Song of the day 4/6/12

Song By Asaad

Here’s a little look into how I digest music in 2012.

A couple days back, this album cover went viral. Pretty much, the best album cover ever made:

With no title or artist on the cover, I honestly didn’t even know if it was a rap album. With a little help from the internet, I found out it was the cover for an upcoming E.P. called “006” by a Philly rapper named Asaad. Looking at the cover, I assumed whoever made this is either the best, or the worst. I mean, anyone with the balls to make that an album cover is gonna be hilarious or a juggalo. So, I then went on youtube and saw this:

Hmm…interesting. First off, I loved that beat. It got me. The rapping didn’t have the same pull but it wasn’t bad either. The dude has a cool voice, his flow is not boring…but he also kinda just trails off towards the end as if this were some late night one take, freestyle kinda song. I’m not mad at that but, shit, you made a video for a song. Perhaps you wanna make a video for a song that you finished. Regardless, my interest was at least a little piqued which, in this day and age, is the equivalent to me being in the front row of a concert screaming my head off when I was 16. Let’s just say, in my old age, the spectrum in which I get excited about anything is limited. My appreciation for music ranges from “Oh, that’s cool…” to “Meh”.

So, after that, I found out he had a bunch of mix tapes. I downloaded a few of them and gave them the cursory listen. This is that thing when you’re listening to a rapper that you know isn’t great but has promise, so you scan through the beats that sound like you’ll like them, throw those songs on your ipod and dump the rest. Not the most efficient way of listening to new music but when you’ve got 40 songs by one artist in front of you, it’s not like you’re gonna just sit there for three hours focusing on every mix tape track. Who’s got that kinda time for music that hasn’t been established at worth your time? On the bright side, those songs that do make it into the Ipod do get very close listens and that’s really where I form my opinion of a new artist.

So, after all that, I now have an opinion on this artist. That opinion?
Asaad is pretty good. He’s certainly not a game changer but he makes some decent songs. He’s got a great ear for beats, so that helps. He kinda sounds like a more ignorant John Forte. That said, he’s no Rakim and could easily go down a path of watered down “swag talk”. He’s pretty young though so I’d imagine there’s a lot of room for him to grow. The fact he has biggie getting sodomized by Tupac on his album cover, to me, is a good thing. That shows that, perhaps, he will be more fearless in is future endeavors , as oppose to just following whatever’s hot. I guess time will tell. Anyway, the song above is one that I like a lot. Therefor, it is the song of the day, bro. And that how this all works!

1 thought on “Song of the day 4/6/12

  1. he reminds me of asap rocky except this guy is a better rapper
    the beat is awesome i wonder who produced it and the video is pretty weird so yeah this guy is probably going to be the next asap rocky

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