Album tracks Vol 2

A couple weeks ago, I did a little compilation of semi-obscure old rap songs that were just good old album tracks. You know, those songs that were never made into videos (for the most part) or got played on the radio (back when that was a thing that mattered). These were always my favorite songs from many of the classic albums of my younger years. There’s a good chance you’ve heard a few of these but an even better chance you haven’t…after’re like in your 20’s, right? Lil’ wayne mixtapes are old school to you people…this shit is like prehistoric. Goddamn I’m old…
anyway, a few of these have probably been “song of the day” on here but most of those old links are down anyway, so this isn’t hurting anyone.
Okaaaaaay? Enjoy…
1)Get into something: Just Ice
2)your man is my Man: Nikki D
3)Where’d you get your bobo’s: Yaggfu front
4)Can’t stop us: Field Mob
5)Couldn’t C it: Young Bleed
6)On the Jazz tip: Maestro Fresh Wes
7)Space Boogie: Kurupt
8)Wrek the art; A.S.A.P.
9)Any way the wind blows: The UMC’s
10)U still a Aggin: Willie D
11)Dope not hype: Nice and smooth
12)In 20 minutes: Extra Prolific
13)The whore said it’s yours: Threat
14)Ya don’t stop: Fesu
15)I don’t need you: Trina Feat. Trick Daddy
16)Thoughts of a negro: School of hard knocks
17)I can’t believe it: Capitol Tax
18)This is a game: The future sound
19)The Blues: Andres 13 (off the first Terminator X solo album)

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