Answers for questions vol. 83

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I guess I was just wondering how important it is for you as a male that your lady friend be into things like a) your music, and b) since you’re all into sports and shit, how interested she should be in sports.
Like, if your lady is a fan of your music, to what point is that important. What’s enough and what’s too much?
And how important is it that she be into sports, I’ve always wondered that because I’ve dated guys that watch sports and as someone who’s not super into it myself, I was just wondering at what point that really matters. Interested to hear your opinion.

Well, sports and music are different so lemme just separate them.
Sports: I don’t think any guy expects his girl to be into sports. It’s a bonus if they are, but I doubt any guy holds that as a deal breaker. Honestly, the fact a girl doesn’t like sports is not always a bad thing as it can just be a break from each other. People should have their own hobbies and interests. If my girl wants to sit around watching “What not to wear” all sunday that’s fine with me as long as I don’t have to watch it with her. All i ask is that the girl don’t complain about sports. That’s some naggy shit that most girlfriends do at some point but it’s truly annoying. Ladies, let your man have his interests. Imposing your will on him will only make him resent you. There’s nothing sadder than a dude who’s scared to ask his girl if he can watch sports.

Music: In terms of the music I make? Ideally, I’d like the girl to respect it and maybe enjoy it but not be a hardcore fan. That kinda shit will make for an uneven balance in the relationship. Basically, just being supportive is enough for me. That said, I’m also not one of those type of guys who really needs his ego stroked constantly by a girl, concerning my music.
In terms of the music I listen to, I’d almost prefer she has slightly different taste. The last thing I wanna do with a girl is sit around and talk hip hop with her. I don’t really wanna do that with anyone nowadays, but especially not a girl I’m into. At the same time, I do want her to enjoy some of the same shit as me, if not just for the sake of a situation where we’re driving somewhere and we have to agree on some music.

You love Dominique. What were your thoughts when he was traded to the Clippers back in the day? This was the trade where I first realized what a bad trade really was. I am now, as I was then; a loyal Clippers fan.

I was bummed cause it meant I couldn’t watch him on TBS anymore. But, It didn’t bother me that much though cause I was more a fan of him than any team he was on.

not really a question, but, could you elaborate on the “madonna as a nude model for your dad” thing?

Just to clarify, I mentioned in last weeks “Trending topics” that Madonna had posed for my father , as an artists model, before she was famous. This is true. I must have been a baby or a very little kid at the time but she came to my house and posed nude for my dad. Who made sculpture of her. This must have been VERY early in her arrival to NYC cause she was broke as fuck and maybe not even making music at that point. Years later i asked him about it and he barely remembered her but said she was nice and very hairy. The best part of the whole thing is , he once pointed out the piece of art she modeled for and it was some tiny iron statue that literally could have been based on anything. It’s not like he painted her nude. He got her naked and made a sculpture out of iron that looked like a medieval butt plug. Props.

How great a rapper did Kane have to be to make a track like “To be your man” and still be considered one of the greatest of all time?

Kane gets a pass. He has made so many great songs that those handful of truly awful love ballads he made can just be ignored. I never did understand who those were for. I mean, i get that ladies like being talked to like they’re new born babies over shalamar throwaway tracks but leave that shit to Jodeci. Kane would have been much better suited if he just rapped aggressively about how he’d have sex with a girl. I feel the reaction would a same, considering this is the same man who made “Pimpin’ ain’t easy”.

do you have a philosophy about track lengths as a) a listener and b) a producer? I know that the ultimate answer is “it depends,” but hopefully you have some musings on the topic.

well…it does depend. As a listener and producer, I’d like to keep them under 7 minutes tops…and that’s pushing it extremely. Especially if we’re talking rap songs. Rap songs should never be more than 5 minutes long. There are exceptions but, unless the length serves a purpose (Pause), it’s just too masturbatory for my taste. Granted, i’ve made my share of 5/6 minute songs but, in my defense, they’re changing and evolving the entire length of the song. A motherfucker would have a lot of nerve to just let a loop run for 6 minutes.
Basically, use your better judgement. If you’ve expressed what needs to be expressed in 3.5 minutes, then end the song there. Adding another 2 minutes of self important music at the end isn’t helping anyone. It’s actually one of my biggest gripes about the last Kanye album. It would have been so much better had someone just said “hey, just end the song, bro…we don’t need the boston philharmonic string section playing two notes for the last 4 minutes of this song while rick ross grunts”.

Have you ever been to see midget wrestling? One of them pulled out his dick, it looked like a clit..and shoved his bare ass, cheeks spread, onto 2 different midgets.

Nope. I can’t say I’d have much interest in that though. Stuff like that is better seen in the form of 7 second long gifs than in person where you gotta sit there for a whole night.

do you ever listen to your own music on a regular basis?
well, like listening to a song regularly right after finishing it?
my friends think its weird that i do. i dont.

When i’m in the process of making and mixing an album, it’s all I listen to. It’s just a way to fine tune and trouble shoot your own work. However, when it’s done, I avoid it like it’s on fire. Mostly cause, at that point, I’m sick of it cause i’ve heard it so many times. Occasionally, I’ll go back and listen to my much older stuff just to see how it holds up but even that is rare.

I’ve been using “Kamutao” as my artist name for a while and just discovered that u had this friend called Camu Tao. I check his stuff and it’s pretty cool and was even thinking of changing my name but fuck it, ala ASAP Rocky and Aesop Rock…

but anyway… I found this clip on youtube of the guy and aesop killing it over your “jet son” beat and… the question! is… what was the whole idea with music by cavelight? were they beats u made for rappers and never used or were u actually planning to start a solo career, difficult to imagine as you’ve been always saying u dont like instrumental hip-hop. I’m just curious

First off, definitely change your name. That one has been taken. It’s not the same as ASAP and Aesop cause those are actually a little different. Yours is the exact same and , if you keep it, that’s all people will ever talk about when they speak of your music. Trust me…new name.

As for “Music by cavelight”, that kinda came out of nowhere. I had made “Blockheads broke beats” on Mush records and they asked me if I’d be into doing an instrumental album. At the time, I had just made the song “Forrest crunk” but, aside from hearing “Entroducing” a few times in passing , I really had no idea what “Instrumental hip hop” meant. So, I just set my mind on making beats that had a lot of changes so they would stand on their own. All the beats on that album were made prior to me even conceptualizing what an instrumental album would be. I suppose you could say they were beats that got passed over by rappers but many of them were just a little too odd for rappers to use. At the time, i was just making beats all the time. I wasn’t thinking about what beat would get used for what, I was just turning them out, regarldess of what kinda sound they had. Sometimes, I’d bug out a little and make tracks that I liked but didn’t have a home for. Those were mostly what made up that album.
So, I made the album, assuming Mush would put it out and they never returned my calls. It wasn’t like they even heard the album, they simply fell off the map. So, my manager just started sending the album around to different labels and the rest is history.

Song of the day 4/27/11

Look out by Homeboy Sandman
In case you haven’t been paying attention, since I last posted about NY rapper Homeboy Sandman, he’s been pretty busy. He’s signed to Stones throw and has released two very solid ep’s. I’d highly recommend going to Itunes (or wherever you buy shit) and copping them both cause they’re both dope and, honestly, when put together, they make one really good full length album. This song is one of my favorites off the second EP.

Trending topics vol. 82 (with a little bonus)

This week, Alaska and I discuss Ron Artest’s elbow, disgusting octomom and Florence Colgate AKA Britain’s most mathematically beautiful woman. Also, Alaska’s Pro Jimmy Fallon stance is not supported by this blog on any level. FOR SHAME, ALASKA!

Also, I’ve done a bunch of live radio and podcasts lately. You should peep them as they’re mostly pretty funny and entertaining. If you got tons of time to kill, these will work.
This one is a baltimore based podcast called Digression sessions. The two hosts are funny motherfuckers and things got pretty silly.

This is one I did last night for Benchwarmer radio out of seattle. We talk about all sorts of shit from music to sports. We also play a fun game of live “fuck/marry/kill”.–wednesday-night-w-blockhead

And here’s me and Dapwell (of Das Racist) on East village radio. This one as awesome cause we took phone calls and made fun of people.

Leave “Girls” alone

Looking at the title, you might think this is that feminist manifesto you’ve been waiting for me to write. Well, I hate to disappoint you but it ain’t that. This is about the new HBO show “Girls”. The show recently came under fire for lacking diversity and comments made by one of the writers following the accusation.
Here’s one of the articles about it:
Let me start of by saying I’m not defending this show cause I think it’s great. Honestly, I’m kinda undecided on it. It’s got good and bad qualities but I feel like, if it goes down the right path, it could get interesting. I’m sticking up for this show cause people are fucking ridiculous.

The show “Girls” is about a group of 24ish year old young ladies living in NYC. It’s basically just showing the struggles people (but more specifically women) of that age have in the real world when college is done and their parents take off the leash. Another aspect, that needs to be bought up, is that these are girls who are from upper middle class families who moved to NYC to make a living. Girls who had a leg up before they even graduated college. That’s important , in respect to the criticism the show has been getting. While it’s a fictional show, it’s clear that the demographic this show is speaking on is pretty much the entire population of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Artsy, rich kids from other towns who come to NYC to either make it or to just be in the middle of something bigger than their shitty home town.

I’m about a decade older than this generation but I’m around it enough to know something…It’s white. It’s white like “sex in the city” world is white. It’s white like “game of thrones” world is white. It’s white like “2 and half men” is white”. I’m not saying the occasional non-whites don’t make guest appearances, but to be mad at this show for lacking racial diversity is like being mad at the your dinner for not fixing your car.

I know a huge part of the criticism is that “They’re in ny! One of the most diverse cities in the world!” But let me break some bad news to you…Yes, NYC is an incredibly diverse city. But that doesn’t mean everyone walks around , arms linked in some united colors of benetton lovefest. For the kids in williamsburg (particularly the type of girls portrayed in this show) it’s a pretty white world. Sure, all sorts of other races are around them every day but that doesn’t mean they socialize with them. And it’s not cause they don’t want to or cause they’re secretly afraid of puerto ricans…it’s cause they come from a predominantly white, post college social circle that most likely originated in some east coast liberal arts college. I’m actually impressed that the show stuck to the reality of it, instead of just throwing in a random black friend just to make every one happy (I call this the “T-dog effect” based on the character on The Walking Dead). In the end, what’s the point? To make the viewer feel better about their racially diverse tv watching habits? The bottom line is not every show needs to be this racial cornucopia just to please other white peoples racial needs. I’m pretty sure “Girls” has as much a following in the black and hispanic communities as “Enlightened” or “Party Down” does/did. No one was attacking them or numerous other shows for the same reason. And that brings me to the whole “people are ridiculous” point. I’m also pretty sure this all started cause some stupid fucking blogger was bored and felt like knit picking reasons to hate the show “Girls”. Of all the reasons to dislike this show, diversity should be way down on the list. Right behind “Not enough gory action” and “needs more victorian style clothing”. But, in 2012, one random dickhead can say something like “This show lacks diversity” and , because the internet is the internet, it becomes “A thing”. Well, I’m here to say, it’s not a thing.

I remember this ex-girlfriend I had who told me she didn’t like the movie “squid and the whale” cause it was too predictable. Now, it’s kind of an obscure movie (kinda) but that shit always rubbed me the wrong way cause it simply didn’t apply to that movie as a criticism. It wasn’t a cliffhanger or a horror movie. It was a story about a fucked up family. There were no spoilers. That’s the same thing to me as people being mad at the lack of Diversity in “Girls”. It simply doesn’t apply.

It seems like riling people up is just too easy nowadays. Everyone constantly wants to be “outraged” by something but no one picks their battles. This is a case of that and anyone disagreeing needs to calm down and find something actually worth your vitriol and focus on that.
I dont’ care if you hate the show itself. Hell, in two episodes, I might hate it too. But hate things for the right reason. Cause they suck. Not cause of some made up issue that fits some weird agenda that has no relation to the show in the first place.

I’d also like to add that the writer in question, Lesley Arfin, is someone I’ve known for for a while now. We’re not close friends or anything but I know her well enough to say that the two things she wrote that are angering “people” (I use quotations cause I truly don’t believe any real person is actually mad at these things) were obvious jokes. One was a joke tweet to show just how ridiculous it is to hate on Girls due to it’s lack of diversity. Should she have been a little more careful with her words? sure. But the fact remains, it was a joke and it did get across her point. honestly, I tweet far more offensive things on a daily basis. The other thing was a joke about taking a shit. “Taking the obama’s to the white house ” is just an update on “Taking the cosby kids to the pool”. Is it funny? not really. It’s really more corny than distasteful if you ask me…but it’s also not the end of the world. Whatever happened to having thick skin? The pussification of this country has gotten out of control. We live in a reactionary world where people seem to want to be upset about things more than I truly believe they’re even capable of being in real life. Jokes , people…they’re not serious. That’s why they’re called jokes.

Answers for questions vol. 82

What up. I’m back from a weekend in Miami for a friends wedding. I’m feeling fairly brain dead but, hey, sometimes that can work to your advantage. Send me more questions! Leave them in the comments or email me them at Also, I still need “Ask Dr. Tony” questions. If you got problems, I can solve them. Love life shit? I got you. I know everything. Totally. Send those to the email above as well.
Anyway, on with it…

Would you rather someone download your album illegally and hate it so they never end up buying it or would you rather someone pay for the album and end up hating it? Keep in mind this is a general question to you as an artist. I’m not insinuating that your music sucks at all (I have all 4 of your solo albums as well as all of Aesop’s stuff and a whole bunch of other albums that you did production on and I paid for all of them. And I’m glad I did). Do you think it was okay for people to dub tapes back in the day? I realize that doesn’t even come close to getting an album off a blog but I’d be interested to get your take on that. Do you care if I burn one of your cds from a friend (at least you know one of us paid for it)?

Shit. well, listen, obviously I’d rather anyone buy the records , regardless of how they feel about the music. But if someone truly doesn’t like it, I can’t be mad at them not paying for it. In the end, that kinda shit doesn’t matter to me cause they’re not really fans of my music regardless. Fuck’em. They’re entitled to their opinion but I can’t feel bad for every person who buys one of my albums and hates it. They shoulda done more research!

As for dub tapes, I used to do those all day. I don’t see a problem with that, or burning friends copies of albums cause it’s on such a small scale. That’s kinda the nature in which we find out about new music. Other people. Back in the day, for many of my friends, I was the guy who was keeping tabs on new music so I would make cassette mixes of all the good new shit and dub them for my friends. I look at that type of shit as promotion so i could never be mad at it.

Lets talk packing. I for one, hate packing and like to just throw shit inside.. Are you a light packer? before going on tour, traveling in general, are you a duffel bag guy or full on luggage with your whole closet inside?

I’m an extremely light packer. I don’t bring anything I don’t need. THis is mostly cause I will do anything to not have to check luggage. I also don’t have an particularly varied wardrobe. I pretty much just pack as many socks, underwear and t-shirts as I need for the amount of days I’ll be gone and wear the same jeans the entire trip. The only downside to this is if I were to get something really dirty or tear a piece of clothing but that’s never happened yet so I’m good.

When you take a shit the morning after a spicy dinner, are you the type of person to use wet-wipes to cool your burning rimhole, or do you just say fuck it, dry wipe, and feel the burn? Would you have any advice either pre/post poo as how to remedy this situation?

These bathroom questions are like the new craze. I don’t get it…but I’m an honorable man and I will move forward.
I’m not that into spicy food. I mean, I eat it here and there but I don’t seek it out. So, a blazed out anus (MEGA PAUSE) due to eating 40 hot wings is not the norm in my life. That said, when I do eat something on the spicier side, I do feel the pain the next day. However, I just stick with normal toilet paper over wet wipes. Call me old fashioned, but that’s how I do it. Wet wipes are awesome and everything but , because they’re wet, you kinda just end up wiping forever cause there’s a constant feel of moisture there, where as the dryness of normal toilet paper clues you in on when you’ve finished. There. Happy? You sick, sick man.

Hey block
I’m a little bit of a conspiracy theorist and have always thought there was something fishy about sports in general. I have also heard this from friends that say they are seeing patterns and what not, this was when it first ever occurred to me that there is definitely a chance it could be. I think sports are rigged so as to fit the best interests of the people watching them (To generate more revenue and keep it interesting, of course). You remember when the Lakers got swept, possibly because they started losing money as the Lakers kept winning. One team cannot just dominate all the time. It would just get boring and less viewers would wanna watch. What do you think?

I think that’s total bullshit. Do you watch sports? IF so, you’d see that it would be hard to fix most games beyond a few small things here and there (without being overly obvious about showing the fix was in). I do think certain games and/or moments of games have been effected by outside things but to ay that all sports are fixed all the time is ludicrous.

Any predictions for the final season of Breaking Bad? Thoughts not yet shared about the show in general? 5,000-word dissertation on the morality of Walter White?

Well, aside from putting up what was probably the best 6 episode span of television I’ve ever seen (the last 6 episodes of the most recent season) , it’s hard to really say what will happen. I mean, shit, this is one of the least obvious tv shows ever. Obviously, the shit is gonna hit the fan and either jesse or walt is gonna die. In the end, I foresee Walt JR. standing on a pile of money while getting his dick sucked by a hot cholo girl.

I’m listening to Float right now, and its always bothered me that Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Blockhead fade out so fast, when there’s clearly more stuff to come in the beats. Are there longer versions anywhere?

Nope. Those are just some short beats we put on the album to space it out a little. I will say this though, the beat for “Lunch with blockhead” fades out quickly cause the drums I used on the sample were pretty janky.
The other two pretty much are what they are.

for your Answers for Questions: this Norm MacDonald stand-up was on my recommended list on Netflix, and i watched it, and just thought it was the worst thing ever. if you have a chance and are interested in experiencing something mind-blowingly awful, you should watch it, and tell me if you thought it was as bad as i did. there are good reviews of it all over the internet, which blows my mind. he bombed like 5 minutes in, and then it stretched on for the whole hour. it also has 4 stars on netflix, and is rated 7/10 on imdb. so i remember reading that you were into standup so i thought youd be the one to ask, am i alone in thinking it was a huge failure? and were the crowd/fans just braindead? check it out if you’re interested its called Norm MacDonald: Me Doing Standup

I love Norm. Like, seriously, he’s one of the funniest people alive to me. I’ve seen the special, and I liked it a lot. Norm is weird and , if you’re not familiar with him prior to that special, I can see why it wouldn’t be your shit but I’ve been following him since the 80’s when he was on random stand up shows on cable. I don’t wanna say you have a shitty sense of humor or anything but that dude is hilarious. Granted, he’s not for everyone , but he’s fucking awesome.

Shabazz Palaces tattoo. Good idea, or great idea?

TERRIBLE IDEA. I’m a big fan of Shabazz Palaces but I can’t stress to people enough that you should NEVER get music related tattoo’s. Especially when you’re young. Straight up, people change and , in 10 years, you will not be listening to the same music. In fact,you may even be resenting some of the music you listened to back in the day and look at it has being a foolish child.
Man, if I was the tattoo type , and was doing that shit when I was in my early 20’s, who knows what terrible tats I’d have. I’d probably have a whole Fu-Schnickens back piece and arms full of Boot Camp clique inspired artwork.
Don’t be that guy with the skrillex tattoo at age 40.

Getting lost in youtube: Old rap video addition

I recently was looking for a random old rap video and fell into the youtube vortex. I looked up and an entire hour had passed, even though it felt like 5 minutes. What I happened upon was string of old school rap videos…some I didn’t even know existed. All obscure…all awesome.
I figure since the younger generation like to learn about these things, I’d just post a bunch of them up here and throw you down the rabbit hole with me. Have a nice trip.

I could seriously go on forever…
If nothing else, this post is proof that, as good as the music was back then, these motherfuckers made some terrible videos.

A bunch of stuff…Music, clips, and other things

Instead of making 5 little posts, I’ll just save us all some time and condense all these goodies into one entry. I know how busy you are. You’re welcome.

To start things off…The new Sir Jarlsberg video. This time, our hero goes to see “Wizards” play basketball. He’s pretty bummed out when he learns that these Wizards are actually just really tall, normal men…but it all works out in the end.

Secondly, here’s a link to a new song I did with my boy Selfsays. I like it. It’s fun. Perfect for the upcoming summer. Peep it:

Next, My homeboy Dj Pawl of Hangar 18 has been working on a documentary (that I actually took part in and gave music too) about what happens to rappers when they grow up. The problem is, he needs a little money to finish it. So, here’s a preview of what you might be seeing with a touch of Kickstarter thrown in.

Here’s an interview I did for the “Shape of things” podcast. It’s long and thorough. Just like you like it. Also, admire how fucking fast I talk. Micro machine status.

Lastly, this is not a common thing for this blog but I figured I’d throw it out there…
I recently heard this rock group called The Skins. It’s basically a band of high school students from NYC. Most of them are actually related. Anyway, it’s some straight up rock shit but I have a feeling, in the next few years, these people are going to be extremely famous. So, if for no other reason, check it out so you can say “Oh shit, I remember when blockhead posted about them 3 years ago! He’s must be a magical truth teller from the future!!”…also, this lead singer can sing her ass off.

Here’s another song for download:

The Robin Byrd Mixtape

As you may know, my new album “Interludes after midnight” drops in about two weeks (April 30th, on Ninja Tune records). As a lead in, my boy Dj Pizzo from did me a major solid and made a hour and 15 minute mix of some of my older music. He did a really awesome job and I hope it whets your appetite for the new stuff coming soon.
Anyway, here’s the link:
Listen to it there, download it, masturbate to it…do whatever you like. Just peep it.

Here’s the description from the man who made it himself:
Back in 2005, HipHopSite.Com pressed up a special promotional CD for pre-orders of Blockhead’s “Downtown Science” LP called “The Block Is Hot Part 2”. Limited to 1000 copies, the disc included a handful of unreleased joints from Block, but more importantly a live recording of a performance in NYC. Block had mixed tracks from his first two albums together into one super-chilled out mix before a live audience, and it was captured there.

Fast-forward to 2011, Blockhead had since released two more albums, “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book” and “The Music Scene”, both of which had become lexicon for this DJ. So, while out in L.A. for a gig, my manager and I constantly were listening to “The Block Is Hot Part 2” and it’s live mix, marveling how years later it still held up. I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if Block did another one of these mixes for his last couple of LP’s?”

I called up Block and asked him if he had any plans to do so, and he seemed overwhelmed with finishing his new LP, “Interludes After Midnight”. I then pitched to him the idea of doing it myself as some kind of lead-in project for the new LP. I then started to think about all of those cool bootlegs and unreleased tracks he threw out on his Phat Friend blog, and thus, “The Robin Byrd Mixtape” was born.

This mix is mainly built around “Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book” (my personal favorite Blockhead LP) and “The Music Scene”, and also includes a handful of semi-exclusive remixes that Blockhead did for fun, as well as a strange demo he did for some chick named Lizzy Grant (who you might recognize now as Lana Del Rey). I also threw in a handful of other beats, collabos, b -sides, unreleased cuts, and even some of his discarded “throwaway” demos, which in reality ain’t all that bad. So, enjoy this 80 minute mix of Blockhead classics and rarities until Midnight arrives……. – DJ Pizzo

Things that are wrong with the world part 24

By now, you’re well aware of the newest movement sweeping the world of dead musicians. Holograms. Performing. At Live shows.

Tupac’s pixels rocked Coachella this past weekend and I’m just kinda scratching my head. First off, it’s good to see Pac’s ghost has been hitting the gym. Obviously, whoever designed the hologram was taking multiple weight lifter magazine masturbation breaks. But , hey , good for him. Also, it is nice to see holo-pac sticking with the baggy jeans and tims look. I mean, he could easily thrown on some skinny jeans and a rainbow hoodie but he went classic. I appreciate that. Even if he does look like the weird 45 year olds you see loitering outside of random bodegas in the hood.

Okay, now that that surface stuff is out of the way, let’s get down to the reality of this whole thing. A fucking hologram of a dead rapper…performing. I can’t front. the animation is impressive and whoever made this put in a lot of work.They did a great job. I get the gimmick. I’m sure the people at Coachella were excited. But we realize that this whole thing is like a video game, right? I’m still not sure if that’s a bad or a good thing.
However, my issue here isn’t really that they did it. It’s more that we , as fans and people in general, can’t just let dead people stay dead.

As i’ve said before, famous people die. It’s a fact of life. Anytime one goes, there’s another one right behind him/her waiting to follow suit. It’s funny…THEY’RE JUST LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, AMIRITE?!?!?! Because this is such a fact of life, I’d think that we, as a race of humans, would have accepted that kind of thing as final. This means, after the person has died, they no longer exist currently. This isn’t to say they shouldn’t be celebrated and remembered fondly. By all means…but , as a living being, they’re no more here than a dodo bird. Every heard the phrase “let sleeping dogs lay”? How bout “Let dead motherfuckers stay dead”?

Now, as a one-off thing, I’m not mad at this hologram pac. It’s cute and whatever. However, I can’t help but think this has just opened pandora’s box of shitty taste and false memories. First it’s pac…Biggie can’t be far behind. Kurt Cobain at Lalapalooza? A grateful dead tour featuring a lifelike Jerry Garcia anime spectacular? When does it end?
Shit, Whitney houston’s body is still warm and I bet the grammies are already planning a “greatest love of all” all duet with Whitney’s pixels and sheryl crow’s life like walking corpse body.

This whole thing brings me back to to when Natalie cole remade “Unforgettable” with her dead dad.

When this dropped, people were both offended and overjoyed. I could be wrong but I think it won like a bazillion grammies. Unlike Posthumous Pac and Biggie records, this was actually received with accolades cause it seemed less like people trying to make a quick buck off of tragedy and more like an earnest thing done within a family.

I’m actually shocked it took THIS long for something like this to happen. Oh wait…IT DID HAPPEN ALREADY.

(Way to go Japan. in a world of creepy shit, you guys consistently raise the bar)

It scares me that technology has reached this point cause, really, who needs real people anymore? Fuck touring. Just get a hologram and project it on a stage. This just opens so many doors that really have no business being opened. This is the type of thing we might look back on in 20 years and be like “Hey man, remember when people made music and they actually performed it in person? LOLZ”

I hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling this will be the first in a long chain of events that leads to the robots taking over. Mark my words. It will be all Tupac’s fault.