Answers for questions vol. 79

What up everyone? This week I actually got some pretty random and interesting questions. Thanks to all those who sent them in. I appreciate you not asking me what my influences are and what kind of sampler I use.
If you wanna ask me anything, send the questions to or leave them in the comments below.
Okay…on with it.

Have you heard and seen any of these Red Bull Music academy interviews?
they are around 1 and a half hours long and its basically an artist interview in front of 15-20 of the dirtiest coffeeshop hipsters. throughout the interview they will play some songs that they were talking about in its entirety while the hipsters just sit and bop their heads. it can get pretty awkward but its still entertaining.
the best ones:

DOOM (Most awkward.. a lot of long pauses and silence) –
Stretch and Bobbito –
Clams Casino: –

would you have the patience to do this? Would you find it awkward at some points?

I have seen a few of these. I think the idea is good. I mean, for music nerds, a super in depth , detail oriented interview with artists they love is heaven. But the awkwardness is pretty deep. The whole thing where they listen to a song (in it’s entirety) is brutal. It’s like when an artist is as a bar or a club and the dj thinks that playing their music would be a good idea.
Unless you’re a self important piece of shit, the chance that you wanna hear your own song while out is slim. So, in a setting where it’s hyper focused with only a small group of hipsters in lawn chairs, focusing on every note? I’d be blushing the entire time. Not even over the song as much as the situation.
I think I would have patience for it though. Doing press over the years has given me tons of patience so I’m no stranger to long, awkward interviews.

These next four all came from the same guy:
-jerking off on your friends girlfriends-go
I don’t do it. Not cause my friends don’t have hot girlfriends but more cause porn exists and I don’t have to use my imagination like that.

-since you are old is there a special routine when it comes to cuting your toenails

What does age have to do with toe nail clipping? I do this crazy thing where, when my toe nails reach a length I’m not happy about, I take nail clippers, and cut them. How fucking weird is that? I know, right? Super bizarre. Did i mention that my nail clippers are an 11 year old Laotion boy named Alun? Yeah. there’s that too.

-when you fart under the blanket do you secure the exits around your head or open blanket to wind the whole body (sorry, i’m awear of my english “skills”)

Do I dutch oven myself? God no. I let it out the side and try to avoid it all together. Granted, we all kinda like the smell of our own farts but I’m not trying to bask in it like some creep. Not to mention, my girl is in bed with me and , while it is funny to do, I take the high road and try to to decimate her nostrils. Something it’s unavoidable though.

-if a law came out, a law that forbides people to wear hats, what would you do? would you shawe your head , stop going out …

I guess I wouldn’t wear a hat. What kinda crazy christian footloose-ass town would do that though? First they take our hats, and then our freedom!

Off-topic but music related question: what do you think of going to university for music, if I’m going to the field of electronic music? Here I’m almost entirely learning classical theory, and have one class on Ableton Live. Should I invest the cash in a studio/production courses instead?

While it depends what you’re plans are with that music degree (do you wanna teach? join an orchestra?), I tend to think people who go to school to learn “art” are kinda wasting their money. It’s art. There is no wrong or right way to do it. The only advantage it gives you is that you can make connections with like minded people. I mean, there’s something to be said for taking technical courses that can teach you equipment and things of that nature, but the actual creative process? That’s something you can hone on your own. Going to a full time college for electronic music makes no sense. Take a course in abelton (or whatever programs you wanna use) and go from there. Though, I would say to stay in school in general cause the chances of anyone making a living off of music for a decent amount of time is next to nothing.

would you rather argue with skip bayless on first take (a topic you’re a pro on) or have a chance on price is right?

Oh, the Price is right. No question. I’m not an argumentative person. And Skip Bayless is a troll who will say anything to rile people up. That kind of person infuriates me so arguing with him, no matter how right I was, would be terrible. Where as, The Price is Right would be awesome. Only problem is that I have no clue how much a 6 pack of deodorant costs and I’d probably lose badly.

A few days ago a question came up between a few of my girlfriends. If you came across an old video of your current boyfriend/girlfriend having sex with their ex, would you watch it? From a male’s perspective, would you be curious enough to watch it?

That would be pretty brutal. I honestly don’t think I would be able to sit through it.
The main curiosity about sex tapes is seeing the girl in a sexual environment. If it’s a girl who you have sex with all the time, there’s not much mystery to behold there. So, in this case, I’d pass. I’ve seen it and lived it. Now, if it were a sex tape of a girl I was dating but hadn’t slept with yet? I would 100% watch it.

Hi, I got a Despot question and that’s a question that shows up every couple of months and has done that for fuckin years now. I know he’s supposedly doing an album with Ratatat (and that’s been the case for 3 or 4 years now, at least) and I thought I saw him tweet something about it coming out this year a couple months ago, but that was that. Since everybody is asking him that question he doesn’t seem to answer it anymore, but maybe you have some scoop on that? Is he the laziest (and one of the best) rapper on Earth?

Despot is working on new music. I know this to be a fact. I’ve heard three songs he did with Ratatat and they were fucking awesome. That said, I really don’t know what the plan is for his album.
Is he lazy? I dunno if that’s the right word. He’s very busy in general (he’s got his hands in all sorts of things in and outside of music). He’s also a perfectionist and he works slowly. So, you add those three things together and it equals to underground hip hops answer to “Chinese Democracy”.

4 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 79

  1. “i take the high road and try to decimate her nostrils”. Most likely not what u meant, but fuckin great regardless.

  2. I definitely agree with you about not going to college to learn any “art”, that’s just a huge money drain. If someone’s art becomes well-received and/or valuable it’s probably not because of the degree behind it. (Excluding the people scoring movies or conducting orchestras, etc.)

  3. Two unrelated questions: 1) How great a rapper did Kane have to be to make a track like “To be your man” and still be considered one of the greatest of all time?
    2) do you have a philosophy about track lengths as a) a listener and b) a producer? I know that the ultimate answer is “it depends,” but hopefully you have some musings on the topic.

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