Throwaway files 2.0 Volume 4

Well, it’s about that time again. Here are 15 more beats I never used for some reason or another. If you like these, do a search for more on this blog. There are about 15 volumes of shit just like this…all for free.

Anyway, Enjoy!

Special shout out to Phat Friend reader Enkeling for the art work above and on the mp3’s.
Check his site for more:

9 thoughts on “Throwaway files 2.0 Volume 4

  1. Good stuff, as usual. So I downloaded your shit, preordered on ITunes, and will go to as many shows in Colorado as I can. Solid enough for ya? Great work by the way.

  2. i tried d/l all the 2.0 files and mediafire keeps saying there is a problem with the d/l and that it will “restart in 5 seconds” but once the 5 seconds is up and you try to d/l again the same thing happens??? is anyone else having this problem, i wondering if its the file or if mediafire’s site is just temporarily fucked up for some reason, anyone else?

  3. Hah, I just noticed that “Genie Wish” uses the same sample as “Wordless Man” by Alias (if you’re not familiar, he’s also a instrumental hip-hop/electronica/whatever guy). Check it out:

    It’s always interesting to see how two different producers use the same sample.

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