket than with Tenacious D. I dunno if there’s a new movie coming with this new album but I hope so.

4 thoughts on “Move over Grindtime! Sir Jarlsberg came to battle

  1. Haha! Sir Jarlsberg is way too cool. I hope he drops an album. I felt like the songs you put up on here from him were amazing ideas, but they needed some work. Teach me how to curtsy was good though. I really look forward to whatever he does.

    And dude I can’t wait for the new D stuff.

  2. Sir Jarlsberg is the MAN! Epic Battle, Sir!!! Heard him talk about it on the sports talk radio show. I was stoked to see the video, but i can only imagine how funny it was to be there LIVE! That poor dude will probably never touch a mic again after getting thoroughly thwarted by S.J. & the gnome! Sir Jarlsberg for King of the White Castle in 2012! Gnome- Vice King! Let them battle Obama, Romney and Paul in the same fashion!! Only downside would be that i would probably die laughing, but it would be worth it!!!
    P.s.Mad props to Tenacious D!!! Hope that’s fo real!

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