Yo! I got some upcoming shows!

Hey everyone, I’m doing a quick little three day stint opening for Conspirator at the end of this month.
I’m hitting Albany (kinda…but actually Clifton park), Philly and NYC.
Here’s the info:

4/26/12: Northern Lights
1208 route 146
Clifton park, NY

4/27/12 Trocadero
1003 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA

Irving Plaza
17 Irving Plaza
Ny, NY

Like i said, I’m supporting Conspirator so, if you’re coming to see me, be sure to not show up too late or you might miss me. I’m hoping to have the new album on both cd and vinyl by the time the shows happen so, come and get’em!
Also, I got shows coming soon in Denver and Milwaukee

5/3/12 Denver at Cervantes
5/25/12 Milwaukee at the Stonefly Brewing Co.

19 thoughts on “Yo! I got some upcoming shows!

    • I tend to rock an hour regardless, so, you know…that’s what it’ll be. i’m more hoping it’s not one of those ravey line ups and more of a traditional show.

      • word. looks like they’ve only got one opener for ya so far in J Wail, that last show u had at cervantes was loaded with a ravey lineup. i feel ya.

  1. dope. i’d say come to CT but fuck this place.
    planning to be there saturday. hope to get the new cd and possibly this “peanuts in your mouth” thingamajig. How did I miss that one? Pre-Music by Cavelight?

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