Answers for questions vol. 80

First off, how is Emo Bunny^^^^ not a huge internet thing yet?
Secondly, hello! Some really fun questions this week. This week is a good template for how I like this column to go. A little of this, a little of that.
If you got more questions send them to me at or leave them in the comments below. Okay? Great.

do u use a towel, at home, for more than one shower, and if so do u try to keep a memory of which side of said towel was for ur balls and which for ur face, AND if u happen to have a brain fart of which was used for which, would u use it anway or grab a fresh?

I beat that system by having a bathrobe. That dries my body and I use a towel for my head and legs. Actually, true story, I have a bathrobe , that one of my brothers got me for Christmas a few years back , that has “Blockhead” written on it. It’s half the coolest thing ever and half extremely embarrassing.

Yo Block, you ever walk in on any of your family members committing sexual acts? Y’know, like catching your parents fucking, or a sibling masturbating? Vice versa, has any one of your family members ever caught you having sex or jerkin’ off?

I definitely never walked in on my parents fucking. That would have been horrific But when i was like 11 and my brother was like 13, I would constantly walk in on him jerking off. This has more to do with the amount 13 year olds jerk off. His bedroom was next to mine and to get to the bathroom, i had to walk through his room. It got to the point where I’d purposely just burst in to fuck with him cause seeing someone try to hide the fact that they are jerking off , while startled is some truly hilarious shit. In college, I roomed with one of my oldest friends and “the burst in” was a common thing. It got to the point where we’d throw the extra lock on if one of us was in there jerking. Yes, just some guys having fun at the expense of another guys in their most vulnerable moment.
As for me, I’ve been fairly lucky. I’ve had situations where my mom walked in right after I got head and she could kinda tell something went down. Maybe she smelled the head in the air or something. There was also this one time when I was about 15 when I was just laying in my bed, watching TV. My hand was down my pants cause, you know, I was chilling. But I certainly wasn’t jerking off. Anyway, my mom walked in and was like “Oh! sorry!” and quickly shut the door. I was mortified cause i had to go down and eat dinner like 45 minutes later and she totally thought she had seen me cracking the weasel. And, really, with the amount a 15 year old jerks off, even if I wasn’t doing it then, how could i even argue it?

I know you’ve talked a bit about getting into production and rap in college or something like that (excuse my terrible memory). How did you reach the idea of making instrumental songs and albums, and go through with music by cavelight? I guess by then it was a pretty common thing, but if there’s an interesting answer, I’d like to hear it.

I kinda fell into it. I was making beats for years and Aesop had just dropped “Float” on Mush records. They liked my beats and asked me to make a “breakbeat” album. I had no clue what that was so I just through like 10 tracks I was never gonna use for anything together and that became “Blockhead’s Broke Beats”.

A little after that, I made the song “Forest Crunk”, on Aesop’s Daylight EP.

That was the first instrumental song I ever made. Shortly after that, Mush asked me if I was interested in making a full length Instrumental album. I honestly had never listened to that kinda stuff (outside of a few listens of “Entroducing” in passing) so I didn’t even really understand what it meant. So, I just thought “Just makes beats that change a lot and work as songs without rappers”. So, I did that and made “Music by cavelight”. And the rest is history.

Do you give bum’s money? If so, what is the biggest factor to determine if you should spare them some change?

I used to all the time. But I’ve slowed down on that. I think living in NYC my whole life has kinda made me numb to them. Back in the day, you’d talk to them and get to know the local bums from your block but , nowadays, I just ignore them. Maybe if it’s someone with a physical defect, I’ll kick them over whatever change i have in my pocket. I especially ignore bums who stand outside of banks. Those motherfuckers are some shooting for stars ass dudes. Like, I just went to the bank and took out some $20’s and I’m just gonna give him change? They need to hang outside laundromats and wishing wells.

So, I live in a small town and everywhere I go they play country music. Loud. Line dancing and shit. Everyone’s all into it and I can’t stand that crap. I’d rather be the old dog that gets taken out back to be put to sleep than listen to todays country music. I’m pretty much afraid to broach the music topic when it comes to the folks at work, and I’m about to go on a 10 hour car ride with one of them. Mind you, I mostly listen to Hip Hop. Do you have any tricks for opening up to crappy music, or do you think it’s appropriate to launch into a tyraid and start blasting some Bazooka Tooth? Mutch obliged!

Perhaps you can start by playing the soundtrack to “Footloose!” and that will start a dialogue. You can be like “Man, in that movie, he lived in some shithole little town and they outlawed dancing! can you imagine? it’s funny cause, I kinda feel like Kevin Bacon sometimes in our town cause I like stuff like hip hip but everyrone likes line dancing…”
and just go from there. But, I’m afraid , if this person is driving and in charge of the music, it’s gonna be a george strait kinda day.
Whenever I’d go on long drives with my mom when i was younger, I’d try and slip in some rap into the car music rotation. The secret is finding the least abrasive stuff possible. Bazooka Tooth might be a bit much. I always went with De La Soul or A Tribe Called Quest. Mom’s can at least appreciate some early native tongues. Maybe rednecks are the same way?

did you expect danny brown to blow up like that? i remember you metioned once that white people love weird black artists do you think his recent success has somethig to do with that? (excuse me fo my bad english)

Oh, I think Danny’s success has more to do with him being awesome. Typical White people do like black artists who aren off center, in the sense that they tend to embrace them quickly and claim them as “genius”. But I don’t really file Danny in with artists like Kool Keith or ODB. He’s just a good rapper who’s willing to take chances. I think his success is a good example of the internet working well. When something is actually good, it gets around.

I just watched some of Lisa Lohan’s SNL performance and she wasnt great but- also, not that bad. Honestly, I am kind of rooting for her to not Whitney Houston. She has a few barriers: her new weird face, industry perception of her as trouble, and her addictions. Is there anyway that she will make a sustainable comeback?

She’s a wrap. Even if she gets clean for a few years it’s just not gonna happen. There’s a difference between people like her and Robert downey JR. Prior to his descent into drug hell, he was a respected actor. During his druggie years, he was still doing quality work. Lohan, on the other hand, was never that respected. She was a hot young actress with bright future but she stomped that shit out before it could even get to the point where the roles she was getting were at all important. At best, she can maybe be a supporting character actress but I doubt anyone is gonna take a chance with her for anything to important. She’s way more likely gonna end up in a porn movie than with an oscar. I also think she’s gonna die before any of that happens so, you know , whatever.

5 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 80

  1. 1) Emo Bunny was a huge internet thing in 2007
    2) I hate using towels in a dudes house, esp if he lives with more than one male roommate because I work under the assumption that even the most together man thinks that touched his balls only once = clean enough
    3) I give really creative bums money. I used to give will nilly but I have seen 200 dollar dunks on the feet of more tha one person Ive just handed money to so im careful now That said there is a guy on the A train who comes on with a broken saxaphone and starts loudly playing RAAAAA RUHHHHHH HAAAAAANNNNNKKK HOOOOO HUUUUUUHHHH then stops and goes “FI’ DALLA MAKE ME STOP PLAYING THE SAXOPHONE” …I gave him a $20

  2. Small town, I feel your pain. I grew up in the same (maybe even worse) situation. 30 people in my high school graduating class. Sorry Block (not trying to steal your gig), but if dude plays footloose, he’s gonna be labeled a “fag”…forever. Native Tongues might work unless dude’s racist. Then you might be looking at a long day of Eminem, which could be worse than country, or if you’re really lucky, some old Beasties. Aesop will confuse the shit out of this dude. Confusion=intimidation=anger. Atmosphere might work, they’ve been throwing steel guitars in their songs lately, and you know that’s the way to a rednecks heart. I’d bring an ipod, earbuds and a pillow.

    • I got it..but there’s an order. I probably won’t get to it next week cause there are still like 10 questions I haven’t answered yet. Patience, bro, Patience.

  3. You are walking home wasted one night, and go in an alley to take a piss. Before you realize it, you wake up an old gipsey woman with a golden shower. She is furious, and decides to put 3 curses on you. Each curse will last 3 years, then the next one will begin.

    Curse 1: For 3 years, you cannot leave your home unless you are wearing a mask. You must choose the mask of Batman, MF Doom, or Hannibal Lecter. Which one do you choose, and why?

    Curse 2: For 3 years, everything you eat or drink will taste like one kind of cereal. Which cereal do you choose, and why?

    Curse 2: For 3 years, you will be stuck reliving the same day over and over, like that movie Groundhog day. You must choose to live each day at a Star Trek convention, a Rodeo, or a Renaissance Festival. You can do anything you want without consequence, except for leave. Which one do you choose, and why?

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